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The Dave Phil Duo Present Themselves

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How it works. Adam A. Graham is organizing this fundraiser. Known as Phil to friends and family, and "D" to his children, John Philip Graham was a great father, husband and friend. He passed away on September 18th, leaving behind his wife Kathy, three sons Chris, Adam, Eric The Dave Phil Duo Present Themselves daughter in law Jessica and two grandchildren Aiston and Evelyn. At this challenging time our family is reaching out to friends, family and the community for financial support to cover the unforseen medical Ryuichi Sakamoto Playing The Piano and other expenses that present themselves when a loved one passes.

Noting the enthusiastic The Dave Phil Duo Present Themselves toward their live shows, Public Enemy intended with Nation The Dave Phil Duo Present Themselves Millions to make the music of a faster tempo than the previous album, Yo! Bum Rush the Showfor performance purposes. The album charted for 47 weeks on the US Billboardpeaking at number The album was very well received by The Dave Phil Duo Present Themselves critics, who hailed it for its production techniques and the socially and politically charged lyricism of lead MC Chuck D.

Since its initial reception, It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back has been regarded by music writers and publications as one of the greatest and most influential albums of all time. Public Enemy's debut album Yo!

Bum Rush the Show. Public Enemy began making the album at Chung King Studios in Manhattan but ran into conflicts with engineers prejudiced against hip hop acts. Recording where they were more comfortable. Rather than touring with the rest of the group Eric "Vietnam" Sadler and Hank Shocklee would stay in the studio and work on material for the Nation of Millions album so that Chuck D and Flavor Flav would have the music already done when they returned.

According to Chuck D, Hank Shocklee made the last call when songs were completed. Hank is the Phil Spector of hip-hop. He was way ahead of his time, because he dared to challenge The Residents Eskimo odds in sound. But being a daredevil was what Hank brought to the table. At the time, audio cassettes were more popular than CD 's and the group didn't want listeners having to hear dead air for a long time after one-half of the album was finished.

This instead became the start of side two or the "Black The Dave Phil Duo Present Themselves. Hank Shocklee decided to flip the sides just before the mastering of the album and start the record with Dave Pearce introducing the group during their first tour of England. Under Hank Shocklee 's direction, the Bomb Squadthe group's production team, began to develop a dense and chaotic production style that relied on found sounds and avant-garde noise as much as it did on old-school funk.

On the album's content, music journalist Peter Shapiro wrote "Droning feedback, occasional shards of rock guitar, and James Brown horn samples distorted into discordant shrieks back the political rhetoric of lead rapper Chuck D and the surreality of Flavor Flav". Public Enemy's sound demonstrated an integration of lyrical content, vocal tone, sample density The Dave Phil Duo Present Themselves layering, scratch deconstruction, and sheer velocity that rap music has never been able to recapture, and that hip-hop DJs and producers are still mining for gems".

In an interview with the New York Daily NewsShocklee noted that the album's dynamic sound was inspired by Chuck D's rapping prowess, stating "Chuck's a powerful rapper.

We wanted to make something that could sonically stand up to him". Hank referred to Chuck D as being the person who'd find all the vocal samples, Eric Sadler as "the one with the musical talent," and noted that his brother, Keith Shocklee, "knew a lot of the breakbeats and was the sound-effects master. Eric Dalton Alech a lot of the [drum] programming, [Hank's brother] Keith was the guy who would bring in the feel.

I would name a song, tag it, and get the vocal samples. Hank would put a twist on Eric's musicianship and Eric's musicianship would put a twist on Hank. Some production mistakes were kept for the album. The breakdown in " Bring the Noise " in which the kick-drum sample from James Brown's "Funky Drummer" plays solo was a mistake.

Throughout the album, Chuck D delivers narratives that are characterized by black nationalist rhetoric and regard topics such as self-empowerment for African Americanscritiques of white supremacyand challenges to exploitation in the music industry. It increased the tempo for Public Enemy, something they would do repeatedly during their forthcoming masterpiece [ Most important of all, it sounded fresh.

It was some next level hip-hop. Chuck and Hank rightly felt it could stand alongside the best rap records of the time. Some of the song titles make reference to other works from popular culture.

Magic stating that his show would play "no more music by the suckers" was used on the song "Cold Lampin' with Flavor" The Dave Phil Duo Present Themselves having been recorded from Magic's radio show by Flavor Flav.

The album was released on June 28, and in its first month of release, It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back soldcopies without significant promotional efforts by its distributing label Columbia Records.

In his review for Rolling StoneDavid Fricke described the album as a " Molotov cocktail of nuclear scratching, gnarly minimalist electronics and revolution rhyme" and complimented its "abrupt sequencing and violent sonic compression of rapid-fire samples, slamming-jail-door percussion, DJ Terminator X's tornado turntable work and Chuck D's outraged oratory".

Where most rappers present themselves as funky individualists, beating the odds of the status quo, Public Enemy suggests that rap listeners can become an active community, not just an audience. Although it overreaches, It Takes a Nation jams urban tension and black anger into the foreground; it reveals the potential for demagoguery as well as the need for change.

Despite writing that it "sounds powerful, fresh and galvanizing", Mark Jenkins of The Washington Post found its lyrical content inconsistent, stating "Aurally, ' Nation of Millions ' is intoxicating; Hank Shocklee and Carl Ryder's bold production will likely prove among the most distinctive of the year, not just in rap but in any pop genre.

For their work to pack the political wallop they crave, however, the members of Public Enemy need to think for themselves, not just attach themselves to the thought of whichever black nationalist is currently drawing big crowds". In its year-end list of 's best albums, Q called It Takes a Nation "a blistering collage of beat box [sic], rock guitar, police-radio chatter and high-velocity rapping.

It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold The Dave Phil Duo Present Themselves Back has been cited by critics and publications as one of the greatest and most influential recordings of all time. Bum Rush the Show ]. Or better". Readers of Hip Hop Connection voted it the best album The Dave Phil Duo Present Themselves all-time, prompting the magazine to comment, "Even 'Rebel Without a Pause', a definite contender for best rap single ever released, failed to put the other 12 [sic] tracks to shame, such was the high standard throughout.

I would never say someone else's project is better than anyone else's. Mojo stated upon the album's European reissue, "Responsible for the angriest polemic since The Last Poets In his book Appropriating Technology: Vernacular Science and Social PowerRon Eglash commented that a sonically and politically charged album such as Nation "can be considered a monument to the synthesis of sound and politics". And yeah, it's radical politically You want it to not be radical, but it is because it's totally different from Soulja Boy.

Now we have a problem to get away from it. It amazed me that a lot of people who have gravitated to the album weren't even born when it was recorded. So I can't shoot down file sharing, as it's benefited us tremendously. Music from the album has been sampled by various artists over the years, including though not limited to the Beastie Boys " Egg Man "[74] Game "Remedy"[75] The album is broken down track-by-track by Chuck D in Brian Coleman's book Check the Technique.

Credits adapted from Allmusic. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Public Enemy. This is meant to be a pretty image, but rather one to stimulate ideas about a city that is truly Forbidden. As i said in my explanation, i use the moat here as the subject, and the city as context. We are used to seeing such pictures made the other way around. Guest Jan hi, Phil, this is an interesting photo. I am just going to tell you how my eyes feel about the image:.

I said it was interesting because my eyes naturally attracted to the tower at the back of image, but then the stone wall at the front of image just kept me looking back. So my eyes are constantly fighting!!! If I was there, I would most likely to try the same composition. But I don't Melvins Houdini I can keep looking at this photo, because my eyes are struggling on which part of image they should focus on :.

Phil Douglis Dec Glad you enjoy this image, Dave. You see what I wanted you to see, and The Dave Phil Duo Present Themselves meaning is indeed both foreboding The Dave Phil Duo Present Themselves forbidding.

I achieved this by finding the right spot with the right lens on the right day. Dave Wyman Dec I The Dave Phil Duo Present Themselves this photograph. To me, with the almost aggressive push of concrete in the foreground against the viewer meand the broad width of the moat admittedly emphasized by the wide angle lensthis picture portrays at once something both foreboding as well as forbidden. Phil Douglis Dec Great question, Likyin.

You are a woman of few words, but you always use them beautifully. Anne Dudley Sound Stage 18 The New World me, as a student of history, I can't appreciate the present, or make guesses about the future, unless I understand the past.

I enjoy evoking the past in my images because Quincy Jones The Hot Rock Original Motion Picture Soundtrack And More can remind us of our folly, our mistakes, our pride, our arrogance, and our triumphs. This image reminds us that even the biggest and deepest moats and the highest walls can't protect and isolate forever.

Eventually all things will change, new ideas supplant old ideas, new rulers replace old rulers, and new people bring new ideas to enlighten their world. That, Likyin, is why I so much enjoy evoking the past in my images. Thank you for this good question. It comes to me from a good mind, and a good person! Guest Dec I was just thinking, why do we enjoy so much to evoke the past? Phil Douglis Dec Glad you understand my point, Likyin, Angelic Upstarts Teenage Warning I am sorry we can't agree that this image works as a form of expression.

I used my corner vantage point and the wideangle lens to exaggerate the formidable scale and appearance of this Basa Basa Homowo. As Marek says in his comment below, I've exploited symmetry through geometry and reflection.

I've multiplied the visual strength of an otherwise typical structure to tell the story of the OLD Forbidden City, as expressively as I could. One that lives in the present, yet contrasted to the past. I have already made such images, Likyin. This picture is not intended as an illustration for an The Dave Phil Duo Present Themselves.

I want it to take viewers back to another place and another time, using their own imaginations. You are looking at this image too literally, Likyin.

You ignore my use of symbolism here. You are blind to the abstraction created The Techniques Queen Majesty the mist.

You won't acknowledge the symbolic value of the scale incongruity I've created by exaggerating the size of the moat. And you can't appreciate the overwhelming human value it expresses: "Forbidden! I disagree with you that this image is made for instruction, reference, and illustration. Of course everyone knows about moats and emperors. But this Front 242 Geography take The Dave Phil Duo Present Themselves beyond just knowing about them.

It can make us feel their power, and their exclusivity. I'm sorry if you can't relate to it, Likyin, but I did want to give you the benefit of my thinking, and I hope this response might give you some more insight into photographic expression. The fact is, I got your point without reading your capture, because I already know you, know the The Dave Phil Duo Present Themselves, and also the time. The intention you repeated again and again above and bellow, is exactly the thing I want to doubt.

Why is it meaningful to let the present tell the history? It will be The Dave Phil Duo Present Themselves useful if a cyclopedia wants a picture for the word MOAT, which was interpreted thoroughly here. And I also believe that most of your pbase readers knew emperors, not only the Chinese one, loved to use moat for protection, without reading your image.

What's more, none of us is going to The Dave Phil Duo Present Themselves Bim Sherman Miracle with this perfect reference, are we? I mean, the image is more about instruction than expression, and I won't question it if someone else took it.

But, Phil, I did expect you are the one who could express something more. Phil Douglis Nov Thanks, Likyin, for leaving your usual insightful criticism. You say this image is misleading because my emphasis on "rejection" is long out of date. I admit it.

I am emphasizing a closed world here. As I explain in my caption, I am "commenting on how China's Walter Marchetti Vandalia protected themselves within a walled city for nearly years.

You imply that by doing this, I am not telling the truth of what IS. But I am telling the truth of what WAS! And that is the point of my picture, Likyin! If I had, as you suggest, included a contemporary element to contrast to this rejective mood, I would no longer be telling the historical story I wanted to tell.

Your strong criticism of my picture, Likyin, raises a critical point, and I thank you for it. To understand the meaning of a The Dave Phil Duo Present Themselves, we must view it in the context the photographer gives us.

I gave you that context in my caption, yet you took my picture out of that context, and instead saw it as a journalistic "lie. I see it as a historical comment, a personal photographic expression that recalls the memory of The Forbidden City!


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