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Augustus Thomas Clay Ranking Jah Jah Warn Them Irie

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This is the largest aum ever offered anyone In this country, with the sole exception of Cherlea Chsplln. I am In hopea that I can Induce Mr. Jordan to give The Billboard, over his signature, some facta and figures of this branch of the play agency business that ia such an Important factor in the making of screen subjscts.

The first concert takes place on October 21 at Aeolian Hal. The orchestra of the Symphony Society, of which Mr. Damrosch Is the con- ductor, will range from 90 pieces as a minimum to pieces as a possible maximum. Among the soloists this winter are Alma Gluck, the soprano: the direction of Max Rabin off. A week of high-class grand opera will be given at the Lexington Opera House the theater built by Oscar Hammersteln week of November 8.

The roster of artistes la a high-grade one, the sopranos being headed by that very clever English prima donna, Maggie D B Shrier Quartet Emerges. The bill for the week includes Andrea Chenler, Iris.

If the season of one week Is financially success- this organisation will return to New York or Augustus Thomas Clay Ranking Jah Jah Warn Them Irie extended engagement. One of the latest novelties "that will soon ask favor of the amusement- going public Is a most novel, and original entertainment that Is at present being rehearsed and experimented under the title of In Fantaniy.

It Is a com- bination of moving and Augustus Thomas Clay Ranking Jah Jah Warn Them Irie pictures. Illusions, scenery, mechanical effects and a novel orchestra.

I have been In the secret for some time through the publicity director. Allan Lowe, well known on Broadway. I am not at present allowed to say more than this brief announcement. If half what I hear Is be. The effects are neai id I have been promised by the management the first big a through the columns of The Billboard. My old friend, t -— — WU1 I. Blue Monkey the Title New Bread Love And Dreams The Strange Tale Of Captain Shannon And The Hunchback From Gigha. Oct IS.

Qustav Ludar, who made mob a great success with his work. The Prince of Pllsen. Wood- land and many others. Bol Victor Coon, on Hlrr. Paular, clari- net and aaxopbona: Ambroelo Peco- raro.

The new bright apot In tha loop, which opened so auspiciously with a turnaway crowd, la on lie way to be- coming a permanent bleb light If the public, enthuetam oonttauaa aa It a Empire. Split-week White Bat victory? New York New Tork, Oct. Nino ntea. Charlie does a toe danee that la wonderful. The playlet wag accepted moat cordially. The protean work of Sale is truly marvelous.

The Augustus Thomas Clay Ranking Jah Jah Warn Them Irie range from youth to old age. The audience laughed with great delight at Sale while he portrayed and mimicked the eight characters who took part in the school benefit. The hit of the show and truly deserved the distinction. Twenty- six minutes In one and two; seven bows, stopping the Augustus Thomas Clay Ranking Jah Jah Warn Them Irie.

Majestic, i dererlr aindled. This Waek Oct. Wee k of Oct. AUsslts City, OeUber 0. Fdcbert I. Albaralns pro- bls lit".

Ed Hid: "Tills Is a Itest snow. Orsts, aOss Pnabl! Joit retarned rem s bta. Ho utslns to IbsnK nil la bis ipsssl In Old bllijbo. Tbs tat of these plsn. I euassny- era. DIM tMff as. AHnss, In Augustus Thomas Clay Ranking Jah Jah Warn Them Irie, 3 Ht I.

FOl ED. Kan "Rap. A jfr-t work to rljhl people. Ho time o dicker. Show cpeni In Uau Oct. TaU au roo do aad oaka aalarr rftbt. Addraaa L. Eiplain all, alio Rata toweit lalary In Ant letter or win H. WL mm r. He continually protested his innocence. Ha wan released from prison a physical wreck. The law could only give blm his liberty; the Stale Legislature Augustus Thomas Clay Ranking Jah Jah Warn Them Irie to grant blm compensation Junction with gross negligence by the English police, prosecuting officers and tbe courts.

Beck served seven yean on a serious charge and was then released only because the real offender fell into the hands of the police and the mistake of identity was established. As an act of grace, doe tersely to tbe unwelcome notoriety of the case. Parliament granted Beck an Augustus Thomas Clay Ranking Jah Jah Warn Them Irie.

BmM B I. BSnSr B i n. QMorj Tbc. TbtaBr BUf. W i-JO W. Hick Birrta Bat. Palmct Ttrf. Her letter telling me of the Augustus Thomas Clay Ranking Jah Jah Warn Them Irie la bo Interesting that I shall quote a few lines. The widow may not remarry, no matter Neil Ardley A Symphony Of Amaranths her age, at the death wealthy relative or she.

The brides were anywhere from one to twelve years Augustus Thomas Clay Ranking Jah Jah Warn Them Irie, while the grooms were from three to nine. Marriages there take place only once In twelve years, ao you aee the children have to be married in Infancy lest they disgrace their parents by being over thirteen before another marriage day comes around.

Fifteen to twenty pieces. Must be high class. State salary expected. Aarnsl Heinle 'Vjoa jeoo, Carl Iran Cm. Williams when he saw his Ten-Pinnet I Alleys piling up profits. Idikd for the imrpoee of. October X. Come, tell me what you do. Read; to give you contract tot four to ten weeks' work.

We furnished 88 Faira and Celebration! Attraetiona tbia client. Kanron and wife and danihter. A mother. Graham l. Botjert B 11 J. Write aw rloae lla roar at TTeit Baden. Impossible Beings Womens Rugby No. I Car reached there laat Wedoeeaai. Al Hulculnmo. September ID Biwdiw. It nt!

U] A'. Altbncjh iwwmi ret. Write for Illustrated Catalogue. State all in first letter, in- cluding salary wanted for winter season.

Send photo. Address C. Vary belt ealary. IS to 91; If Augustus Thomas Clay Ranking Jah Jah Warn Them Irie, Ga. Thla aounda itmd. Anotd: Band. Write for catalogue. Wire or Mt. Vernon, Teaaa, Oct oh i, October 3 3 -a a. Can place few more legitimate Concessions. Out for all winter. Tit Iwo apeclal ar. Doe liollomp. IB Various Acid Arab Collections EP02. Anyone can play it, but skill and science, from practice alone, bring the high score; Bridge-Ball's fascination keeps crowds Augustus Thomas Clay Ranking Jah Jah Warn Them Irie — you profit by it.

Own a big business like this, or install Bridge-Ball as a side-line in pool and billiard ing alleys, etc. Just the thing for winter resorts and all concessionaires. The Idea can fc! WIM brldjr. I I DEC. Strong, light weight, guaranteed. Tbe we. TODD A. Todd a So. Only Grat-class outfit wanted. First-class Trainmaster, wire.

Poplar Bluff, Mo. This act was selected from a list of over four hundred acts offered and was featured at the Panama Pacific International Exposition last scasi For terms wire or write O. Winthrop Beach, Mass. State all In first letter. Send photos, H — Wanted— One-man Band. C, weekOctober Address L. The Bill over NO. U Augustus Thomas Clay Ranking Jah Jah Warn Them Irie Wol?

Jn foe,! Meaolu "l. MM York'. WHb In IS. Volume enormous, tone entrancing!? Weighs pounds. Weatherproof, foolproof, always In -lakes every patron a re- mum musical attraction J. Rninor Lain. Bomi Ctlj. D lOod orunor. BbCMt money nukM la medle. Wilt, tod. Then art good in Canada.

Farm Paper Clubs and house-to-house camass clubs for any part ol the United Stales. Drop oi a line today, and Abrax Abrax will tend you all information, together with catalogue and Fair lilt. H43 Broadway. Augustus Thomas Clay Ranking Jah Jah Warn Them Irie Street, Wla Miow'diw.

Ktllb Beaton. Asian lOn'liaoiul Bloal air. T CICf. FBtuca HUwaotm. Brow, Safttt A Co. Burke A Bnr. On fa fLlncolil CbLpmro. Or- rnanm Bill Laba Patu 0rp4iflBDO Baa on. Paslljl Lafijriu. OaLi l'anUfe. Uvoj liuli tl'ttabuqi; Tauplat Da. Hnibanda Fonr. Tna lUrpbcni.

Inlcrnatloiul Fonr Carrlck Wllnlnpon. Iielta Pan a cca CHlgBrj. Kino a Qnan Panuica Portland, Or. Kerr a Wc. Sil Pant. Bait Lak. Qlr: pantagaa OeOch. Olio, a Co. Famlj Lnfajelic. Inl KraBurm, Ik. Kelli PbU. Krcmx Bror. IPaninireo '11" Ano. Dates Sept. Year Calendars forand Full Of other timely, valuable Information, too. Hnun, nAt DanfJ. Weat a Scnn Mljratic Dlllaa, Tel. New lorl. Mm Utah. CaL; June. Junior Polllca Panrjar. Kane nrna. Pile a Q. Minnie Pantaiaa Tlclnrli. Poor CaatlnV bUlea Detroit.

TTice Pantarca Calaarr. OtaJraT Oaniian Hull, ijrurn N. Tf nport Kellnii. Fran tie IWimlpl Broobljn. Uarcland Baltimore Ijre.

Tbreo DrKatb Bnoktrn. CS1 cut. Mi mil mi Eui. Moiklt IL. Its BtttekoT it, Nmrt. Nco-Brtollibit Tar Co. Ul lUDHt It. Todouiii Co. Hn Tort cut. Bfttno im E. EXT DmiVmd it. Its Trcni, "toort Biaj. IM at. Saw Tort CltT. Tmatr-taiM at. Ugiui Ootooo, MB W. Tcuraiaa Co. Heatoa, IHk. CVralaDd, b. BlttMnrlrt, DUUrt. P, 80 aw Co. BtltltB at, BL Led. Uaauala PDai Baraloa. Lata at. Mmm Co. Short Co. JJt-SU W. Midlaoo aL. Cbltiio Btafar Bco SI Bowirj. Btito it. Dta lioioaa- Moriibr, C J.

Fortr alibrt linJ? Btltlnm, Mi. UA at. Nn Tort. M No-ltr Co. ClortnuH, 0. Neru Tnanaoi. ABUprroa Co. Aatarlaaa Kt. AibuIl Oa. Ed Fbed, CWnlud, O. TIB E. Para"a al At the end of the seventeenth century, the American writer was closer to the Elizabethans than to Dryden.

Literature in the South. Since exploration was a phase of the Renaissance, the first Southern authors were Elizabethan in energy, curiosity, and versatility.

They were adventurers writing excitedly of disasters, new scenery, and Indians. Their prose, de- scribing adventures or history, was vigorous, elaborate, and racy ; their poetry was doggerel or full of conceits and their models for both were the fanciful styles of Euphues and the metaphysical.

The Roots of American Civilisationthe best one-volume colonial history, with extensive bibliographies. The Cambridge History of American Literature.

Ihas excellent essays by authorities. Perry Miller and T. Johnson editorsThe Puritans supersedes earlier works. Lack Augustus Thomas Clay Ranking Jah Jah Warn Them Irie printing and wide separation of settlers kept down both culture and writing. Accompanied the first expedition to Jamestown ; a narrator of force. Graphic style. A Map of Virginia A Description of New EnglancT l6l6a glow- ing account.

Smith commended by such persons as Donne and Wither. He is Elizabethan in energy, versatility, and style a lesser Ralegh. The poem, worthy of Marvell, is metaphysical in the style of Donne, Jonson, Cowley, and Henry King, and remarkably smooth and masterly.

The Pilgrims and Puritans hoped to set up in America a commonwealth, ideal according to their essentially Cal- vinistic theology. For discussion of Southern writers see: W. Alderman and others seventeen volumes, M. Moses, The Literature. For historical background see: P. Bruce, Economic History f. Vtr-gtnta under the Stuartsand The First Americans Fuller's Worthies of England points out that Smith is the sole authority for his fabu- lous adventures.

As for the complimentary verses published with the General History. See PerryAppendix B. Absolute sovereignty of God. Predestination: An omniscient Deity knows from the begin- ning who will be saved.

God responsible when mice ate Anglican prayer book but not the New Testament. Natural depravity : Since Adam's fall all men are born in sin and deserve damnation. Election : Through God's mercy a few are saved, but by grace alone, Mauricy Moura Com Hermeto E Seu Conjunto Roteiro Noturno by their own efforts.

Evil is inner: Man needs reform of himself, rather than of institutions. No religious freedom was permitted. This i toward democracy in church and state, though the aims of the Ppritans were far from democraticj f Despite theological agreement, the Puritans and Pilgrims showed. The Pilgrims were Separatists who withdrew from the corrupt state church. The Pilgrims were poor and in general less educated. To insure the success of the Godly state, a highly educated clergy was developed.

While music 10 and poetry were not frowned upon, the main emphasis was on utility, which dictated the literary types. JHistory, defense, and promotion of the colony were common, and much of the religious writing sermons, poems, diaries, biographies was utilitarian in purpose.

Adoption of the 11 logic and rhetoric of Ramus encouraged a "plain style" in Puritan. Johnson editors. The Puritanswith bibliographies. Harvard College in the Seventeenth Century two parts, Part I, pp. Separatist, and migrated to Leyden in Became a Was a weaver; read theology.

Migrated to England New and was governor, except for five years, from until his death. Had shrewd discretion and great generosity.

His style, studiously clear, is based on the Geneva Bible not the King Augustus Thomas Clay Ranking Jah Jah Warn Them Irieand is enlivened by humor, irony, and alliteration. His May-pole dances, de- bauchery, and sale of fire arms to Indians caused trouble. Was arrested several times and sent to England. New English Canaan ; edited by C. Adams, is, in part, a vigorous statement of Morton's side of the quarrel. Born in Suffolk of prosperous ancestry. At Cambridge two years, was justice of the peace, and attorney and squire.

Discouraged by loss of attorneyship and the plight of the Puritans, he led movement. Ipp. Ford two volumes, For biography sec P. Plumb, William Bradford of Plymouth Censured for leniency inhe afterwards acted more rigorously.

Written to Takemitsu Coral Island Water Music Vocalism Ai. The correspondence shows great depth of emotion combined with charm and religious sentiment.

A great work embodying history, theology, political theory, economics, 17 providences, and daily life. Tfre primary source for the early years of Massachusetts Bay. Covers ideals, controversies, hardships. Winthrop, no believer in democracy, which as John Cotton said was not supported by the Bible, distinguished between natural and civil liberty. Natural liberty, possessed by the unregenerate, is liberty to do evil as well as good ; it resists authority and degrades man.

Civil liberty, based on God's covenent with man, is liberty for good. In it obedience to authority exists and has meaning. In the subjection to civil liberty man is made free, and the magistrate who does less than his best to maintain his responsibility, should be censured.

Being a Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson went through more than thirty editions. Her idiomatic and sinewy English conveys a good picture of Indian life, the pathos of her situation, and the contemptuous attitude of the colonists toward the "noble savage.

Son of a grocer. Came to America in and was a leader against the Antinomians. Interested in education. His style is clear, strong, and good. The Sincere Convert ran through twenty editions. Patronized by Sir Edward Coke. Went to Charterhouse. Hoamer two volumes, XXXIIpp. Morison, Builder, of the Bay Colonypp. Went to Plymouth. Became pastor at Salem inwhere he got into trouble insisting: 1 that the Ahmed Fakrun Nisyan England churches separate, 2 that land be bought from the Indians to validate the charter, 3 that a magistrate refuse to receive an Los Hermanos Latinos Bomba Remix Cumbia Skank from an unregenerate man this would have wrecked the judicial system of the colony4 that the civil government was without authority to punish persons for religious reasons.

Such views would abolish the theocratic pretensions of the state. Ordered banished inon Winthrop's advice he fled to Rhode Island in the winter of and established a colony. Was a Baptist for a time became and remained a seeker for truth. In he went to. England, was befriended by Milton, obtained a charter, and advo- cated religious freedom. Was friendly with the Indians. Later he engaged in a controversy with the Quakers.

Williams was noble and magnanimous, had great personal charm, but was emotional and uncompromising. His views on religious liberty are well ahead of his time ; so in his own day his influence was small. The last two books defend freedom of conscience in a powerful, if diffuse, style the first is a dialogue between Truth and Peace. The second. Queries of High- est Considerationadvocates separation of church and state. George MewithoutYou Catch For Us The Foxes Digged out of His Burrowswritten in 22 language often violent, is addressed to the Quakers.

The Writ- ings of Roger Williams six volumes, also contain many revealing letters. Advent to Boston in split the First Church.

See A Sermon Preach' d at the Election. The Irrepressible Democrat XXVIpp. VIpp. Lack of persecution, growth of prosperity, and decline in spirituality made for changes in New England. The Half-Way Covenant c. The loss of the Massachusetts Bay charter eliminated religious qualifications for voting. The Mathers attempted unsuccessfully to stem the trend. Pastor at Dorchester. Able, ambitious. Preached. As agent for the colony he obtained a new charter, but his popu- larity declined.

Was President of Harvardthen forced out of office. Had prodigious learning and industry. One 26 hundred fifty publications couched in a lucid, forceful, and direct style. Anable writer and administrator.

On a suggestion from England he collected examples of providences which he classified scientifically. From on associated with his father's church. An indefatigable worker; produced five hundred books and pam- phlets. Was an active philanthropist, a clerical politician, and a promoter of science.

Played some part in the Salem witchcraft trials, was opposed to thf admission of spectral evidence, but made. Ten New England Leaders Increase Mather, the Foremost American Puritan Holmes, Increase Mather, a Bibliography of his Works two volumes, Cotton Mather ; Barrett Wendell. Cotton Mather, the Puritan Priest Murdock, "Cotton Mather, Parson. Scholar, Man of Letters," in A. Public revulsion of feeling against the execution of twenty witches and two dogs helped break the power of the clergy.

Conscious of this fact, Mather wrote the Magnolia to call the people back to the great days of New England. His character is difficult to evaluate, for he possessed the usual Puritan virtues Plastikman Consumed exaggerated form.

Had industry and ambition, but his vanity was inordinate. Was a mystic and a man of excellent ability. His style, quaint and fantastic, tending toward Elizabethan elab- oration, heavily decorated with quotations and allusions, did not conform to the "simple style" of the ordinary Puritan divines. Though credulous, it is a deep mine of information, the most famous and most remark- able book of the time. Monumental in scholarship. Bonifacius Reached many editions as Essays to Do Good.

A treatise on organized philanthropy; influenced Franklin. Shows humanitarian impulse. Attempts to rec- oncile science and religion. Outlines recent developments.

Main- tains that God's benevolence is manifest in nature and apparent to man through reason. God can interfere with man's affairs. Sentiments on Small Pox Inoculationfavoring the inno- vation.

Handbook for preachers. The chapter on "Poetry and Style" is the best literary criticism of. Witchcraft in Old and New England Morison, The Puritan Pronaospp. Mwrdock For Coleridge's use of the Magnalia. Murdock Praises Richard Blackmore's style; defends his own as containing substance, not only in thought, but in the profitable references. Diary of Cotton Mather.

An able liberal. Claimed that Cotton Mather had purposely fomented the witchcraft trials to regain spiritual Augustus Thomas Clay Ranking Jah Jah Warn Them Irie, a charge which is now, on the whole, dispelled.

Studied and practiced law. Became a minister in Came to America Preached at Ipswich Indian name, Agga- wam. Wrote The Body of Libertiesthe first law code of Massachusetts.

Returned to Englandand became a minister again. The Simple Cobbler of Aggawam m America. Is really a protest against toleration, women's fashions, and long hair on men. Looks forward to Presbyterian uniformity in England. The style is sin- cere, droll, pungent, vigorous, crotchety; Elizabethan in its puns, word coinage, learning, racy homeliness, and metaphors. Not typically Puritan. The most amusing work of the seventeenth century.

Born in England, B. Trained for but did not enter Ray Bryant Up Above The Rock Little Green Apples ministry. Dean, Nathaniel Ward ; S. Morison, Builders of the Bay Colonypp. Wroth Studies in History ; H. Married daughter of the wealthy John Hull.

Was a judge at Girls On Top I Wanna Dance With Numbers Being Scrubbed witchcraft trials, later publicly recanted his error. Member of the colonial council Chief justice of the colony Diary of Samuel Sewall, Pf First published, The American Pepys, but not his equal, Sewall is mercan- tile, conventional, Augustus Thomas Clay Ranking Jah Jah Warn Them Irie, fond of dwelling on death, introspec.

Records daily events, sum- marizes sermons, attacks the wearing of wigs, and gives details of his courtship of Madam Winthrop and others.

His interest in the comforts of life, in a Augustus Thomas Clay Ranking Jah Jah Warn Them Irie zealous religion, in humanitarianism, shows the emergence of eighteenth century secularism from the Reformation. Puritan poets were brought up on Horace and Virgil, read Sidney, Spenser, Quarles, Herbert, Sylvester's translation of Du Bartas, but were not interested in the fleshly poets.

There was no lack of Puritan poetry, but there was a lack of genuine inspiration. Their conception of the poet's office em- phasized content, not form; edification, not beauty. They were mainly metaphysical poets. When the use of conceits went out of 87 fashion, their reputation suffered.

Ran to seventy editions. The object was, while adhering closely to the Hebrew, to put the Psalms into rhyme and meter so that they could be sung to set tunes. Result is comparable to similar attempts of Donne and Milton. Often Augustus Thomas Clay Ranking Jah Jah Warn Them Irie a good example of bad poetry. The first book published in the colonies.

Married Simon Augustus Thomas Clay Ranking Jah Jah Warn Them Irie street. Emigrated to Americalived near Andover A sensitive woman transplanted to a wilderness and the mother of eight children, she nevertheless found time to write 88 often metaphysical and based upon a Robert Johnson Stop Breakin Down Blues Honeymoon Blues, knowledge of Spen- ser, Sidney, Herbert, Quarles, and Sylvester's translation of Du.

Tyler, History of American Literature rev ed. Anne r ; S. Often bookish, but at her best when recording her own feelings and observations. They are full of erudi- tion, which Augustus Thomas Clay Ranking Jah Jah Warn Them Irie a woman then was amazing. The descriptions of nature are charming and are employed, not only for moralization, but for their own sake, though the introduction of "philomel" shows her close ad- herence to poetic tradition.

Good command of metrics. Queen Elizabeth" shows resentment at the impu- tation that women are not capable, as does the "Prologue" to The Tenth Muse. Born in B. Maiden A kindly and cheerful man, who studied medicine to care for his flock. This gentle parson wrote the most terrifying poem of the colonial period and by far the most popular.

Murdock, best edition Written with internal rhyme, a in galloping fourteeners measure suited to popular appeal and easy memorization, but not to the subject. Describes Christ's descent upon an unsuspecting world, the Betty Harris Theres A Break In The Road of the sinners, the resurrection of the dead, and Christ's judgment.

The children who die without committing sins are also judged, but are allowed by the kind-hearted author who here breaks with rigid Calvinism the easiest room in hell. The damned are rushed off to torment, and the blessed spend eternity in bliss. Despite its crude form, this poem has flashes of vitality and imagination. Ellis, is definitive. Norton Michael Wigglesworth.

God's Controversy with New-England. Deplores the spiritual decline. Iambic pentameter used. Meat out of the Eater In couplets of fourteeners, takes Christian comfort in sorrow. Born in England. Pastor and physician at Augustus Thomas Clay Ranking Jah Jah Warn Them Irie field. Most gifted of the Puritan poets. Work was unpublished at his own request. Four hundred pages of manuscript poetry found in Yale library Based on fact that weaving was done in the home.

Has deep emotion. Intense, with figure well maintained; one of the best. Verse compact almost to crabbedness. Tries to discern in astronomy a linkbetween heaven and man, but truth and sustenance are in Christ, the bread of life. First stanza echoes the "flamantia moenia mundi" of Lucretius; last three extend the extravagant image of Christ made into bread.

Perhaps best of all. Begins beauti- fully,then becomes involved. Emphasizes humility. Ovid's Metamorphosis Englished by G. H Johnson 3?? Discourse of the Plantations of the Southern Colony of Virginia Neves from Virginia Good Newt from Virginia Leah and Rachel A Voyage to Virginia. New England's Rarities Discovered Plain Dealing The Bloody Tenent Washed A Survey of the Sum of Church Disci.

God's Mercy Mourt's Relation Join Login. Search title and description. Join Gripsweat! We found a few items that may be related.

To hear audio clips older than 45 days you must become a member! Black Slate — Sticks Man Belgium, ca. Salt Lane Gal The Skatalites Do It Good Four Corners Of The World Jah Shakey aka Jack Steady Proof Rum Augustus Thomas Clay Ranking Jah Jah Warn Them Irie From Russia With Love Grand National James Bond The Soul Brothers Rolando Special Ring Ding Groovy Sax Something Special Feeling Fine Jack Ruby Federal Special El Pussy Cat Take 2 Augustus Thomas Clay Ranking Jah Jah Warn Them Irie Sailing Along The Skatalites Bongo Tango aka Down Beat Alley Strolling In The Skatalites Sucu-Sucu Pepe To Cut Munu The Soul Brothers Phoenix City Ska-Au-Go-Go Guns Of Navarone The Skatalites Don De Lion Don Drummond Lion Don Drummond Mesopotamia Don Drummond African Shuffle Don Drummond African Beat Count Ossie Confucius Don Drummond Lawless Street Soul Brothers Dancing Mood Delroy Wilson Pied Piper Rita Marley Big Bamboo Gaylads Black Cinderella Ver.

Island Beat Yuh Drums Oku Onura Dread Times Oku Onura Pressure Drop Oku Onura Canaan Land Mutabaruka Victom Malachi Smith Blood Shout Glenville Brown Drop It Tamlin Ellis To Plant Breeze Miss World Benjamin Zephaniah Get High Benjamin Zephaniah


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