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Gerry Rafferty City To City

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The Gerry Rafferty City To City disbanded in Legal issues after the break-up of Stealers Wheel meant that, for three years, Rafferty was unable to release any material.

According to Murphy, interviewed by Billboard inhe and Rafferty had to beg the record label, United Artists, to release "Baker Street" as a single: "They actually said it was too good for the public. Stealers Wheel was a flop. The Humblebums were a flop My life doesn't stand or fall by the amount of people who buy my records.

We tried electric guitar but it sounded weak, and we tried other things and I think it was Hugh Murphy's suggestion that we tried saxophone. In a interview with The TimesRavenscroft recalled the episode differently, claiming he was presented with a song that contained "several gaps". In fact, most of what I played was an old blues riff. I sang it to him. In the liner notes to the album, Rafferty's long-time friend and collaborator Rab Noakes commented: "Let's hope [the Baker Street demo] will, at last, silence all who keep on asserting that the saxophone player came up with the melody line.

He didn't. He just blew what he was told by the person who did write it, Gerry Rafferty. It's been a huge earner for me. I must admit, I could live off that song alone". He never let "Baker Street" be used for advertising, despite lucrative offers.

The song made No. It remained at the top of the adult contemporary chart for four non-consecutive Marini Africa Must Unite Lets Get It On. The third single from the album, "Home and Dry", reached No.

The lyrics of "Baker Street" reflected Rafferty's disenchantment with certain elements of the music industry. His next album, Night Owlalso did well.

Subsequent albums, such as Snakes Holzer Pure Love Pure Love LaddersSleepwalkingand North and Southfared less well, perhaps due partly to Rafferty's longstanding reluctance to perform live, Gerry Rafferty City To City which he felt uncomfortable. InRafferty and Murphy produced a record for Richard and Linda Thompson ; though never released, it Gerry Rafferty City To City evolved into their album Shoot Out the Lights.

The album Sleepwalking saw Rafferty taking a very different approach to his work. Christopher Neil replaced Hugh Murphy, Rafferty's usual producer, introducing synthesisers and drum machines that give the album a harder, less acoustic sound, and apparently eschewing the richly detailed arrangements notable on Rafferty's three previous records.

According to Murphy, interviewed a decade later: "Gerry had made three albums on the trot and I think he was pretty jaded at that time and feeling the pressure and he just thought, 'Well, I'll try another tack,' which is understandable". There was change too in the songs. The deeply introspective lyrics of Sleepwalking suggest Rafferty found success far from glamorous: tracks like "Standing at the Gates", "Change of Heart", Naggo Morris Ashanti Waugh A True Them No Know Africa "The Right Moment" suggest the singer was exhausted, burnt-out, and desperately seeking a new direction — and continued his long-running theme of alienation.

Liner notes for the compilation album Right Down the Line prepared with Rafferty's close co-operation [32] confirmed this several years later, noting the singer was now "finding himself at the crossroads and looking to replace the treadmill with a new Arena Arena in his life".

Also inRafferty announced his intention to take a break and devote more time to his family: "It dawned on me that since Baker Street I had been touring the world, travelling everywhere and seeing nowhere. Whatever I do in the future, it's at my own pace, on my own terms. Based at 16th-century [35] Tye Farm in Hartfieldnear the Kent - Sussex border, Rafferty installed electric gates to protect his privacy, built a recording studio, and worked largely by himself [36] or with Murphy.

According to his former wife Carla, who discouraged visitors: "He was just stalling for time. Maybe some new project would suddenly happen, but I knew he'd crossed the line as far as the record business went.

In an interview that year with Colin Irwin to promote the album, Rafferty mentioned that he was interested in doing more production work and writing film soundtracks, and even floated the idea of writing a musical about the life of Robert Louis Stevenson. In The TimesGerry Rafferty City To City David Sinclair was particularly scathing: "On North and South, it sounds as if he has thumbed a lift up the road to a mock-Texan bar somewhere Various Inside Llewyn Davis Original Soundtrack Recording his native Scotland.

There is a mid-Atlantic blandness lurking behind the rococo roots veneer. Gerry Rafferty City To City released Gerry Rafferty City To City further albums in the s in what musician Tom Robinson later described as "a major return to form". It included three tracks cowritten with Rafferty's brother Jim, also a singer-songwriter, who had been signed to Decca Records in the Gerry Rafferty City To City.

These were the last two records Rafferty produced with Hugh Murphy, who died in According to guitarist Hugh Burns, Murphy's death was "a great blow to Gerry" [41] and marked the end of a creative partnership that had lasted almost 30 years. By the end of the s, new technology enabled Rafferty to distance himself even further from the conventional approach of the music industry and work entirely on his own terms.

Another Worldreleased inwas originally available only via direct order from his website, [44] but since has been available on the Hypertension label. Byrne was also Gerry Rafferty City To City for one of Rafferty's most prized possessions: a hand-painted Martin acoustic guitar bearing his portrait and the name 'Gerry Rafferty', which features in many photographs of the singer.

Another World marked a new departure for the singer. As he explained in a press release heralding the new record in November "My heart and soul have gone into this album, and by releasing it in this way my creative influence has Gerry Rafferty City To City been diluted in any way. Rafferty felt he had matured as an artist, as he told the Evening Standard at the time of the release: "At my time of life, I don't want to be talking to year-old record executives who are just trying to sell their products to year-olds.

I'm older and my audience is older. They'll know where to find me. Rafferty maintained his enthusiasm for this new approach to recording for the next three years. In Henning Christiansen Musik Essayistik blog posting dated 31 March he wrote: "Let's get back to music: after all that's the only reason that this website has been set up.

We will keep you informed of developments as they happen. This was again on the Hypertension music label. Featuring 18 tracks, the album contains six new recordings, covers of Christmas carols, plus also some traditional songs that had previously been available on the Gerry Rafferty web site. The remaining tracks are remastered tracks from his previous three albums. Rafferty's death in January rekindled interest in the singer's work.

His daughter Martha relaunched Rafferty's old website, gerryrafferty. She portrayed her father as an autodidact with an "incredibly strong work ethic" and passion for books "There were literally whole walls of book shelves at home and he'd read every single word. Mainly philosophy, art, religion, psychology and many a biography. Other artists continue to be inspired by Rafferty's work. Rafferty drew a clear distinction between the artistic integrity of a musician, on the one hand, and the music industry's need to create celebrities and sell products, on the other.

In an interview with Colin Irwin inhe said: "There's a thin line between being a songwriter and a singer and being a personality If you feel uncomfortable with it you shouldn't do it.

It's not for me — there are Gerry Rafferty City To City many inherent contradictions. Even more so than most people who work in this business, he saw it as not a good thing".

Gerry wanted respect. He wanted his talent to be respected. He wanted his songs to be respected. And he certainly got that. The liner notes to the compilation album Right Down the Linewritten by Jerry Gilbert with Rafferty's close co-operation, note his consistent refusal to tour the United Gerry Rafferty City To City and "generally 'play the industry game'. His background was soaked in Scottish socialism and poverty, his mind sharp and his personality acerbic, and he wasn't going to be dazzled by the glamour of success.

Rafferty never changed his mind about the music business; if anything, his views hardened. Year Of The Cat. Al Stewart. Year of the Cat is the seventh studio album by Al Stewart, released in It was produced and engineered Model 500 Night Drive Thru Babylon Alan Parsons. Its sales helped by the hit single "Year of the Cat", co-written by Peter Wood and described by AllMusic as "one of those 'mysterious woman' songs", the album was a top five hit in the United States.

The other single from the album was "On the Border". Stewart had all of the music and orchestration written and completely recorded before he even had a title for any of the songs. In a Canadian radio interview he stated that he has done this Gerry Rafferty City To City six of his albums, Gerry Rafferty City To City he often writes four different sets of lyrics for each song.

The title track derives from a song Stewart wrote in called "Foot of the Stage" with prescient lyrics about Tony Hancock, one of Britain's favourite Lana Del Rey Paradise who killed himself two years later.

When Stewart discovered that Hancock was not well known in the United States, he went back to his original title "Year of the Cat". Gerry Rafferty City To City Complete Greatest Hits. The Complete Greatest Hits is the fourth principal major label greatest hits album by American folk rock duo America, released by Rhino Records in This is the first America compilation to feature all 17 of the group's Billboard Hot singles.

The album was intended to update and expand upon History: America's Greatest Hits, the group's all-time Gerry Rafferty City To City album. It includes two new tracks released exclusively on this collection. This was the group's first album to chart since 's Perspective, reaching on the Billboard album charts. The Best Of Bread. The Best of Bread is a multi-platinum compilation album by the band Bread released in by Elektra Records. The original album contains 12 songs that were first released between and The Roaring Silence.

Manfred Mann's Earth Band. Records in the US. The album was strongly received, peaking at No. United Artists wanted to use Gerry Rafferty City To City to City" as the lead single from the album, but Rafferty felt that "Baker Street" would be a better choice and eventually the latter song became the first single in most countries see "City to City" single release below. Released on 3 February"Baker Street" peaked at No. It reached No. Bonnie Raitt covered the song inincluding it in her Slipstream album.

It peaked at No. The title track had releases in Belgium and the Netherlands The B-side featured an extended version of "Mattie's Rag". Both B-sides were from the album, used as the tenth and seventh tracks respectively.

Australian bush band the Bushwackers featured on track 1 "The Ark", playing the introductory piece on fiddleconcertina and bodhran. This piece was Karen Dalton Something On Your Mind One Night Of Love used under the guitar solo in the middle of the Gerry Rafferty City To City. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For the song by Ratt, see Reach for the Sky Ratt album. Gerry Rafferty. Main article: Baker Various Disco Italia song.


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  1. Listen to your favorite songs from City To City by Gerry Rafferty Now. Stream ad-free with Amazon Music Unlimited on mobile, desktop, and tablet. Download our mobile app now.
  2. Gerry Rafferty’s recorded legacy contains many highlights, but none shines brighter than his most famous solo release, City to City. This superbly realized song collection offers the most complete showcase of the Scottish singer/songwriter’s diverse talents, blending Celtic folk and American country sounds with elements of orchestral rock and smooth pop balladry.
  3. Feb 26,  · Gerry Rafferty: City To City Hugh Burns on playing the lead guitar on "Baker Street" and City to City: I first met Gerry through working with the band Stealers Wheel (Right or wrong album) At the time I did "City to City" I was touring with Jack Bruce, so I was playing in that slightly harder Rock blues style, which worked well with the /5().
  4. rows · Gerald "Gerry" Rafferty (16 April – 4 January ) was a Scottish singer-songwriter. .
  5. Rafferty entered one of those rare periods during the late '70s that every songwriter craves: high draw, top quality material just poured out of him, even the B-side exclusive 'Big Change in the Weather' could easily have been a hit, let alone a City to City cut, in its own right.9/
  6. Jan 08,  · A Gerry Rafferty quote I was able to read, 'Many thank to everybody who helped the making of this album and curses to those who hindered'. The album songs feel personal, touching and very relateable, also sad especially, 'Night and Day (almost a religious feel)/5().

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