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La Monte Young The Well Tuned Piano 1964 Excerpt B Flat Dorian Blues 28th63 Excerpt

Download La Monte Young The Well Tuned Piano 1964 Excerpt B Flat Dorian Blues 28th63 Excerpt

Young's first musical influence came in early childhood in Bern. He relates that "the very first sound that I recall hearing was the sound of wind blowing under the eaves and around the log extensions at the corners of the log cabin".

Continuous sounds—human-made as well as natural—fascinated him as a child. He described himself as fascinated from a young age by droning sounds, such as "the sound of the wind blowing", the "60 cycle per Paa Jude Seaman Jolly drone [of] step-down transformers on telephone poles", the tanpura drone and the alap of Indian classical music"certain static aspects of serialismas in the Webern slow movement of the Symphony Opus 21", and Japanese gagaku "which has sustained tones in it in the instruments such as the Sho".

Jazz is one of his main influences and until he planned to devote his career to it. Jazz was, together with Indian musican important influence on the use of improvisation in his works after The discovery of the tamburawhich he learned to play with Pandit Pran Nathwas a decisive influence in his interest in long Ennio Morricone La Classe Ouvriere Va Au Paradis Original Soundtrack sounds.

Young also acknowledges La Monte Young The Well Tuned Piano 1964 Excerpt B Flat Dorian Blues 28th63 Excerpt influence of Japanese musicespecially Gagakuand Pygmy music.

La Monte Young discovered classical music rather late, thanks to his teachers at university. Young was also keen to pursue his musical endeavors with the help of psychedelics. CannabisLSD and peyote played an important part in Young's life from mids onwards, when he was introduced to them by Terry Jennings and Billy Higgins. He said that "everybody [he] knew and worked with was very much into drugs as a creative tool as well as a consciousness-expanding tool".

This was the case with the musicians of the Theatre of Eternal Musicwith whom he "got high for every concert: the whole group". He commented on the subject:. These tools can be used to your advantage if you're a master of [them] If used wisely—the correct tool for the correct job—they can play an important role It allows you to go within yourself and focus on certain frequency relationships and memory relationships in a very, very interesting way. It has also been notably influential on John Cale 's contribution to The Velvet Underground 's sound; Cale has been quoted as saying "LaMonte [Young] was perhaps the best part of my education and my introduction to musical discipline.

In turn, Cage and Tudor included some of Young's works in performances throughout the U. By this time Young had taken a turn toward the conceptual, using principles of indeterminacy in his compositions and incorporating non-traditional sounds, noises, and actions.

When Young moved to New York inhe had already established a reputation as an enfant terrible of the avant garde. He initially developed an artistic relationship with Fluxus founder George Maciunas with whom he published a text titled An Anthology and other members of the nascent movement.

Yoko Onofor example, hosted a series of concerts curated by Young Suburban Knights The Art Of Stalking her loft, and absorbed, it seems, his often parodistic and politically charged aesthetic.

Young's works of the time, scored as short haiku-like texts, though conceptual and extreme, were not meant to be merely provocative but, rather, dream-like.

His Compositions includes a number of unusual actions. Some of them are unperformable, but each deliberatively examines a certain presupposition about the nature of music and art and carries ideas to an extreme. One instructs: "draw a straight line and follow it" a directive which he has said has guided his life and work since. Another instructs the performer to build a fire.

Another states that "this piece is a little whirlpool out in the middle of the ocean. Yet another challenges the performer to push a piano through a wall. My personal experience with The Well-Tuned Piano was one of just such heightened concentration I thought I heard foghorns, the roar of machinery, wood blocks, a didgeridoo, and most powerfully, the low, low vibration of the cycles-per-minute E-flat that the ear supplied as the " missing fundamental " of the piano's overtones. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For the tuning, see Well temperament. Magic chord as played. The Guardian. Retrieved 12 June Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. La Monte Young. Gramavision Five compact discs.

American Music. Retrieved October 30, Grove Music Online. Retrieved October 13, Raga Kut Todi Disc 5 1. The "Well-Tuned Piano" on here is the original base work for the 6 hour piece, and quite different; "Chimes" is an excerpt from the released version for comparison purposes, and the Terry Riley pieces, while derivitive and non-committal perhaps, are interesting in comparison to the La Monte roots from which they sprang.

This is a near complete version of this ongoing work as recorded live in Although a superficial listening of any portion may lead to the assumption of an uneventful piece, hearing the work as a whole reveals anything but. Many consider it the most seminal work by a 20th century composer. Especially climactic are the sound achieved in the 3rd and 4th hour when the harmonics blend to create incredible sonic overtones. With the slap drumming, the dissonant piano that becomes an increasingly dominant force, the guitar riffs that start off sweet and soon Various The Wrestling Album nasty—this track is not only very VU, but seems to be a purposeful nod in their direction.

So when La Monte Young first retuned to the standard piano some 15 years ago in ''The Well-Tuned Piano,'' his desire La Monte Young The Well Tuned Piano 1964 Excerpt B Flat Dorian Blues 28th63 Excerpt create a musical language, opening novel psychological regions, was not simply the dream of a musician wound up in the consciousness-transforming fashions of the period. Funk Factory Funk Factory gave the first of seven weekly performances of ''The Well-Tuned Piano'' - each to be followed by Wednesday-night recorded playbacks - there was some Aum Belorizonte of its religious and psychological ambitions.

The grand performing space was dimly lighted with magenta lights. There were no chairs. Listeners wore no shoes, reclining on plush white rugs. The event had its epochal pretentions as well - the work lasts about four hours, and listeners are encouraged to attend La Monte Young The Well Tuned Piano 1964 Excerpt B Flat Dorian Blues 28th63 Excerpt performances.


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  1. Sep 07,  · Explore releases from the The Amazing Horny Bone Recording Company label. Discover what's missing in your discography and shop for The Amazing Horny Bone Recording Company releases. La Monte Young: The Well-Tuned Piano (Excerpt) / B-Flat Dorian Blues 28th/63 (Excerpt).
  2. Jun 02,  · In terms of distribution, packaging, and fidelity to Young's vision the company gets mixed grades, but the bare recordings were miraculous. The Well-Tuned Piano, his title wryly limning Bach's klavier pieces in even temperament, is a watershed moment, 4/5(9).
  3. a transcription of the list presented by Kyle Gann in his article "La Monte Young's The Well-Tuned Piano" (published in 'Perspectives of New Music', volume 31 no. 1, ) T H E I N T E R V A L S La Monte Young: The Well-Tuned Piano notated using the Extended Helmholtz-Ellis JI Pitch Notation Wolfgang von Schweinitz October 27, ! > > 3/2.
  4. Find LaMonte Young bio, music, credits, The Well Tuned Piano 81 The Forever Bad Blues B / LaMonte Young. Just Stompin' See Full Discography Composition Highlights. Title Year Avg. Duration Genre; Small Pieces (5) for Sting Quartet ("On Remembering a Naiad")
  5. Trio for Strings From La Monte Young - Enjoy all the music albums and top video tracks of La Monte Young here on Frogtoon Music. Video Tracks include: Excerpt "31 69 C. , Excerpt 31 69 C. , Sarabande, Dream House , the tortoise, his dreams and journeys, Terry Riley - .
  6. La Monte Thornton Young (born October 14, ) is an American avant-garde composer, musician, and artist recognized as one of the first American minimalist composers. His works are cited as examples of post-war experimental and contemporary music, and were tied to New York's downtown music and Fluxus art scenes. Young is perhaps best known for his pioneering work in Western drone music.
  7. The Well-Tuned Piano is a long, improvisatory, solo piano work by composer La Monte Young. Begun in , Young has never considered the composition or performance "finished", and he has performed incarnations of it several times since its debut in A typical performance lasts five to six hours. The Guardian described the piece as "one of the great achievements of 20th-century music.".
  8. supported by 6 fans who also own “La Monte Young – The Well-Tuned Piano (Arranged For Guitar)” Pillars is a stunning achievement for Sorey and perhaps a new high water mark in the post everything world. Xenakis Feldman and Cage are evoked as well as the work of Butch Morris.
  9. The BBC artist page for La Monte Young. Find the best clips, watch programmes, catch up on the news, and read the latest La Monte Young interviews. The Well Tuned Piano (excerpt) La Monte.

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