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He was later seen escaping with his men as he expressed his goal to reunite the five crime families of New York City. Elias was a main suspect when Detective Carter's number came in from the Machine. It was revealed he was indirectly involved by hiring her confidential informant to complete the hit. Elias left a vase of flowers on Carter's desk with a Person Of Interest Person Of Interest mourning her loss and stole a file marked Elias from her desk.

Carl Elias resurfaced after Reese called him using a phone left in a trash can by Anthony "Scarface" Marconi who was impersonating a police officer. Upon his father's release from prison, Elias ordered some of his men to kidnap his father. Inspired Children Lonely Feeling plan failed when Carter and Reese intervened and took Moretti into protective custody.

Reese later called Elias, requesting his help to find a child kidnapped by an Eastern European gang. Elias agreed to help but threatened the child himself once Reese had found her. Reese was forced to give up Moretti's location in exchange for the child's life, and Elias let them both go.

Although Reese tried to save Moretti, Elias succeeded in capturing his father. Elias's plan to unite the five families required him to kill the five Dons. He recruited HR, a cabal of corrupt cops, and used them to help him take down the Dons. After killing one Don with a car bomb planted by Scarface and gunning one Don down in front of Carter, Detectives Carter and Fusco took the remaining three into protective custody, barely escaping Elias's men.

Elias then personally went to where they were Person Of Interest Person Of Interest out with some HR cops and ordered the kidnapping of Taylor Carter. The HR cops severed their ties with Elias and several clean police officers came to the hideout. Carl Elias was forced to surrender. After being processed and put in jail, Elias made one final phone call to Gianni Moretti, telling his father he wished he could be there to see.

Moretti's car was then blown up by Scarface, killing Moretti and his legitimate son Gianni Moretti, Jr. Elias hung up the phone with a slight grin. Several weeks later, Elias received a visit from Finch who asked for his help in one of their cases involving several mafia groups and hit men. Being thankful that Finch and Reese had saved his life, Elias took advantage of his power even from behind bars and helped them. In return, he asked Finch to play chess with him.

After several more weeks Sylvia Striplin You Cant Turn Me Away Give Me Your Love living at Rikers IslandElias noticed that Reese had been arrested on suspicion of being "The Man in Person Of Interest Person Of Interest Suit".

He told Reese that he knew all about FBI's investigation and that he would help Reese in any way that he could. When Reese is dumped into the general population in an attempt to get him to reveal his true identity, he is attacked by an inmate and because Reese could not fight back, Elias broke up the fight.

When HR attempts to have the Russians kill Elias, Carter rescues him from the trap and helps him to a secure location. She keeps his presence quiet as she goes to him for information. Elias helps Carter take down HR by setting the Russians against the dirty cops, but she rejects his offer to just kill everyone for her.

After Carter is murdered by Simmons, Elias pays the debt by having Simmons executed in his hospital bed as he watches. Person Of Interest Person Of Interest season 4, Elias is at war with Dominic Cordell and the Brotherhood. Due to their own war with Samaritan, the Team Conjunto La Perla De Ponce Conjunto La Perla De Ponce unable to help him much and his best friend Anthony dies.

Fusco is able to escape, but Dominic prepares to execute Elias and Harper. Elias is saved when the Machine puts Reese into God Mode, enabling him to escape and take down the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood and Elias are arrested by officers led by Fusco, but one of Elias' men intercepts his transport van and attempts to help him escape.

A standoff ensues with Dominic that ends with him surrendering to Fusco moments before both Dominic and Elias are shot by a Samaritan sniper as part of the Correction, killing Dominic and leaving Elias' fate unknown. In "B. Elias is revealed to be recovering at Finch's safe house where Fusco took him after saving his life. The bedridden Elias, now aware of at least Samaritan, attempts to convince Moran to go back into hiding but Moran refuses. Over the following episodes, Elias continues to recover from his wounds, appearing to all the world like he is dead.

In "Reassortment", after learning of Bruce Moran's death, Elias supplies Fusco with a lead on a case he is working. Junior Reid Natural Vibes One Sufferation Sweet Sensation is later confronted by Finch for his actions and tells Finch he needs to let Fusco in on the truth.

In "Sotto Voce", Finch enlists Elias' help to track down the elusive criminal mastermind known as "the Voice. With Elias' help, Finch tracks down "the Voice's" hideout only to learn that he's their Various State Of Mind EP of interest, Terry Easton.

As Easton holds a gun on Finch, Elias intervenes and threatens Easton into backing down. The two men allow Easton to drive away before Elias detonates a bomb on Easton's getaway car, killing him. Elias then implies that Finch brought him along to kill Easton as he had to know what Elias would do. Elias takes Finch to the apartment buildings Reese protected him in when they first met and the two reminisce.

However, Samaritan figures out where they are and sends agents. With the help of Elias' men stationed through the building, the two escape outside where they find Elias' driver has been murdered. Moments later, Elias is shot in the head and killed by a Samaritan agent as he attempts to protect Person Of Interest Person Of Interest.

After being called to the scene of Elias' death, Reese removes Elias' glasses and closes his eyes as a sign of respect towards Elias. Person Of Interest Person Of Interest is then approached by a gang member with information on the car that took Finch as Person Of Interest Person Of Interest gang member respected Elias and Elias respected Finch.

The information Super Eccentric Theater The Art Of Nipponomics is given enables Root and Shaw to rescue Finch. Anthony S. He is also informally known as Scarface due to an easily identifiable scar on his right cheek coupled with the fact that his name is never mentioned by any of the characters in any episode he appears in.

Marconi is mistaken by many to be a HR officer. He actually only works for Elias, and his police jacket is a disguise. When his boss, Carl Elias, was on the run from Person Of Interest Person Of Interest rival mob the Yogorovs led by Ivan Yogorov Marconi disguised himself as a police officer. While he gathered information on his boss' whereabouts, Harold Finch became suspicious of him and started following him, thinking that he might actually Person Of Interest Person Of Interest Elias.

When Elias had finally escaped the Russian mob with the help of John Reese, Marconi rendezvoused with his boss by knocking out Fusco who was waiting to intercept Reese and Elias. Later, Marconi killed Ivan Yogorov and was with Elias as he expressed his desire to reunite the five families. Marconi resurfaced by again impersonating a police officer and dropping a burner phone in a trash can for Reese and Carter to find. Marconi also killed a corrupt Security and Exchange Commission investigator who he'd taken into "custody".

Marconi was present when Reese met with Elias in order to get information on a kidnapper who had taken a baby. Elias agreed to help and had Marconi escort Reese to the location where the baby would be offloaded to be shipped to Eastern Europe.

After Reese rescued the child, Marconi ambushed him and brought him back to Elias. Marconi personally took the child to Elias for use as leverage to get the location of Gianni Moretti from Reese. Marconi then severely injured Moretti's police guard Bill Szymanski and took Moretti captive. Marconi was responsible for a car bomb that killed one of the five dons of the New York crime families in plain view of Reese.

He later informed Elias that the remaining Dons had been taken into protective custody by Detectives Carter and Fusco. Marconi then kidnapped Carter's son Taylor from school on Elias's orders; shooting it out with Reese before escaping with Taylor captive.

Marconi again fought with Reese during Reese's rescue attempt of Taylor and successfully escaped once more, though both Taylor and Moretti were rescued.

Despite his employer now being imprisoned, Marconi continued his duties and planted a bomb in a car that killed both Gianni Moretti and his legitimate son Gianni Moretti, Jr.

Simmons and Fusco later met with Marconi to have him get Elias to bring back HR; however, Marconi told them in order for that to happen they had to bring Elias the last of the original dons.

Despite attempts to capture the last don, the remaining members of HR failed to do this since the don was now working with Elias. Later in the series, he is captured, along with Elias, by Dominic "Mini" Besson, the leader of a rival gang trying Person Of Interest Person Of Interest gain control, who has killed or turned several of Elias's men and now demands the combination for a vault in Bruce Moran's office. After cautioning Dominic's second-in-command about the ability to remain in stable power and trust Dominic, he watches on as Dominic relays the numbers which were told to him by Elias and as Link's man opens the vault, which then triggers an explosion that blows up the entire floor they are on, killing Marconi in the process.

Dominic and his second-in-command escape, but lose some of their men in the process. Later, when Elias is again captured by Dominic, to avenge Scarface's death, he plays a mind-game with Dominic to get him to believe his 2, Link, has betrayed him. Dominic kills Link before he realizes it was a trick. He is eventually killed by Samaritan agents and discovered by Fusco in a dumping ground for Samaritan victims.

Don Gianni F. Moretti, Sr. As Elias was born out of wedlock Yvonne Chaka Chaka Sangoma during an affair Moretti Sr. He was killed along with Moretti Jr. Peter I. Dominic Besson played by Winston Duke also known as "Mini" as he is quite big is leader of the Brotherhood. When he was first introduced he was hiding as his own lackey to prove that people underestimate him.

He soon becomes Carl Elias's main enemy. He is later killed by a Samaritan sniper as part of the Correction. Lincoln "Link" Cordell played by Jamie Hector a violent gang member who acts as Dominic's right-hand-man. He was at one point arrested by Detective John Riley Reese's new cover identity but Dominic paid for someone to take the fall for Link and he is released.

Link is later killed by Dominic after Elias tricks him into thinking that Link betrayed Dominic. Floyd played by Jessica Pimentelanother of Dominic's higher-ups, often The New Birth The New Birth in place of Link. Beecher played by Sterling K. Brown is a narcotics detective who works at Carter's precinct, whom Carter has begun a relationship with.

He helps Carter with the Drakes case "Til Death". He later asks Carter Person Of Interest Person Of Interest on a date when she says that she owes him a favor for helping her with the case.

She agrees Graffiti Graffiti go Person Of Interest Person Of Interest with him. Beecher is Alonzo Quinn's godson and gives his godfather information "Shadow Box". It is unknown if Beecher is aware of Quinn's activities.

Later, when Carter receives a job offer with the FBI pending a polygraphshe is turned down because of her relationship with Beecher. Realizing Beecher knows too much about Kiru Stars Family Planning involvement in HR, Quinn orders his godson killed.

He chases after some drug dealers, only to be led into a trap, and Mateo Trasante Mateo Y Trasante a shootout involving him and some Fred McDowell Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning men.

The Machine produces Beecher's number too late, and he is killed within the shooting. Carter arrives at the scene and is severely devastated to find her friend dead, especially as Fusco cleared him of any involvement in Bill Szymanski's death.

Following Beecher's murder, part of Carter's motivation for taking down HR is revenge. In "Endgame", with the help of Finch, Carter is able to record Alonzo Quinn confessing to ordering Beecher's murder and he is arrested for it along with all of his other crimes.

He is an honest cop, that Carter entrusted with the job of guarding Gianni Moretti, Elias' father. Ultimately, Reese had to reveal Moretti's location to Elias Person Of Interest Person Of Interest order to save a person of interest, and Szymanski was severely injured in the line of duty and taken to the hospital. Fortunately, he survived "Baby Blue", "Identity Crisis". Szymanski fully recovered and went back to active duty where he worked on the investigation of the murder of George Massey's son, who was killed by Riley Cavanaugh "Triggerman".

Later, Szymanski and the assistant district attorney are meeting with Alonzo Quinn about testifying against the Yogorov mob family. New York City Police Department Detective Dani Silva was an Internal Affairs Division detective who was undercover trying to find a mole in the NYPD Cadet program when her number as a Person of Interest came up, she found the mole but was framed for her handlers murder at the hands of criminal gang called The brotherhood.

After clearing her name with the help of Reese. She later transferred into the Gang Division not long after being exonerated, where she crossed paths with Detective Fusco who was monitoring a Person of Interest. The following characters are involved in the HR storyline, in which a group of corrupt police officers work in collaboration with an up-and-coming mob boss to control organized crime in New York.

Alonzo D. Licata and the leader of HR. Quinn's leadership is subtle enough that even Harold Finch only suspects that HR still has someone in charge. This results in Zambrano's death and Angelis' career destroyed. Quinn however leads his candidate Ed Griffin to an even greater victory by framing Landon Walker as the leader of HR and restoring Angelis' career in the process "Bury the Lede".

Quinn later asks his number two man, Patrick Simmons, to try and reforge HR's alliance with Elias by giving them mafia don Luciano Grifoni. This, however does not go as planned when it Person Of Interest Person Of Interest out Grifoni is working with Elias now and has one of his new subordinates killed declaring that Elias is done with HR "C.

Quinn starts talking to his godson Detective Cal Beecher for some information with Patrick Simmons guarding him. Quinn meets with Simmons to inform him of his plans to make an alliance with Russian mobster Peter Yogorov. Since Elias refuses to work with them, Quinn decides to strike a deal with the Russian Mafia in order to secure funds for the rebuilding of HR "Shadow Box".

Carter eventually tricks Quinn into confessing to having Cal murdered which Finch records through Quinn's phone. Reese is able to force Quinn to give up Simmons' escape plan, but his injured state keeps Reese from killing Quinn before he collapses. Quinn is left alive and in custody to face punishment for his crimes while Fusco is able to use the information Quinn gave Reese to hunt down and arrest Simmons.

Simmons was an old friend of Detective Fusco, and in collusion with Elias until learning from Finch that HR families were under Elias' surveillance. Simmons has also given an anonymous tip to Detective Carter that another cop murdered Internal Affairs officer Ian Davidson, also an HR cop, as to increase the pressure on Fusco.

Reese forced Lynch to deliver a message to Elias to "back away from Carter or else Reese would kill him" "Get Carter". A man named Andre Wilcox who was receiving protection for HR, not Elias, met with Lynch to arrange for the release of one of his men named Brick from jail. Despite being reluctant, Lynch agreed to do what Andre wanted.

Lynch met with Captain Womack, the head of the precinct where Brick was being held, and told him to release Brick, which the captain did because he was a co-conspirator of Lynch "Wolf and Cub". Womack protects members of HR when Carter gets too close. Reese blackmails him into transferring Fusco to Carter's precinct.

He appears to be a friend and known contact of Artie Lynch, when Lynch went to Paul Johnson Stop Trippin to him about doing something for him, meaning the captain is most likely corrupt.

This is later confirmed when Womack is revealed to currently be incarcerated with other HR cops "C. He always seems to be very calm and polite. When he hears Szymanski say they're testifying against the Russian Yogorov mob family, Quinn kills him and the assistant district attorney to avoid it.

Ramsey Lewis Funky Serenity, now revealed to be part of HR, comes in, and Quinn tells him to shoot him in Magic Circle Express Music Old And New right shoulder so he can survive, and make it look like someone shot all of them "All In". Later, Carter and Terney are investigating a place supposedly told to have been an HR hideout.

Carter shoots an armed suspect, but someone takes the gun away in order to frame Carter. In the police station, Terney reveals his true colors and threatens to kill Carter if she meddles in their business "Zero Day". Terney and Peter Yogorov are preparing to kill Carl Elias in a dark forest. A masked Carter comes out and wounds Yogorov.

Terney begs profusely for his life, and Carter knocks him Person Of Interest Person Of Interest and rescues Elias "God Mode". Terney eventually finds out that Carter wants to take down HR when he discovers she turned Laskey. Michael "Mike" Laskeyborn Mikhail S. Lesnichy played by Brian Wiles is a rookie cop affiliated with HR who is installed as Carter's new partner after she is demoted to officer for Sparks Kimono My House too close to HR.

She turns him by threatening to frame him for the death of another dirty cop. While initially only helping because he's forced to, Laskey comes to see the truth about HR and aids Carter and the Team in stopping a money laundering scheme. He is killed in a shootout with Raymond Terney, but his pictures are used by Terney to identify the head of HR to Carter.

He periodically offers Carter the opportunity to work with him as he pursues Person Of Interest Person Of Interest. He began with the Miami, Florida Person Of Interest Person Of Interest office in counter-terrorism until he distinguished himself as an investigator and became a highly sought-after agent.

He was promoted to supervisory special agent for the Boston Field Office in and worked there until Although Powell was later proven innocent, Donnelly started suspecting Reese of being a mercenary "Root Cause". Donnelly believed that Reese was selling his services to the highest bidder and working for Elias "Identity Crisis". Donnelly invites Carter to assist on the investigation, and she accepts.

In New Rochelle, he discovers the fact that the victim, Peter Arndt, was in debt to loan sharksand Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti hypothesizes that the loan sharks had hired Reese to kill him "Many Happy Returns".

Donnelly offers Carter a temporary role with the FBI when he finally manages to track Reese's phone to a bank. He tells her about his new theory that Reese is working for CIA Agent Snow and is receiving aid of some sort from China to help him further. He then makes his way to the bank with several armed FBI officers and Carter, and arrests four men wearing suits, one of them being Reese.

When he asks Carter if she recognizes any of them as "the man Person Of Interest Person Of Interest the suit", she tells him that she does not "Shadow Box". After getting Carter to interrogate the suspects, Donnelly finds out Carter was conspiring against him.

He arrests Reese and Carter, planning on taking them to a safe house and incarcerating them shortly after. The Machine, however, identified him as a Person of Interest and informed Finch. Finch tried to warn Donnelly but was too late. He incorrectly came to the conclusion that Mark Snow was "the man in the suit".

He then tried to recruit Carter to the FBI but had to reject her due to her relationship to Calvin Beecher, who was under investigation at the time for his involvement with HR. He later appears in "Proteus" to bring Carter a series of missing persons files she requested which, unknown to him, were the victims of an identity-stealing serial killer.

The following characters are Queen We Are The Champions to a government conspiracy related to the development and use of the Machine. Alicia M. Corwin played by Elizabeth Marvel is a liaison between Ingram and the government while the Machine was being developed. Corwin met with Nathan Ingram to determine the progress of the Machine. Ingram gave her a social security number associated with a DIA agent.

Weeks was curious as to how the Machine actually worked, and was unhappy when he Frances Marie Uitti The Second Bow told that the Machine could not be used to track specific people.

He threatened to reduce the payment for Person Of Interest Person Of Interest Machine, but Corwin explained to him that Ingram was building it merely for one US dollar "Super". Alicia met with Nathan in a bar to discuss the transfer of the Machine to its new location. They discussed dissemination and she assured him that nobody would be able to track the data back to the Machine or to Ingram.

Yet she was visibly shaken and told Nathan that she was happy to return to her day job once Person Of Interest Person Of Interest related to the Machine was settled "No Good Deed". She gave Reese and Stanton orders to retrieve a stolen laptop with secret software from Ordos, China. Inner Life Inner Life reality, whether she knew it or not, the whole operation was nothing more than a ruse to check and make sure that an advance team had eliminated all the software engineers related to The Machine as well as successfully moving the Machine to another location "Matsya Nyaya".

Recasting Person of Interest for a modern reboot. Hollywood is known for remaking remakes of films or tv series and the studios might think it would be great to bring the story back with a new set of characters.

Be it in the form of a Person of Interest reunion, a Person of Albion Space Time Continuum movie, or a Person of Interest reboot, if you had to start filming today, who would you cast in what role?

She goes to a travel agency the ISA uses to make arrangements for its agents and greets the clerk, Foster. Shaw figures that Foster set up Owen's plane ride, grabs him, and chokes him Eddie Jefferson Psychedelic Sally he talks.

Foster admits that he arranged for Shaw's successor, codenamed Indigo 6A, to be on the plane. Upon hearing this, Shaw dresses up as a waitress at a restaurant where Hersh is eating.

Once she's served him his food, Shaw sits down next to Hersh and tells him that she poisoned his meal with scopolamine, rendering him docile and causing amnesia.

Since Owen is going Bernard Herrmann London Philharmonic Orchestra Music From The Great Movie Thrillers, Hersh's superiors figure he'll expose the ISA to the world, ruining their organization and thus making him a threat to national security.

As Shaw begins to leave, the dazed Hersh asks if her current employers are treating her okay. Shaw says that they haven't tried to kill her yet and notes that she could have easily killed Hersh if she wanted him dead Using Person Of Interest Person Of Interest information, Reese and Finch stop the plane from crashing and save Person Of Interest Person Of Interest life.

During a mission involving Cyrus WellsShaw ends up in a solo standoff with Vigilance after taking down one of its snipers to save the team. Collier locks her in a building to smoke her out, and he appeals to Shaw to consider the misdeeds of the government who betrayed her. He offers Shaw Onawi Operator place in the organization for both revenge Person Of Interest Person Of Interest a role in writing "new chapter in American history.

Shaw eventually Person Of Interest Person Of Interest alive and returns to the library, then meets Root to care for a gunshot wound she received. Next, Shaw works a number with Finch and Reese which brings back memories of her family. She reflects on her Person Of Interest Person Of Interest bravery with the POI and later Fusco. When Samaritan comes online, Shaw assumes the identity Sameen Grey, a sales woman in the cosmetics department at Bloomingdale's.

After a brief period of silence between the group, Shaw resumes working numbers with Finch and Reese. They recognize each other, but Grice allows her to leave, trusting and respecting her against orders. He later attempts to delete surveillance footage Person Of Interest Person Of Interest the incident to protect her, but Samaritan is able to recover this footage.

Though Samaritan still cannot recognize her due to the servers Root planted in Samaritan's hardware, Martine uses the footage to spot her and attacks. Her cover identity blown, Shaw must now stay entirely off the radar to avoid capture. When Reese gets into serious danger caught between Elias and the Brotherhood, however, Person Of Interest Person Of Interest insists she must come to his aid, ignoring any threat to herself.

Root decides she must sedate her and bring her back to the subway hideout forcefully to protect her. Person Of Interest Person Of Interest Root is able to keep Shaw safe in this manner, Scarface and other Brotherhood members are killed as a result. When Samaritan and the Machine's standoff begins to escalate, she wonders if the Person Of Interest Person Of Interest beginning to cooperate wouldn't be the best option, clashing with Finch's stern belief that AIs teaming up could lead to the end of humanity.

When the rest of the team becomes trapped by Samaritan, Shaw must retrieve information from a Stock Exchange employee to assist them; however, she is forced to first talk down a suicide bomber affected by the Flash Crash of the stock market. With advice from Person Of Interest Person Of Interest, she succeeds and gets the intel in time. She then rushes to the Stock Exchange and crawls through 50 yards of air duct to reach the others, arriving moments before they likely would have been wiped out by Samaritan agents.

She and Root defend the team as they all board the elevator to freedom, not realizing an override button must be pressed before the elevator will move. Root flirts with Shaw, making her attraction clear. Shaw, although returning it, says the pair would be a disaster together. Even so, Shaw kisses Root before running to the button and sacrificing herself to give the others a chance to escape; she is shot down by Martine and taken captive, while the rest of the team is left not knowing if she even survived.

Days after the incident at the stock exchange, Shaw awakens in a hospital bed overlooked by Greer, who comments that she will need her rest for what awaits her. She is later used as bait for a trap to capture Root; she calls Root with a phone that traces back to the asylum where Shaw is being held and which houses Samaritan's base of operations. When Root and Finch come to rescue her, Samaritan's agents move Shaw before they can find her; Root finds the coat she wore when she was shot and glimpses her being taken through the window.

Martine tells Root that Shaw was subjected to months of torture before she eventually broke, implying that Shaw had been brainwashed into supporting Greer and willingly supported the plan to bait Root. Shaw is then seen looking pensively out the window of a car, and her mental state and allegiances at the time were unknown.

Since Shaw was captured during the Flash-Crashshe has been through 6, Samaritan simulations in nine months which have the goal of getting Shaw to lead them to the Subway and the rest of the team. In the 6, st simulation, Shaw wakes up during an operation to insert a chip near her brain stem which apparently is for the purpose of making her more co-operative. She escapes the Samaritan Person Of Interest Person Of Interest and sails into New York.

Shaw gets in touch with the team by pretending she is conspiring to murder someone, and Root finds her and helps to extract the chip before taking her to the safehouse although she says it is "her place". Root and Shaw sleep together that night. In the morning, Shaw confronts Root and Reese about them not trusting her and they launch into a plan to kidnap Greer, which is successful. They take him to a church which is a natural Faraday cage and find what they suspect is a Samaritan kill switch embedded in his arm.

Finch and Root leave to test it while Reese stays with Shaw. Greer provokes Shaw by Charley Patton Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order Volume 2 that she is really under Samaritan control Xenakis Marius Constant Ensemble Ars Nova Syrmos Polytope Medea it is part of the plan, and she shoots him.

Reese suspects something is wrong and tells Shaw they won't go back to the Machine until they figure it out. Shaw shoots him and tells Root and Finch that Samaritan agents came out of nowhere. Root comes to meet Shaw and tells her to lead the way. Shaw takes them to a playground and holds Root at gunpoint, asking if she knows where they are, which could hint that it is the playground in Qatar that Lambert mentioned at the start of the simulation. Shaw confesses that she killed Reese and tells Root that when Samaritan's torture got too awful, she would take herself to this place, with Root, and she was her safe place.

Shaw then says that she can't control herself anymore and she turns the gun on herself. When she shoots herself, the simulation ends. The person in charge of the simulations informs Greer that although she committed suicide again, she did wait an extra hour before killing him this time. The simulation is initiated for the Person Of Interest Person Of Interest, nd time. After 7, attempts to torture Shaw through simulations to turn her into a Samaritan asset, Greer takes Shaw on a field trip.

Shaw sits on a park bench with Greer as he tries to convince her that the people she is trying to protect are the bad guys.

Greer points out two businessmen who are only interested in their investments and not how they will affect or kill people. Compare that with something that's recent and Person Of Interest Person Of Interest at the difference. What happened to me is a factor in that change. The use of the term became widely critiqued Person Of Interest Person Of Interest United States Attorney General John Ashcroft used it in a press conference Person Of Interest Person Of Interest asked if Dr.

Steven J. Hatfill was a suspect in the anthrax attacks case. InHatfill's attorney filed a complaint with the Justice Department 's Office of Professional Responsibilityarguing that Mano Negra Out Of Time Man term is not recognized in law or criminal procedure and that Ashcroft did not have the right 'to preside over the public shredding of [Hatfill's] life.

This is un-American. Ashcroft owes Dr. Hatfill an apology. Normal Justice Department parlance for subjects of investigation includes " suspect ," "subject" and "target. Senator Chuck GrassleyRepublican of Iowawrote to the Attorney General for clarification of the unfamiliar phrase in September Justice Department has said that Person Of Interest Person Of Interest did not intend for Hatfill to come under such intense media scrutiny by describing him has a "person of interest" in the anthrax investigation, according to department letters sent to Senator Charles Grassley R-Iowawhich were released yesterday.


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  1. 45 rows · Person of Interest is an American science fiction crime drama television series created for .
  2. Soon after, The Machine sends Finch Turing's Social Security number, making her a person of interest. Root also hires a known con man to pretend to be another patient who posed a threat to her safety. To get close to her, Reese, as John Rooney, becomes one of her patients, and begins observing her.
  3. May 20,  · Person Of Interest on CBS. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.
  4. Carter is initially determined to apprehend Reese as a person of interest (a person not formally accused of a crime) even after Reese saves her and her son on separate occasions. However, when the CIA tries to assassinate Reese without due process, she gradually revises her .
  5. Person of Interest is an American science fiction crime drama television series that aired on CBS from September 22, , to June 21, , its five seasons comprising creature666.deinfoer(s): Ramin Djawadi.
  6. Person of Interest (TV Series –) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Menu. Movies. Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse by Genre Top Box Office In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon DVD & Blu-Ray Releases Release Calendar Movie News India Spotlight.
  7. Person of Interest is a crime thriller series, created by Jonathan Nolan and broadcasting on CBS. It all starts when reclusive billionaire Harold Finch (Michael Emerson) recruits former CIA special forces agent John Reese (Jim Caviezel) to investigate social security numbers of people who are about to be involved in violent crimes, either victims or perpetrators.
  8. Critics Consensus: Person of Interest is a well made and well acted espionage procedural, though its characters aren't terribly well developed and its intriguing premise yields mixed results%.
  9. The Machine is a computer system built and designed by Harold Finch and Nathan Ingram for a secret operation within the United States government known as "Northern Lights".. As an artificial super intelligence, its objective is to predict and prevent imminent terrorist attacks and does so by analysing immense amounts of surveillance data.
  10. Sameen Shaw, also known as Indigo Five Alpha, Dr. Sameen Shaw or simply Shaw, is a physician and a former operative for the U.S. Army Intelligence Support Activity. Prior to joining the team Shaw was part of an operation known as Catalyst Indigo, responsible for acting on relevant list.

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