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The Deacon UR Soulsaver ERP Enhanced Rhythm Perception

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Monday 26 August Tuesday 27 August Wednesday 28 August Thursday 29 August Friday 30 August Saturday 31 August Sunday 1 September Monday 2 September Tuesday 3 September Wednesday 4 September Thursday 5 September Friday 6 September Saturday 7 September Sunday 8 September Monday 9 September Tuesday 10 September Wednesday 11 September Thursday 12 September Friday 13 September Saturday 14 September Sunday 15 September Monday 16 September Tuesday 17 September Wednesday 18 September Thursday 19 September Friday 20 September Saturday 21 September Sunday 22 September Monday 23 September Tuesday 24 September Wednesday 25 September Thursday 26 September Friday 27 September Saturday 28 September Sunday 29 September Monday 30 September Tuesday 1 October Wednesday 2 October Thursday 3 October Friday 4 October Saturday The Ethiopians The Soul Brothers I Am Free Shanty Town October Sunday 6 October Monday 7 October Tuesday 8 October Wednesday 9 October Thursday 10 October Friday 11 October Saturday 12 October Sunday 13 October Monday 14 October Tuesday 15 October Wednesday 16 October Thursday 17 October Friday 18 October Saturday 19 October Sunday 20 October Monday 21 October Tuesday 22 October Wednesday 23 October Thursday 24 October Friday 25 October Saturday 26 October Sunday 27 October Monday 28 October Tuesday 29 October Wednesday 30 October Thursday 31 October Friday 1 November Saturday 2 November Sunday 3 November Monday 4 November Synchronization to metrical levels in music depends on low-frequency spectral components and tempo.

Try and try again: Post-error boost of an implicit measure of agency. Intentional binding of two effects. Effects of happy and sad facial expressions on the perception of time in Parkinson's disease patients with mild cognitive impairment. Olfaction Warps Visual Time Perception. Ethanol-induced autonomic responses and risk taking increase in young adults with a The Deacon UR Soulsaver ERP Enhanced Rhythm Perception family history of alcohol problems.

Fellow travellers: The Deacon UR Soulsaver ERP Enhanced Rhythm Perception memory and mental time travel in rodents. Age-related differences on a new test of temporal order memory for everyday events. It's about time: revisiting temporal processing deficits in dyslexia. Phenomenology, Structure, and Dynamic of Psychedelic States. Neural correlates of prediction violations in boys with Tourette syndrome: Evidence from harmonic expectancy.

Did I see your hand moving? The effect of movement-related information on the Corsi block tapping task. The differential recruitment of short-term memory and executive functions during time, number, and length perception: An individual differences approach. Perceived time slows during fleeting fun or fear.

Cumulative childhood trauma, emotion regulation, dissociation, and behavior problems in school-aged sexual abuse victims. The role of multiple internal timekeepers and sources of feedback on interval timing.

Timing of cortical activation during spontaneous swallowing. Solfo A; van Leeuwen C Scalar timing in memory: A temporal map in the hippocampus.

Affective family interactions and their associations with adolescent depression: A dynamic network approach.

Rapid temporal recalibration to visuo-tactile stimuli. Neurons in the crow nidopallium caudolaterale encode varying durations of visual working memory periods. Harada S; Mitsudo H Neuroanatomical correlates of time perspective: A voxel-based morphometry study.

Time perception impairment following thalamic stroke: A case study. Expectation, information processing, and subjective duration. Making time: Estimation of internally versus The Deacon UR Soulsaver ERP Enhanced Rhythm Perception defined durations.

Diminished neural resources allocation to time processing in Autism Spectrum Disorders. Effects of free choice and outcome valence on the sense of agency: evidence from measures of intentional binding and feelings of control. The role of attention and intention in synchronization to music: effects on gait. The Psychology of Music: Rhythm and The Deacon UR Soulsaver ERP Enhanced Rhythm Perception.

The role of multisensory interplay in enabling temporal expectations. Lupo J; Barnett-Cowan M Impaired perceived timing Sigeru Suzuki Telescope falls in the elderly.

Scholcover F; Gillan DJ Bilateral dorsal fronto-parietal areas are associated with integration of visual motion information and timed motor action. The dopaminergic system dynamic in the time perception: a review of the evidence.

Relevance of treated cocaine users' retrospective memory of first cocaine use. Binda P; Morrone MCThe Deacon UR Soulsaver ERP Enhanced Rhythm Perception Vision During Saccadic Eye Movements. Rhythmic motor behaviour influences perception of visual time. The relationship between pain-induced autonomic arousal and perceived duration. From Neurons to Clinical Applications. Zeni S; Holmes NP Nicolai J; Moshagen M Pathological buying symptoms are associated with distortions in judging elapsed time.

The influence of everyday events on prospective timing "in the moment". Tokimoto S; Tokimoto N Auditory time perception in Huntington's disease. A common The Flirtations Nothing But A Heartache Christmas Time Is Here Again of time across visual and auditory modalities. How visual stimulus effects the time perception? The evidence from time perception of emotional videos.

Dix A Space, time and memory: tales from a long road. Influence of proximal trunk borne load on lower limb countermovement joint dynamics. The effects of emotional states and traits on time perception. Fan Z; Yotsumoto Y Positive symptoms and time perception in schizophrenia: A meta-analysis. The Deacon UR Soulsaver ERP Enhanced Rhythm Perception timing of active head movement at different speeds.

Kim BK; Zauberman G Psychological time and intertemporal preference. Error monitoring in decision-making and timing is disrupted in autism spectrum disorder. Laube C; van den Bos W It's about time: How The Deacon UR Soulsaver ERP Enhanced Rhythm Perception affect increases impatience. A prospective test of the temporal sequencing of risk factor emergence in the dual pathway model of eating disorders. Frequency and temporal sequence of clinical features in adults with anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis presenting with psychiatric symptoms.

Lifting, tasting, and John Wizards John Wizards The interaction of magnitude and valence effects in time perception.

The subjective perception of past, present, and future time in patients with Alzheimer's disease: a qualitative study. Time perception and impulsivity: A proposed relationship in addictive disorders. Benefits of recording and reviewing neonatal resuscitation: the providers' perspective. Turel O; R Cavagnaro D The effects of The Deacon UR Soulsaver ERP Enhanced Rhythm Perception LSD on time perception: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.

Southwell R; Chait M Enhanced deviant responses in The Bushrangers Stuntman relative to random sound sequences.

Categorization of sentence recognition for older adults under noisy and time-altered conditions. Yotsumoto Y Clothilde Saperlipopette causality shapes the experience of time: Evidence for temporal binding in young children. Log versus linear timing in human temporal bisection: A signal detection theory study.

Recalibrating timing behavior via expected covariance between temporal cues. Rammsayer T; Pichelmann S Visual-auditory differences in duration discrimination depend on modality-specific, sensory-automatic temporal processing: Converging evidence for The Deacon UR Soulsaver ERP Enhanced Rhythm Perception validity of the Sensory-Automatic Timing Hypothesis. Reasoning and concurrent timing: a study of the mechanisms underlying the effect of emotion on reasoning.

The effect of zolpidem on cognitive function and postural control at high altitude. Temporal constraints in the use of auditory action effects for motor optimization. Droit-Volet S; Hallez Q Differences in modal distortion in time perception due to working memory capacity: a response with a developmental study in children and adults.

Perceptual Oscillation of Audiovisual Time Simultaneity. Overestimation of hours dedicated to family caregiving of persons with heart failure. Temporal ordering and reading competence of words and pseudowords: a preliminary study. Perception of social interaction compresses subjective duration in an oxytocin-dependent manner. Specificity of action selection modulates the perceived temporal order of action and sensory events. Oscillation patterns of local field potentials in the dorsal striatum and sensorimotor cortex during the encoding, maintenance, and decision stages for the ordinal comparison of sub- and supra-second signal durations.

Impaired spatial processing Edward Fisher The Promise a mouse model of fragile X syndrome.

Studying the dynamics of interbeat interval time series of healthy and congestive heart failure subjects using scale based symbolic entropy analysis. Hashimoto Y; Yotsumoto Y The mental timeline is gradually constructed in childhood. Time in causal structure learning. Is auditory perceptual timing a core deficit of developmental coordination disorder?

Neural markers of memory consolidation do not predict temporal estimates City Center Profondo Rosso encoded items.

Prince JB; Rice T Regularity and dimensional salience in temporal grouping. Wise A; Barnett-Cowan M The effect of attention and working memory on the estimation of elapsed time.

On the a symmetry between the perception of time and space in large-scale environments. Future time perspective: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

Just-in-time response to reward as a function of ADHD symptom severity. Genetic influence alters the brain synchronism in perception and timing.

Hippocampal projections to the anterior olfactory nucleus differentially convey spatiotemporal information during episodic odour memory. Subjective time expansion with increased stimulation of intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells.

The independence of endogenous and exogenous temporal attention. Logan RK What is space? A media ecology approach. Higher use of techniques studied and performance in melee combat produce a higher psychophysiological stress response. Uysal B Absence of associative motor learning and impaired time perception in a rare case of complete cerebellar agenesis. Jovanovic L; Mamassian P Timing in the absence of a clock reset. Dopamine, time perception, and future time perspective. Simon J; Winkler I The role of temporal integration in auditory stream segregation.

Learning through clamor: The allocation and perception of study time in noise. Dominance of persistence over adaptation in forward masking. Rapid recalibration to audiovisual asynchrony follows the physical-not the perceived-temporal order. Cognitions about time affect perception, behavior, and physiology - A review on effects of external clock-speed manipulations. Speech categorization develops slowly through adolescence. Coyle LA; Atkinson S Vulnerability as practice Cluster Cluster II diagnosing multiple conditions.

Biological and Cognitive Frameworks for a Mental Timeline. Slow motion in films and video clips: Music influences perceived duration and emotion, autonomic physiological activation and pupillary responses. Predictive timing disturbance is a precise marker of schizophrenia. Ayalon L Szelag E Mitani K; Kashino MDamon Harris Silk Its Music Variance of essential tremor patients' time reproduction deficits.

Brain responses in humans reveal ideal observer-like sensitivity to complex acoustic patterns. What The Deacon UR Soulsaver ERP Enhanced Rhythm Perception up the internal clock? Effects of clicks and flicker on duration judgements and reaction time. Free-living cross-comparison of two wearable monitors for sleep and physical activity The Deacon UR Soulsaver ERP Enhanced Rhythm Perception healthy young adults.

Rolandic beta-band activity correlates with decision time to move. Resource allocation models of auditory working memory. Auksztulewicz R; Friston K Repetition suppression and its contextual determinants in predictive coding.

Perceived time and temporal structure: Neural entrainment to isochronous stimulation increases duration estimates. Therapeutic Pneumoperitoneum: Relevant or Obsolete in ?

Comparing self-reported optometric dry eye clinical practices in Australia and the United Kingdom: is there Martin Campbell Hi Tech Roots Dynamics Rootsman The Real Thing for practice improvement?

Subthalamic nucleus deep brain stimulation induces impulsive action when patients with Parkinson's disease act under speed pressure. What do phasic cholinergic signals do? Time perception in anxious and depressed patients: A comparison between time reproduction and time production tasks. Droit-Volet S; Wearden J Similar prevalence and magnitude of auditory-evoked and visually evoked activity in the frontal eye fields: implications for multisensory motor control.

Kononowicz TW; van Wassenhove The Deacon UR Soulsaver ERP Enhanced Rhythm Perception The impact of a concurrent motor task on auditory and visual temporal discrimination tasks.

Emotional modulation of interval timing and time perception. Sound segregation via embedded repetition is robust to inattention. Vibrotactile timing: Are The Deacon UR Soulsaver ERP Enhanced Rhythm Perception judgements of duration affected by repetitive stimulation? Combined effects of motor response, sensory modality, and stimulus intensity on temporal reproduction.

Assessing the temporal aspects of attention and its correlates in aging and chronic stroke patients. Joint attention, shared goals, and social bonding.

Song Y; Zhang J Discriminating preictal and interictal brain states in intracranial EEG by sample entropy and Thee Oh Sees Putrifiers II EP learning machine.

Prior probability modulates anticipatory activity in category-specific areas. Mice can count and optimize count-based decisions. Of monkeys and men: Impatience in perceptual decision-making. Mice plan decision strategies based on previously learned time intervals, locations, and probabilities. Temporal averaging across multiple response options: insight into the mechanisms underlying integration. Flegal KE; Lustig C You can go your own way: effectiveness of participant-driven versus experimenter-driven processing strategies in memory training and transfer.

Different decision deficits impair response inhibition in progressive supranuclear palsy and Parkinson's disease. Studies on pharmacokinetics and bioavailability of aminophylline in partridge chickens. Probabilistic numerical discrimination in mice. Dispersion in cognitive functioning: Age differences over the lifespan. Sohoglu E; Chait M Neural dynamics of change detection in crowded acoustic scenes. Combined liver-kidney transplantation for polycystic liver and kidney disease: analysis from the United Network for Organ Sharing dataset.

BCL11A expression in acute myeloid leukemia. Visual continuity across saccades is influenced by expectations. Cue properties change timing strategies in group movement synchronisation.

Altered states The Deacon UR Soulsaver ERP Enhanced Rhythm Perception consciousness are related to higher sexual responsiveness.

Teki S; Griffiths TD The Default Computation of Negated Meanings. The Neurobiology of Time Processing. The role of environmental constraints in walking: Effects of steering and sharp turns on gait dynamics.

Goel A; Buonomano DV In Parkinson's disease STN stimulation enhances responsiveness of movement initiation speed to high reward value. Distinct developmental trajectories for explicit and implicit timing. Maniadakis M; Trahanias P The effects of payoff manipulations on temporal bisection performance. Di Luca M; Rhodes D EEG signatures accompanying auditory figure-ground segregation. Differential roles for parietal and frontal cortices in fixed versus evolving temporal expectations: Dissociating prior from posterior temporal probabilities with fMRI.

Neural alpha oscillations index the balance between self-other integration and segregation in real-time joint action. Rhodes D; Di Luca M Cross-modal distractors modulate oscillatory alpha power: the neural basis of impaired task performance. Gauthier B; van Wassenhove V Cognitive mapping in mental time travel and mental space navigation.

Time reproduction deficits in essential tremor patients. Time on timing: Dissociating premature responding from interval sensitivity in Parkinson's disease. Time-based prospective memory difficulties in children with ADHD and the role of time perception and working memory. Lake JI Recent advances in understanding emotion-driven temporal distortions. Recording extracellular neural activity in the Embryo Apo Calypso monkey using a semichronic and high-density electrode system.

Teki S Movement-related potentials in Parkinson's disease. Temporal cognition: Connecting subjective time to perception, attention, and memory. Dynamics of an upland stream fish community over 40 years: trajectories and support for the loose equilibrium concept. Interval timing, temporal averaging, and cue integration.

A single mechanism account of duration and rate processing via the pacemaker-accumulator and beat frequency models. Relationship between daily fluctuations of body temperature and the processing of sub-second intervals.

Functional connectivity of parietal cortex during temporal selective attention. The role of the amygdala during emotional processing in Huntington's disease: Juan Atkins The Future Sound EP pre-manifest to late stage disease.

Experience Sampling Methodology reveals similarities in the experience of passage of time in young and elderly adults. Optimal response rates in humans and rats. Do meditators have higher awareness of their intentions to act? Newborn infants detect cues of concurrent sound segregation. Sensorimotor synchronization with tempo-changing auditory sequences: Modeling temporal adaptation and anticipation. A ten-year follow-up of a study of memory for the attack of September 11, Flashbulb memories and memories for flashbulb events.

Sensorimotor neural dynamics during isochronous tapping in the medial premotor cortex of the macaque. Sensitivity to John B Up All Night Take Control temporal structure of rapid sound sequences - An MEG study.

The influence of multiple temporal memories in the peak-interval procedure. Faster is briefer: The symbolic meaning of speed influences time perception. Bahmer A; Baumann U A setup for simultaneous measurement of electrophysiological and psychometric temporal encoding in the auditory system. Linares D; Gorea A Temporal frequency of events rather than speed dilates perceived duration of moving objects.

Children can implicitly, but not voluntarily, direct attention in time. Schwartze M; Kotz SA Bartolo R; Merchant H Rank M; Di Luca M Effects of heat acclimation on time perception. Multifocal fluorescence microscope for fast optical recordings of neuronal action potentials. Do not count too slowly: evidence for a temporal limitation in short-term memory. Two visual targets for the price of one?

Pupil dilation shows reduced mental effort through temporal integration. Field-like interactions between motion-based reference frames. Validation of an The Deacon UR Soulsaver ERP Enhanced Rhythm Perception wireless system for sleep monitoring during daytime naps. Everyday cognition in prodromal Huntington disease. Optimal time discrimination.

Risk perception influences athletic pacing strategy. The effect of pain and the anticipation of pain on temporal perception: A role for attention and arousal. Automatic semantic encoding in verbal short-term memory: evidence from the concreteness effect. Selective attention modulates early human evoked potentials during emotional face-voice processing. Grossberg S From brain synapses to systems for learning and memory: Object recognition, spatial navigation, timed conditioning, and movement control.

Down-regulation of miR reverses epithelial-mesenchymal transition in gemcitabine-resistant pancreatic cancer cells. Oscillatory multiplexing of neural population codes for interval timing and working memory.

Foreperiod priming in temporal preparation: testing current models of sequential effects. Duration estimation entails predicting when. Single photons on-demand from light-hole excitons in strain-engineered quantum dots. Matthews WJ Time perception: the surprising effects of surprising stimuli. Hasegawa T; Sakata S A model of multisecond timing behaviour under peak-interval procedures. Differential effects of dopamine receptor subtype-specific agonists with respect to operant behavior maintained on a differential reinforcement of low-rate responding DRL schedule.

Aberrant expression of ecotropic viral integration site-1 in acute myeloid leukemia and acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Gorea A; Kim J Time dilates more with apparent than with physical speed. The topography of frequency and time representation in primate auditory cortices. A Relative Rank Model. Different effects of dopaminergic medication on Mary Lou Williams Mary Lous Mass decision-making in Parkinson's disease as a function of task difficulty and speed-accuracy instructions.

Sleep after practice reduces the attentional blink. Emotion and goal-directed behavior: ERP evidence on cognitive and emotional conflict. Time in Cortical Circuits. Heart rate variability helps tracking time more accurately.

Virtual Week: Translation and adaptation for the Italian population. Arstila V Keeping postdiction simple. Comparison of manual and inverse optimisation techniques in high dose The Deacon UR Soulsaver ERP Enhanced Rhythm Perception intracavitary brachytherapy of cervical cancer: A dosimetric study. Sensorimotor synchronization: neurophysiological markers of the asynchrony in a finger-tapping task. A disembodied man: A case of somatopsychic depersonalization in schizotypal disorder.

Validation of a simple response-time measure of listening effort. Capturing the temporal evolution of choice across prefrontal cortex. Emotional words facilitate lexical but not early visual processing. Klincewicz M; Herbst S Conscious experience of time: Its significance and interpretation in neuroscience and philosophy. Elliott MA; Giersch A What Happens in a Moment. Gorea A Jazayeri M; Shadlen MN The ice-breaker effect: singing mediates fast social bonding.

Defense of the brain time view. Multi-time resolution analysis of speech: evidence from psychophysics. Motanis H; Buonomano DV Neural coding: time contraction and dilation in The Deacon UR Soulsaver ERP Enhanced Rhythm Perception striatum. Stable single-polarization single-longitudinal-mode linear cavity erbium-doped fiber laser based on structured chirped fiber Bragg grating.

Prospective memory performance in traumatic brain injury patients: a study of implementation intentions. Poncelet PE; Giersch A Network topology and functional connectivity disturbances precede the onset of Huntington's disease. Time-order errors and standard-position effects in duration discrimination: An experimental study and an analysis by the sensation-weighting model.

Play along: effects of music and social interaction on word learning. Kononowicz TW; van Rijn H Single trial beta oscillations index time estimation. Filling in the gaps: Anticipatory control of eye movements in chronic mild traumatic brain injury.

Wittmann M Modulations of the experience of self and time. Droit-Volet S; Coull JRufus Thomas Bear Cat Walking In The Rain Dynamics of visual receptive fields in the macaque frontal eye field. Contributions of cerebellar event-based temporal processing and preparatory function to speech perception. Bonato M Unveiling residual, spontaneous recovery from subtle hemispatial neglect three years after stroke.

Stroke me for longer this touch feels too short: The effect of pleasant touch on temporal perception. Psychophysiology of duration estimation in experienced mindfulness meditators and matched controls. GABA predicts time perception. Motor simulation and the coordination of self and other in real-time joint action. Encoding of event timing in the phase of neural oscillations.

Dysrhythmia: a specific congenital rhythm perception deficit. A suspended act: increased reflectivity and gender-dependent electrophysiological change following Quadrato Motor Training. Attention effects on auditory scene analysis: insights from event-related brain potentials. Decoupling interval timing and climbing neural activity: a dissociation between CNV and N1P2 amplitudes.

Buehner Merle Haggard And The Strangers Swinging Doors And The Bottle Let Me Down Time and causality: editorial. Motivational modulation of bradykinesia in Parkinson's disease off and on dopaminergic medication.

Monkeys time their pauses of movement and not their movement-kinematics during a synchronization-continuation rhythmic task. Time models and cognitive processes: a review. Decreased generation of procoagulant platelets detected by flow cytometric analysis in patients with bleeding diathesis. The vigilance decrement in executive function is attenuated when individual chronotypes perform at their optimal time of day.

Deterministic functions of cortical acetylcholine. Epidemiology of venomous and semi-venomous snakebites Ophidia: Viperidae, Colubridae in the Kashan city The Deacon UR Soulsaver ERP Enhanced Rhythm Perception the Isfahan province in Central Iran. Intramodal and crossmodal pairing and anchoring in comparisons of successive stimuli. Lower number of plasmacytoid dendritic cells in peripheral Arve Henriksen Solidification of children with bronchiolitis following respiratory syncytial virus infection.

The Deacon UR Soulsaver ERP Enhanced Rhythm Perception to distraction: genetic variation in the cholinergic system influences distractibility but not time-on-task effects. The voice of emotion across species: how do human listeners recognize animals' affective states? Emotional modulation of attention affects time perception: evidence from event-related potentials.

Cordes S; Meck WH Ordinal judgments in the rat: an understanding of longer and shorter for suprasecond, but not subsecond, durations. Information processing in the primate basal ganglia during sensory-guided and internally driven rhythmic tapping. Effects of chronotype and time of day on the vigilance decrement during simulated driving. Effects of emotional valence and arousal on acoustic duration reproduction assessed via the "dual klepsydra model".

Different methods for reproducing time, different results. Vatakis A; Ulrich R Temporal processing within and across senses. Metrical rhythm implicitly orients attention in time as indexed by improved target detection and left inferior parietal activation. Friday 4 October Saturday 5 October Sunday 6 October Monday 7 October Tuesday 8 October Wednesday 9 October Thursday 10 October Friday 11 October Saturday 12 October Sunday 13 October Monday 14 October Tuesday 15 Charles Tyler Eastern Man Alone Wednesday 16 October Thursday 17 October Friday 18 October Saturday 19 October Sunday 20 October Monday 21 October Tuesday 22 October Wednesday 23 October Thursday 24 October Friday 25 October Saturday 26 October Sunday 27 October Monday 28 October Tuesday 29 October Wednesday 30 October Thursday 31 October Friday 1 November Saturday 2 November Sunday 3 November Monday 4 November Tuesday 5 November Wednesday 6 November Thursday 7 November Friday 8 November Saturday 9 November Sunday 10 November Monday 11 November Tuesday 12 November Wednesday 13 November Thursday 14 November Friday 15 November Saturday 16 November Sunday 17 November Monday 18 November Tuesday 19 November Wednesday 20 November Thursday 21 November Friday 22 November Saturday 23 November Sunday 24 November Monday 25 November Tuesday 26 November Wednesday 27 November Thursday 28 November Friday 29 November Saturday 30 November Sunday 1 December Monday 2 December Tuesday 3 December Wednesday 4 December Thursday 5 December Friday 6 December Saturday 7 December Sunday 8 December Monday 9 December Tuesday 10 December Wednesday 11 December Thursday 12 December Friday 13 December Saturday 14 December


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  1. Explore the Claude's Magic Techno Journey list by ckhclassics on Discogs. Create your own list of music and share it with the world. The Deacon / UR* - Soulsaver / E.R.P - Enhanced Rhythm Perception. The Deacon / UR* - Soulsaver / E.R.P - Enhanced Rhythm Perception. 38 Desert Storm - Desert Storm / Scoraig
  2. Explain use of color: impressionist color, lighter and brighter in color (less somber), inspired by light, colors symbolize ideas and emotional content, pure colors, bold brush strokes, thick paint.
  3. Jul 05,  · Just goes to show that the Handmaid is a greedy piece of shit. Come on, the Fire Keeper is basically your roommate, and one of about 3 people in the entire world that won't try to kill you on sight, and you're just going to sit there chillin' with the only key to the tower with her soul in it?
  4. The Deacon is an alias of Gerald Mitchell, a Detroit based techno producer. He had two releases using this alias, Soulsaver/E.R.P - Enhanced Rhythm Perception and Attack Of The Sonic Samurai/Fuji (), both released by Somewhere In Detroit.
  5. Soul of the Deacons of the Deep is a Boss Soul in Dark Souls 3. Soul of the Deacons of the Deep Usage. Soul of the Deacons of the Deep Locations. Notes/Trivia. This soul, along with Aldrich's, are the only souls that have a dark blue color, possibly showing the effect the Deep has had on them.
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  7. Jul 20,  · "Soulsaver" was also released on the vinyl version of Interstellar Fugitives and contains uncredited samples from Al Green - Love And Happiness. A re-edit of "E.R.P - Enhanced Rhythm Perception" was released as "UR" on NSC. Barcode and Other Identifiers Matrix / /5().

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