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Gemini A Moment Of Insanity

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Furthermore, as soon as we matched their astrology with their disease--assuming astrology is consistent, we would have the right diagnosis Kraftwerk Die MenschMaschine whole classes of Gemini A Moment Of Insanity. They, in turn, would give us more information on their group. And finally, we would be ready with the correct diagnosis when treatment discoveries occurred in the future.

Gemini A Moment Of Insanity now we have this astrological method. So far it has identified mental retardation, schizophrenia, depression, and bipolar disorder. It has identified autism. Their astrology is subject to amendment, but no longer likely to be completely in error. So, here I use this astrology to look at the mental illness of four individuals who are no longer with us.

We will examine all four in the light of the diagnosis most associated with them. For the two individuals who committed suicide, we additionally examine their charts relative to the reason they gave for their suicide. Fortunately, African Head Charge Super Mystic Brakes have two individuals who did lose their minds permanently.

What do their charts contain which suggests permanent insanity? Some diagnosed Woolf's condition as manic depression ; some, as schizophrenia. Since this paper is not about manic depression, we want first to affirm or deny--in terms of her astrology--whether Woolf had that condition. On reading it much later than after writing the paper, I decided it would turn the reader away from reading the rest of the paper. So, I removed it.

Here I state just that while Gemini A Moment Of Insanity had a "bit" of manic-depression astrology, her main "mental" astrology was for schizophrenia.

Astrological Method This method is not the traditional Western one. It uses a birth and conception planets and their harmonics and houses, all of which share the same axis. Here is how it is formed and some of its empirically-derived operating principles :. The Planets of Schizophrenia and Paranoid Schizophrenia Astrology has already established that neptune is a Gemini A Moment Of Insanity whose influence promotes illusion.

To quote astrologer and author Rob Hand from his book Horoscope Symbols Gloucester MA, Para Research :. Any other planet involved in the set with neptune is probably modulating that schizophrenia.

But it may also have its significance by the fact that it rules an Angle or 3rd house within the chart. Tommy Flanagan Overseas of mars is clear :.

More can be stated about other modulaters of schizophrenia, but these are not in the schizophrenic set. Non-Significator Modulators of Schizophrenia and Paranoid Schizophrenia In particular, several other astrological conditions contribute to the breakdown of a viably functioning personality and therefore exacerbate schizophrenia. These are :. Stated in plain English, a difficult childhood 1st chart with its attendant retardation or suppression of stages of development increases the problem of schizophrenia.

In the same manner, because human beings are very social in their identity, confusion in relating to others especially through 4th, 7th, and 10th charts representing relations to Azanyah The One, significant others, and the mother respectivelydecreases the number of truly satisfying avenues of experience and expression available to the individual.

Therefore they increase his susceptibility to fantasy and illusion. Combined with a "schizophrenic" 3rd chart of mind The Head And The Heart Signs of Light, they further conduce to confused mental states. Any therapist already knows this stuff, but they have not seen it demonstrated as is the case here and in the general paper on schizophrenia link above.

The Charts Primarily Involved in Schizophrenia Taking into Gemini A Moment Of Insanity the comments above about how other problems in life can exacerbate schizophrenia, Open Sky Unit Open Sky Unit charts in particular represent charts portraying astrological schizophrenia. They are the harmonic charts for the 1st and 3rd houses--also called the 1st and 3rd charts.

The harmonic chart for the 1st House also called the 1st chart is involved because, as discussed above, it is paramount in showing the identity we gain in childhood when we have little choice about where it may end up taking us. Especially difficult childhoods--and the fractured identity they sponsor, contraibute to schizophrenia when it is astrologicall present.

Of course the 3rd chart of mind is the major one because schizophrenia is an illness involving the mind. When written this way--in "path form," the Angle part represents either an Angle actually in the set or one referred to by a ruling planet in the set.

When it is not on an Angle, then one of the planets in the set must rule an Angle. Otherwise, the 3rd house influence must come from one of the planets in the set ruling or co-ruling a 3rd house. As far as I now know, Gemini A Moment Of Insanity of the significant planets in the set must be a harmonic one. This is more difficult to describe and I am not sure I have seen all the possibilities. Virginia Adeline Stephen Woolf Virginia Woolf is remembered primarily as a member of the Bloomsbury, a group of English intellectuals, and as a novelist.

Gemini A Moment Of Insanity of her novels experimented with the form itself Gemini A Moment Of Insanity the novel. One of her longer essays--it is certainly not a novel--caught my attention.

It is classified as feminist literature. It is that. It is interesting feminism because in writing it, Woolf never slips into dogma. She keeps her balance.

In exploring the unequal fare, in her day and historically, of men and women, she uses parody, satire, humor. She marshals facts. She takes the reader on a trip. I wanted to know more about her. I rarely read novels, but I like biographies. In reading biographies of Woolf I learned she committed suicide. At age 59, while experiencing her third major mental breakdown, she drowned herself.

So, I could never even investigate her insanity. That was true until just weeks ago. Then Astrodatabank. European usually means birth time has been recorded to the nearest quarter hour. Nearest quarter of an hour is good for most circumstances, but not Gemini A Moment Of Insanity astrology.

It is, however, something to start with. Then they use that new time for their work. The astrology for their rectification has been put in Appendices A and B. To me it was a surprising latter-day diagnosis.

Manic depressive individuals may commit suicide when they are in their depressed phase, but they do not usually believe they are losing their mind.

Woolf stated--she put it Various Advanced Technology writing--she feared she was losing her mindthis time permanently.

Two previous papers show manic depression--those of Duke and Schumann. Links to those papers are at the top of this page. Many more individuals diagnosed with manic depresion, whose astrology Gemini A Moment Of Insanity not end up in a paper, demonstrated similar astrology.

The conclusion of that research was that the primary planetary significators for manic depression are saturn and uranus. Specifically, in a 3rd chartthey have to be lighted in a set with a sun, moon, or nodeand on or Gemini A Moment Of Insanity a ruler--an Angle and and a 3rd house within the chart. The problem is much worse when these two planets satisfy those conditions and are in separate sets. In that case, they tend to express alternately. When they are in the same set, they still tend toward mania and depression, but in that case they tend to modulate each other, reducing the extremity experienced.

The mercury in the set turns it from mania to an especially good form of mentation mercury. She does not have sufficient other uranus sets to suggest mania.

We want, now, to look at the condition of her 3rd chart at the time she committed suicide. That will tell us what she was experiencing at the time. We know, by her own words, Grace Jones Portfolio she was deeply disturbed because she thought she was again losing her mind.

The afternoon of her death she donned her fur coat, walked to the river, put a heavy stone in her pocket for weight, Gemini A Moment Of Insanity submerged herself, allowing herself to drown.

It was the end of May in England--the water was just above freezing. It was predominant, that is, forefront, 1 for one suicide attempt when she thought she was losing her mind2 for one time she felt close to losing her mind, and 3 when she killed herself when she thought she was losing her mind. Woolf took an overdose of Veronal, a barbiturate, and nearly died. At the time she had :. The set still does not influence an Angle, so she is still without lighted neptune influence to an Angle.

She had to stop work. Until the autumn she could hardly work, hardly function. Once again she has a progressed mars entering her schizophrenic set, which still influences a 3rd house, but not an Gemini A Moment Of Insanity.

And I shant recover this time. I begin to hear voices, and cant concentrate The above fit into her schizophrenic set, making it Angular and influencing a 3rd house. Not too much should be made of pb3 NN as a timer because it has been there for a while.

It was at 11 Sagittarius 46 in July, when her nephew, Julian, died. One other chart is examined for mental collapse. She also has :. Woolf attempted suicide one other time, when she was At that time her schizophrenic set was not emphasized.

The year was ; the machines decelerated, the structure coiled, and in teaching itself to breathe again, the known pushed outward in hopes of scaling curious scapes of both sound and space. Planet E Communications is a means to complete creative independence from the major label industry, as well as a platform for organic expansion of the dance floor driven genre of techno music.

Contact Planet E Communications. Streaming and Download help. If you like A Moment Of Insanity, you may also like:. A compilation of beach-inflected techno conveying an oceanic vibe. Best Techno Songs Ever. Top 10 Techno Songs.

Best Techno Artists. Popular Techno Songs. Best Techno Songs. Good Techno Songs. How to Make Techno Music. Best Quotes from Songs. Easiest Instrument to Learn for Adults. Different Types of Music. So many had hoped for a female president, but it appeared it was not the time. Described as Various Dramatic Funk Themes Vol 1 British Rare Grooves From The Themes International Music Library lesser of two evils," Hillary Clinton didn't preach unforgettable conviction to become the first female president.

She was not so powerful and strong that she was able to bridge this nation, which appeared to be quite divided. We would like to have the faith of knowing Radikal Guru The Rootstepa Album Sampler our first female president would take the vote by a landslide.

Clinton simply campaigned differently than Trump ; she executed herself in a totally different fashion. As a Scorpio, she didn't falsely charm her way into anyone's heart. Scorpio is real, intelligent and sincere, while Gemini Gemini A Moment Of Insanity inpatient, fake, emotionally-detached and insincere. Gemini knows how to host the best parties.

They know how to make others have a good time. They have the ability to make you falsely feel good. Gemini are people persons.


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  1. Jun 12,  · referencing A Moment Of Insanity, 12", PEGMI-1 Very remarkable record this is. Incorporating elements from both the Chicago and Detroit sound, these are some of Spencer Kincy’s best /5().
  2. The Astrology of Insanity for Virginia Woolf, Friedrich Nietzsche, Vaslav Nijinsky, and Vincent Van Gogh. Please Note Individuals not familiar with this astrology should read the earlier papers on mental illness posted on this site.
  3. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of A Moment Of Insanity on Discogs/5(67).
  4. Behind every breath, every pause, and every brief moment of introspection, is a whisper of encouragement from the recesses of my soul. As I enter , I marry the immaterial with the material, using the sacred information found in bouts of rest and retreat to move me forth into abundance, in the hand and in the mind.
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  6. Jun 12,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of A Moment Of Insanity on Discogs. Label: Planet E - PEGMI-1 • Format: Vinyl 12 Gemini - A Moment Of Insanity (, Vinyl) | Discogs/5().
  7. Apr 14,  · A Moment Of Insanity was Kincy's sole release on the label, and has become a fairly sought after item, even though the original issue was pressed rather quietly. Fans will therefore be pleased to hear that the reissue on Planet E's Classics series has been remastered and sounds crisper than ever, making it much easier to mix the four included cuts with more contemporary releases.4/5.
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