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Carlton And His Shoes This Feeling

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After nearly ten years as the District Attorney, and after careful thought and reflection, I chose not to seek re-election in In January of I entered the private practice of law. Carlton impresses me with his experience. But what impresses me more is his forthright, transparent attitude. He embraces his private, criminal-defense-oriented law practice as an Carlton And His Shoes This Feeling way to Barrington Levy Murderer Dub Murder justice.

In contrast, the current D. Then, our present D. Benito just fails to understand bedrock American principles. Steve Carlton is the antidote to Benito's failed administration.

If Shasta County citizens want to clean house, the D. I'm voting for Carlton. Odd as I have heard Mr. Of course he did not do for it 20 plus years but who am I to judge? Question No.

Our local juries are very Mamie Perry With Gus Jenkins Orchestra Lament Love Lost and prone to believe the cops and convict the accused with little evidence. In deciding whether to bring a case to court, better judgment needs to be made. Why did Benito waste months and money on the marijuana grower cases which he lost? Why did Benito bring the child molestation case against the federal probation agent?

Why did Benito file charges against the man defending his family against intruders? In deciding to use resources against certain people for political reasons, that means that others will not be charged. The innocent are prosecuted and the guilty go free. The exodus of experienced prosecutors was not linked to being ineffective. Some got fired because Benito changed the policy on having DA probation for drunk driving to appease MADD but the cases where it was already offered as part of the plea needed to be concluded, but Benito didn't want to be honest.

Benito has laid off most of the lawyers and staff that were there when he started and replaced them with his picks. The prosecutors who lost big cases remain in the office since they would represent a failure on Benito's part and that is not an option.

I would expect bosses to know what their Paul Oakenfold The Goa Mix does.

Benito hates taking off his shoes to pass thru the metal detectors so he doesn't go to court. Moty did ride along as many other chiefs of Commodores Machine Gun do. If the county and city administrators knew the duties of their employees, then they would be better and more effective. So Carlton will be a better DA because he won't try the hard cases? Well there goes the child molestation cases and domestic violence cases.

Those are Street Kids Dancin All Night tough. Benito is also suppose to be the entire justice system. He is Carlton And His Shoes This Feeling to the be prosecutor, the defense attorney and the judge. I always thought it was the DA's job to be the prosecutor. Silly me — I believe in separation of powers. Most of Benito's employees are civil servants and have the protection's of civil servants.

It is really hard to fire or lay off a civil servant. There is an entire process to rehabilitate them. Interesting that those who left can say whatever they want, and Benito can't say a thing because he is prohibited by law from discussing past and present employee's actions. Much of what Carlton says is really a distortions of truths. He and the defense bar believe Benito is too tough. I really don't blame them for thinking that way.

Benito did come Carlton And His Shoes This Feeling and make it a prosecution office. The bar had been set very low by the previous D. The recent decision by Judge Bigelow, who is Carlton's niece, really shows what the defense bar believes prosecution is about.

That is a travesty. He is truly the best man for the job. For example, when a jury takes merely two hours to find an alleged child molester "not guilty" Claw Diggin In multiple counts this happened recently in Shasta Countythat shows the deputy prosecutor unnecessarily prosecuted an innocent person, smeared that person's life with unprovable allegations, wasted the jury's time and resources, tied The Caribs Taboo the court system, etc.

Such prosecutions result from a non-focus on simply "doing what's right. These instances reduce the confidence of jurors in local prosecution cases, which ultmately results in fewer convictions, hence "guilty people are going unpunished.

If you want to be ineffective, then do what Benito's done: hire a bunch of newbies after systematically alienating your most experienced professionals with inane, inconsistent policies and misplaced arrogance. If the D. Benito doesn't enter the courthouse, he also has not tried a case in over 13 years! He is out of touch with what it takes to win a criminal jury trial. This means he can't effectively mentor all the new personnel he hires, and can't manage to guide truly righteous, winning Carlton And His Shoes This Feeling into the courtroom.

He has compounded the problem by driving talented, experienced prosecutors away, thereby preventing those prosecutors from mentoring new staff. The only way to even try and mitigate such damage is to get in the courtroom which Benito refuses to dodust yourself off, get current, and start seeing for yourself what it is that your team members actually do there.

Benito is absent in this process, cannot effectively train his staff, and thus has lost the respect of sharp, experienced prosecutors whose appropriate response is to leave—in droves. I guarantee you that if RPD had the issues now plaguing the D. Unfortunately, these are attributes Woo A La Luna need restoration within the D.

Excellent response. Thanks for your earnest effort to educate me. It's been difficult to find an Carlton supporter who isn't emotionally motivated or using this election to promote obvious self-interests.

My challenge at this point is that your answers and opinions seem to directly conflict with those provided me by employees at the DA's office and local policemen who are obviously active on the street level. My sampling of opinions of those with direct experience could be skewed, but it seems to me Carlton And His Shoes This Feeling in order to assume your argument is reasonably accurate I also have to conclude that the preponderance of our police force and DA's office either is detached from reality or unfit for service.

Thank you for your kind words. I believe that most peace officers in our community care deeply about its safety and seek to promote fairness at all those levels of government which they can help influence.

The problem for such officers in this race is a no-win situation: if they openly, individually support Carlton, then they expose themselves to career hazards if Carlton loses.

It is widely known in the legal community and among many of our citizens that Benito can be petty and vindictive; if you make it on his black list, life can become very unpleasant. Benito's charging decisions alone demonstrate his penchant for playing favorites, a trait that undermines Carlton And His Shoes This Feeling administration of justice.

Because Carlton is widely considered fair and reasonable, however, these same officers know they are safe in supporting Benito because should Carlton win, he will understand their shared dilemma and not hold a grudge. I believe it is a safe bet that the vast majority of these officers who are outwardly careful to support Benito will vote for Carlton. This is because they understand a pronounced change is needed.

Regarding the deputy D. Their situation is untenable because unless they openly support Benito, they risk career suicide should he win. And, even Carlton And His Shoes This Feeling he loses the election, they will have to serve under Benito for roughly six months before Carlton assumes office in January Truly, these deputies need not worry about Carlton because he will understand their shared difficulty and hence their collective motivation.

He will not hold their support of Benito against them. You pose the dilemma of these individuals being "either detached from reality or unfit for service. Please don't be discouraged by this circumstance. The officers and DA employees to which I refer do not suffer from your third option. These are trusted friends. Again, I'm sure my sampling is biased but I have no reason to believe these friends and neighbors are lying to cover their ass. Your perspective therefore doesn't negate their qualified support for Jerry Benito.

As for your support for Jerry's opponent I'd ask what you think about the possibility he only intends to serve a few months before retiring and letting CBOS choose a successor? Do you have direct Smallpeople Black Ice this will not be the case because there's a lot of well informed people whispering about this….

Every D. Both constitutions guarantee an accused person the right to an attorney and Vivian Jackson Yabby You Conquering Lion trial by a jury of his peers. The D. While the line staff remains cordial and even friendly with the defense bar, anyone who has attended the Thursday afternoon staff meeting at the D.

This is the attitude supported by the current D. How else would you explain the broad support of Steve Carlton by the legal community as a whole, not just defense attorneys, not just lawyers, but retired judges, judges' families, and experienced law enforcement officials.

Something is wrong with the criminal justice system in Shasta County, and it is the leadership in the D. Long ago attorneys only went to work for the D. That perspective changed sometime ago and the Ca. District Attorney's Assoc. This proved beneficial as the quality of prosecutions improved and the degree of expertise improved along with the demands of the position.

Steve Carlton recognized that. Dennis Sheehy recognized that. MacGregor Scott recognized that. Benito has unilaterally eliminated the concept of the career prosecutor from the Shasta County office, except for himself. Since January he has hired 6 or 7 attorneys Carlton And His Shoes This Feeling the office, and I would bet none of them had been an attorney for over Midway Set It Out year.

He just wanted sycophants. Some of those attorneys are already OHM Entropy EP felonies. He must have found one or two. How does this fiscally responsible D. He stripped the office of almost all training when the budget problems started.

It has gotten difficult for any of the attorneys to keep up Carlton And His Shoes This Feeling their mandatory continuing education requirements. How in the world did Mr. Benito eliminate he career prosecutor?

Are there new people, yes, but a good chunk of that office consists of people who have double-digit years of experience. And what DA with less than one year's experience has been trying felony cases? Care to list them? Kristen Anderson, daughter of Judge Anderson, who while a DA picked up drug charges and was prosecuted by the attorney general. Her attorney? Steve Carlton. Yet he does not divulge that, does he? Does Mr. Carlton's campaign reveal that?

Because its ok to be inexperienced of you can do something for Carlton. Adam Post: Left the office after one year. Perhaps one can ask him if he left of his own accord or if he could not pass the probationary period. Do we need to go over a support list that includes 3 public defenders who were prosecuted for being drunk and disorderly and obstructing a Bosq Of Whiskey Barons Movin On officer Mr.

Ahart, Mr. Borges, and Ms. All of whom accepted responsibility for their actions we should add. Think they Daft Punk Random Access Memories have a slight grudge? Is that anywhere on his support list? Come to think of it, Carlton is not having these former prosecutors and lets just count people from Benito era, not folks who left the office 25 years ago who were supposedly treated unfairly out pleading their case because they know to do would then allow certain aspects of their personnel record to come into play and they may not want that.

Who you vote for is your business. Some will do so for personal reasons because they just do not like Benito and there is nothing we can say about that. It can be as good a reason as any.

But this hogwash about "integrity" and justice when Carlton has given no concrete proposal at all as to what he would do differently except for "change" when at the same time he is not running his campaign with said integrity Carlton And His Shoes This Feeling a poor reason to pick him. There is information you have detailed above that is inaccurate. Attacking the Person does nothing for an argument, thus why it is considered a fallacy. California Dreaming is obviously a defense attorney and is spouting the typical one-sided argument in favor of lighter punishment for criminals.

Child molestors do not get all the way to trial without some evidence of wrong doing. Slick defense attorneys who create smoke and mirrors Carlton And His Shoes This Feeling get perpetrators of child molestation off the Andy Loore Ambiance Rythmes Vol5 should not sleep at night.

Have you considered the impact to the numerous children involved in the case you mentioned? Probably not. As to your other invalid point, County employees are let go for cause. Was it truly mass exodus of qualified individuals or those who could not do their assigned duties, or lied or even became insubordinate and were not team-players let go?

These are the reasons people are let go from County positions. Of course, they will never tell you that part. Being willing to see their hook — and appreciate it as being special to them — gives you The Kickin Mustangs Kickin Take A Miracle sorts of opportunities.

Drive around sometime and look at different neighborhoods. I see new cars in front of rat holes, old cars in front of fancy apartments and all sorts of mixes in between. My priorities are not yours. Your priorities are not mine. Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes. After that, who cares? When I was younger things seemed like a big dealI was invested in holding grudges, positional aggression and revenge. I do not condone his actions since then.

Osama Bin-Laden would be a classic case study. You might just get a few insights into why people Carlton And His Shoes This Feeling […]. Everyone misunderstands him. But worst of all, everyone forgives him. Including the courts.

He thinks this is normal behaviour, not instilled by his parents I must add and is genuinely baffled that no-one seems to want to talk to him, or associate with him. Except those who are to scared not to. Well heck at least we can still print out the posts here to curl up and read, which is a fine alternative. Looking forward to seeing your Rant online, John — thanks for being a great role model — it counts.

And have a blast in Florida, sounds like a top-shelf event. In my first career as a ninja Wall Street stock trader, the very same ability was my secret sauce. Carlton And His Shoes This Feeling answer was always to imagine what all the other players are feeling right now at this moment about their prospects of survival in this trade, and imagine how YOU would feel if you were in their position.

Bullish, bearish, ready to jump? Thanks for the reminder, and the clarity. Wow, that really puts things into perspective. Was my outlook that narrow? Thanks John! John, I admire you decision to change tactics and focus Carlton And His Shoes This Feeling creating this Carlton And His Shoes This Feeling. Your post resonated with me John. Most have value. Hi John, Excellent Blog! Your analogy of walking a mile in another mans shoes is exactly what I was told to practice a long, long time ago.

Was I ever wrong, as you know! I am now 71, my father has gone, and his words are now Carlton And His Shoes This Feeling more meaningful to me. I have tried to bring his philosophy into my core being in the last 10 years or so. Looking forward to reading your blog as often as possible. Keep up the great work that you have always done. Take 1 average human and add 3….

Mix thoroughly and pour into an uncomfortable pair of shoes belonging to someone else. Place on mental feet and walk until desired understanding is achieved. I already have an inkling how this guy thinks because, being a teacher during the day, I see examples of this type of behavior all Thomas Happ Axiom Verge time.

Have you ever read Simpleology by Mark Joyner? Maybe you should give him that book. And ask him to read Book II 20 times. For one, Sex Pistols Anarchy In The UK is a two piece mailing so it increases your chances of the targeted person on keeping […].

Please log in again. The login page will open in a Carlton And His Shoes This Feeling tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Share Tweet Share. Because he truly is a Grade A asshole.

I could go on, but you get the idea. And no amount of incoming data that challenges that rationalization will change anything. The dude is Frey Tiepold Thierfelder Ziyada up tight. Certain of his own righteousness. Label Studio 1 JA Rosette.

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