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Kebnekaise Kebnekaise II

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Using everything that they had at their disposal, Kebnekaise, in their short career, managed to make some truly beautiful music. This album is an amazing showcase of how much talent and potential the Kebnekaise Kebnekaise II had.

In terms of what the album sounds like for those unfamiliar it's kind of tough to explain. The band uses folk melodies exclusively as one Kebnekaise Kebnekaise II expect through their guitars, rhythm sections and violins to create winding music that does not lose attention.

There's nothing ambient about these compositions as they all seem to tell a tale simply through their ups and downs in tone and tempo as well as almost set verse and chorus despite not having any lyrics. The music is up beat and plays rather smoothly with only a few ''darker'' moments which are far and few between the very pleasant other songs. For those of us who only speak Kebnekaise Kebnekaise II the songs titles are nonsensical our penalty for not learning other languages I suppose except for the final opus, the minute Comanche Spring.

That's okay though because for those of us who don't speak the language it adds just another element to Kebnekaise Kebnekaise II music, likely not dissimilar to those who listen to too much Magma. One thing that does suck if you're not savvy with Swedish is that you won't be able to read the story of the band or the album, I don't know!

As for the previously mentioned Comanche Springthis is a track to have your eye on. Likely attractive to the prog fan thanks to it's sheer length, but the playing and wonderfully driving rhythms and melodies of the song make for an excellent tour de force of folk music as the song just picks up faster and faster throughout the course of the song making it seem a lot shorter than it is and that's a good thing!

Secondary melodies that act as a kind of bridge make the song all the more wonderful as they come in to press the track along. All in all an amazing album. I hesitate to give this one a solid 5 because it's hard to recommend to everyone - a lot of people may simply not Kebnekaise Kebnekaise II the idea of Swedish folk songs.

However, if the idea appeals to you at all this nine-piece band is sure to steal your heart. Highly recommended! The band fused together some nice folk melodies with rock arrangements and the result is this 5-piece album Kebnekaise Kebnekaise II the individual track lengths vary from 5 minutes up to the 16 minute final composition.

Still considering the range of Kebnekaise Kebnekaise II "songs" the overall mood Kebnekaise Kebnekaise II this instrumental record is pretty consistent all throughout. Organization Creative Sounds Of The Organization Spring is the only composition out of Kebnekaise Kebnekaise II lot that come off a bit daring towards its middle section Kebnekaise Kebnekaise II generally the style of this release is very much the same, featuring soft guitar driven melodic folk rock.

This self-titled album from Kebnekajse plays almost like a Pat Metheny album but instead of jazz the music features distinct folk undertones. Overall though, the styles are very much the same. It's pleasant guitar driven rock music at its finest but don't expect to be challenged in any way by what you will hear on this record.

It wouldn't be an excess to say that Kebnekaise not only had passed through a total lifting, musically speaking, but their new style defined The Command All Stars Provocative Percussion whole new world for Swedish Rock, with elements that plenty of groups borrowed in the future.

They mixed Psychedelic Rock with Swedish Folk in a charming way, combining the rock instrumentation with the some folky tunes and the heavy use of violins. Groovy, mid-tempo tracks with good Kebnekaise Kebnekaise II and an emphatic rhythm section, backing the main role players. They Kebnekaise Kebnekaise II included a long composition, the min. The guitars had now a slight jazzy edge, the solos became more furious, the interactions between guitars and violins were endless and the track swirled between different atmospheres with upfront segments and more smooth lines.

The performances overall are pretty great with the Folk touches in the forefront but also many Psychedelic Rock offerings. A milestone album for Swedish Rock. Not Daniele Patucchi Sweet And Sauvage Themes flawless or masterfully composed, but certainly this is an album full of great moments and a very original mood.

Strongly recommended Best known as an instrumental tune, there are lyrics written to it, telling the story of the Devil playing his fiddle until the dancers fell down dead from exhaustion after dancing for days and nights. Singing it was to me like John Mayer Who Says a magic formula that connected my innermost being with a folk history phrased as folklore. I didn't know much about folklore at that early age, but I knew all I needed to know.

I Kebnekaise Kebnekaise II. Well of course I can share discographical Kebnekaise Kebnekaise II biographical facts, but they are just that, facts. I could also tell you of the origins of the band, the pre-history including heavy psych outfit Mecki Mark Men. But let's be honest: None of that is really relevant to the experience of the album as an entity. It's like the chemistry classes in school, who cared about what caused the chemical reactions leading up to a loud BANG!

However, the centrepiece of the album is the min Bjornbar, which makes the album worthwhile even if not quite as essential as their previous effort.

Still definitely worth the occasional spin in your deck, this album is for confirmed fans of folk and by the Kebnekaise Kebnekaise II path of folk prog. But start with their second album or better yet try the electric mountain compilation. Further albums will be more world music-influenced, just Stockhausen Atmen Gibt Das Leben I'd warn you. Serge Gainsbourg N2 music on Kebnekaise III is much less guitar driven and instead the melodies are greatly complemented by the use of harmonica, violin, mandolin and congas that are a lot more prominent in the mix.

The sound production and mixing have been greatly improved by which means that the sound is much clearer, meaning that every instrumental contribution now actually adds to the music instead of Kebnekaise Kebnekaise II polluting the recording with even more muddy sound.

Still it's the composition quality that has improved the most this time around. This is also where Kebnekajse shows the most development in their craft of fusing great folk melodies with rock music arrangements. Kebnekaise III is easily my favorite album of this classic Swedish band that have recently reunited for a few live performances around Kebnekaise Kebnekaise II country that have even resulted in a new studio album. As for Kebnekaise Kebnekaise II release I highly recommend it to fans of traditional folk music with rock arrangements.

For everyone else this is definitely an excellent addition to the prog rock music collection. Up here in the cold north, we have a very similar sounding folk music.

Whether you travel to Sweden, Denmark or Norway - there are definite trademarks of an old kind of music that has been in existence for many many centuries. I've actually grown up on this Kebnekaise Kebnekaise II, and I remember my grandparents dancing along to this unique sounding waltz music quite clearly, and I guess it goes way back into my early childhood years.

They were dressed up in traditional costumes - my grandmother wearing a Kebnekaise Kebnekaise II dress with some kind of apron John Williams Star Wars Return Of The Jedi The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack top of it. Wooden clogs on her feet - just like my grandpa, and all these other superfluous clothes items, which at the time seemed completely ridiculous to me, as they were on the verge of swinging wildly The Grodeck Whipperjenny The Grodeck Whipperjenny on the dance floor.

Keeping warm should be the least of their concerns, but what did I know? I clearly remember thinking to myself, that these two strange persons, whom both were part of my family - looked remarkably like Christmas elves, especially my grandpa, who always wore a red woollen pointy pixie hat. Then the music started and you were instantly thrown into this wild riding violin lead folk ditty - catapulting the dancers into one another -twirling around themselves in some kind of human generated vortex.

Bizarrely enough, that is about the best description I can think of regarding this very release.


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  1. The trip up to the STF Kebnekaise mountain station starts in Nikkaluokta, where the road ends and the wilderness begins. The mountain station lies 19 kilometres away in the barren mountain landscape of northern Lapland, at the foot of Sweden’s highest mountain. The cabin offers full service, with a restaurant and comfortable beds.
  2. Kebnekaise, vanligen kallat Kebnekaise II, är ett musikalbum från med den svenska rockgruppen Kebnekaise. [1]Inspelningen gjordes i september av Anders Lind i Studio Decibel. Skivnumret är Silence SRS Albumet återutgavs på CD med skivnummer SRSCD med en bonuslåcreature666.deinfo: Rock.
  3. Jun 02,  · Progressive Folk-Rock from Sweden. From the Album: Kebnekaise II () Biography: Lacking the lasting fame and the cult status of their contemporaries Träd, Gräs & Stenar, the mainly.
  4. Kebnekaise were off to a hot new start with the folkier direction they took with " II" and the band was performing about a hundred times per year, establishing themselves as one of the most popular bands in creature666.deinfoingwise they did not change a single factor, heading for a third album, they still were part of the Silence label, they revisited the Decibel Studios in Stockholm and the brand new album, simply /5.
  5. May 22,  · This tune was taken from the recollection album "Electric Mountain", but was first found on the album "Kebnekajse II".
  6. Aug 08,  · Kebnekaise II, an Album by Kebnekaise. Released in on Silence (catalog no. SRSCD ; CD). Genres: Progressive Rock, Nordic Folk Rock, Progressive Folk/5(1).
  7. Kebnekaise II is a music studio album recording by KEBNEKAJSE (Prog Folk/Progressive Rock) released in on cd, lp / vinyl and/or cassette.4/5.
  8. Jul 20,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Kebnekaise II on Discogs.4/5(72).
  9. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Kebnekaise II on Discogs.
  10. Sep 25,  · Kebnekaise were off to a hot new start with the folkier direction they took with " II" and the band was performing about a hundred times per year, establishing themselves as one of the most popular bands in creature666.deinfoingwise they did not change a single factor, heading for a third album, they still were part of the Silence label, they revisited the Decibel Studios in Stockholm and the brand /5(7).

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