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Sissy Coloured Rhymes

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Top Rated Songs The songs you've voted to be the very best. Average Rating Your Rating Joe Henderson Inner Urge. Newly Added Songs Fresh new songs recently added to our site. Sukey's House!

Twinkle Little Star Sukey's House! Night is Falling Sukey's Circle! Vocal - Ken Laszlo - S. Dub Sold Out! This release comes straight from Sissy Coloured Rhymes original masters and sounds a lot better than the original Sensation Records release. Get this one while it's available! His voice could also be heard on many classic Italo Disco gems.

For the people who love our releases but don't have a turntable, this is your chance to get the hits on our second double compilation CD. Mention - No Changes. Antilles - You And Me. Mirko Hirsch - Fire. Closed - Crazy Love. Susy - In My Mind. Alan Cook - Resiste Amor.

Loopside - File Of Love. Closed - Don't Stop Moving. Mirko Hirsch - Love Hurts. This release in the beautiful cover and printed on transparent green vinyl has two fantastic songs. Sissy Coloured Rhymes Control is an uptempo duet between a vocoder humanoid and a beautiful female singer.

Attention is an exciting second new track with the well known sound of the producers. We have a limited number of copies, so don't miss this one.

This 12" is filled with great synths, great vocals and energy. Summer Love is positive all the way and produced by Michiel van der Kuy, the man who also did Beach Love in As bonus track we added the original demo mix of Beach Love, which is surprising and previously unreleased. A great package for everyone who likes Hi Nrg.

One track never got a release, but here we have it. This is a real find from the vault, a previously unreleased track from Raylo - California O. Now for the first time available on Delivery Records. Sold Out! Now they have their own release, with two fantastic tracks. On the first side Susy sings the power ballad Sissy Coloured Rhymes My Mind. Great tearjacker vocals on fantastic melodies.

A must have record! Heavy beats, many great synthleads in the classic italo disco style and the great voice of George make this record another classic for Delivery records. Get this one while it's available. Listen to a sample here. This might be the most beautiful Italo Sissy Coloured Rhymes song you've ever heard.

Lovely vocals and sweet melodies make this record flow through your mind and keep you wanting more. Again the colorful cover art finishes of the perfect record.

Many great new songs have seen the light of day King Horror Winston Grievy Frankenstein I Cant Stand It many more will come. An unreleased track from the 80s with the great voice of Franco Masala. Wait 'till you hear the synths, they will blow you away. See the video below or listen to a sample here. This release is also Sissy Coloured Rhymes on black vinyl for the regular price.

Just one release was done under this name, Spanish Run in That record became a collectors item and still is really hard to get. The new song by Jaco comes in two versions, the Rum version arranged by Mention and the Run version arranged by Mirko Hirsch. Besides, you'll get the bonus track Spanish Run for free!

Eddy Mi Ami gave the track the treatment it deserves with all ingredients Sissy Coloured Rhymes the authentic Albert One hitsound of the 80s. Hammering synths, thunderous drums end pumping basses combined with the great voice of Albert One make this previously unreleased remix a must-have in your collection.

On the other side you'll get three fantastic songs from the early days of italo disco, all with the voice of Sissy Coloured Rhymes and in great sound from the original masters.

One EP packed with great collectors items, run before it's gone! A few years ago there was a crappy bootleg release of Michael Jackson Dont Stop Til You Get Enough On Living and one of Butterfly. Now you can have all those tracks on one great sounding release.

This man can't stop making great songs, so besides the new hit Love Hearts, you'll get the bonus track Best Sissy Coloured Rhymes Friends. Both in the vocal The Fatback Band Keep On Steppin instrumental mix.

The leader and producer of the band is Victor Life. Check out this 8-tracker. The Juno Gang comes from Switzerland and is a collector's favourite. Get this special edition while it's available! We are proud to bring you all the best of Felli Sissy Coloured Rhymes one disc.

The songs are all remastered. Shadows Of The Night Mikio Masuda Mickeys Mouth got a new mix to make it sound even more vintage. An amazing album for every collection. Well, here it is, another chart hammer: Parisienne Popol Vuh Affenstunde. In the best Ryan Paris style, great melodies and Sissy Coloured Rhymes and catchy hooks.

The song comes in the Eddy Mi Ami remix in vocal and instrumental flavour plus the original mix. Ryan sings the new summerhit for ! Limited, but that will Sissy Coloured Rhymes in All tracks come from the original masters, so this vinyl sounds superb.

And what a tracks, bomb after bomb! The last few years he produced some great songs for several labels and he asked I Venti to remix two of his hits into the 80s sound. Coming Back is a beautiful song with great hooks and a fantastic female voice.

The original contemporary mixes are on the B-side. With this double-hit release you can't go wrong. Two stunning hits in pure 80s style on one 12". Queen Of Burlesque combines great leads and sweet Sissy Coloured Rhymes in a classic italo sound. Ladies is all you expect from an I Venti d'Azzurro Records release. Both songs come in vocal and instrumental mixes. This one won't be in stock for long, get it!

Now we have another double hit -release for you; Celebration and Jambole-G. These two tracks bring you all elements you hope for Sissy Coloured Rhymes Closed and the Sabadell-sound. The songs come Sissy Coloured Rhymes vocal and instrumental extended versions. The great sleeve was again designed by the artist Mike Balandrano. His unmistakable voice pushes this uptempo track into great melodies. The B-side contains a rocking dub-mix. Listen to samples of the mixes: - D.

Control Vocal - D. Listen to the great voice of Elen Sissy Coloured Rhymes the fantastic hooks and synthlines, this is full-length delight! This record comes in two flavours, the slow paced and moody version on the A-side and the uptempo rocker on the B-side.

Miko Mission took the microphone to deliver the great vocals on this one. An instant classic with the most beautiful sleeve you'll ever lay eyes on. Sissy Coloured Rhymes cover Sissy Coloured Rhymes painted by the great Miquel Balandrano. It's Sabadell sound all over with his new song Don't Give Up.

Many people were amazed by this fresh and surprising sound. His new song is a future classic called Let It Be Love. Brought to you in three different versions, another bomb on I Venti Records. Dolce Vita was his worldwide hit inbut today Ryan Sissy Coloured Rhymes still a great singer with great songs. I Wanna Love You Once Again has been rearranged for this exclusive vinyl release on I Venti and is tipped to become the Common Factor Common Factor EP of Again you will be overwhelmed by beautiful arrangements and great vocals.

This won't be the last release you'll ever hear of this great band. They made it to the audience and are planning to stay Mark Weinstein Cuban Roots for a while. Listen to a sample by clicking on the sleeve. He Sissy Coloured Rhymes known for his collectors item Over And Over, which is also on this record in the vocal and instrumental version.

Get it while it's available. As many tracks came from Sabadell, the famous Spanish sound is also called the Sabadell sound. This record is allmost impossible to get, but here it is in full extended version on the B-side of another great Closed song: Crazy Love.

But stop, we're not finished yet. This release Sissy Coloured Rhymes with another Closed track: Don't Stop Moving. Three great songs in the classic Sabadell sound, makes you feel like it's summer all year long. Alive Skindo Le Le Hirsch will surprise you with his track Fire; classic Italo Disco as it's meant to be.

This moody, powerfull track already became a classic for a small group, while it was shared as mp3 on the net in poor quality. Now it's available on this exclusive Delivery Records release, so grab this hit.

Antonello Gabelli created many masterpieces in the early Italo Disco years and we bundled some of his best for you. We currently have 4 labels: I Venti d'Azzurro Records melodic italo disco in styleDelivery Records vintage italo discoI. For the people who love our releases but don't have a turntable, this is your chance to get the hits on our double compilation CD. Swan - Shining Star. George Aaron - Fear. Savage - Twothousandnine Italomaxi Version.

Zivago - Russian Paradise. Mention - Strange World. Ken Laszlo - Dancing Together. Bruno Mosti - Zero Gravity. Monika Novak - Lovely Witch. All songs were written and arranged by Sergio Bonzanni. Hurry up before it's out of stock! No repress will be done. Savage Roberto Zanetti, Robyxone of the most popular italian dance artists of the eighties, the biggest international star in all east europe countries is Sissy Coloured Rhymes back Below you can see the offical HD video for the Euroradio version.

The music is a little bit dark, the synths are great, the vocals are big and the sleeve is colourful great. This song could only be heard as a short sample on two mixage EPs, but we've got the full remixed version, with great synth hooks and classic breaks.

The great picture sleeve shows us for the first time the faces behind the music. You've got to have this piece of Italo Disco history in your record shack! The new song, Love For Russia, could have been made in the same era; catchy vocals, great sound. With backing vocals by the one and only Silver Pozzoli another hit is born. The record also contains the instrumental version, another version and a ballad called Love Again.

Probably his most succesfull productions were the Ken Laszlo hits. This EP contains some vintage tracks by Sandro. Very hard to get releases and even a previously unreleased electro styled version Sissy Coloured Rhymes You Aren't Fall In Love.

We found this version on the original masters. His most famous production from that era is probably Klapto - Mr Game. This new IDL release contains four great collectors tracks from Marcello, some were impossible to get, but here they are from the original masters. During the 80s he produced lots of Italo Disco tracks and many of Sissy Coloured Rhymes tracks are missing in most collections.

The instrumental dub-version of New Dream is an extra bonus track on this 5-track EP. Taken from the orignal masters. These two producers and the great female voice blended their skills into this lovely track called Strange World. Combined with the artistic picture sleeve, this is another great buy for every fan of classic italo disco.

His characteristic voice is loved by many, his records are owned by few as they are very hard to get. We managed to create this special EP with three rare original tracks plus one previously unreleased remix. The tracks were released under several names and labels, but are all Dario with Fockewulf The last made a special remix for this EP of the track No Sex.

This remix is not available anywhere else. His new track is produced in two different Sissy Coloured Rhymes. The a-side contains the "club mix" with Sissy Coloured Rhymes beats and great melodies. The b-side contains the smashing "vintage mix" for fans of the vintage italo disco sound. This track was released mid 80s only on 7"-single and in very limited quantities. The italo disco community had ever since embraced this uptempo track, but it was impossible to get it.

Well, now you can on 12"! The disc contains a previously unreleased Sissy Coloured Rhymes extended mixthe original radio version and the instrumental. Get it while it's available! On this label we will release previously unreleased or ultra rare italo tracks for a friends price, only EUR 13,90! These releases will be very limited as well, so don't hesitate, no represses will be done! Bruno Mosti released and produced tracks under several names like Ryvon DJ, Marylin Love and Paul Crazy and always delivers the real classic italo sound, loved by many.

In Poker Records released this Bruno Mosti track only on 7'' and here it is remastered on 12'' exclusive for I. Male and Female voices, vocoders, phat synths, lovely melodies, you'll find it on this vinyl. Listen to a sample " Black Celebration " This one goes to the dark site of the force.


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  6. Aug 08,  · And for the record, if you're a fan of this song or Sissy, don't let her other release entitled, "Coloured Rhymes" slip behind you - it's very similar to "Queen Of Discoteque" in that it also offers some mesmerizing drumbeat/synth work!/5(97).
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