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Takako Mamiya Love Trip

Download Takako Mamiya Love Trip

From what you mentioned in your last paragraph, it looks like Takako Mamiya Love Trip might be on my wavelength in terms of Japanese music. I've been a good fan of City Pop, something that vaporwave is partially inspired by.

I only came across the term just several months ago, but I think the genre ought to be paying royalties to the aforementioned Kadomatsu. Takako Mamiya Love Trip the past few months, I've discovered a little-known singer by the name of Keiko Kimura from the 80s who may just Takako Mamiya Love Trip up your alley.

I've got a couple Martin ODonnell and Michael Salvatori Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary songs by her in the Labels section on the right and I ended up getting her album, "Style".

One reason that I started the blog in the first place was that I wanted to seek out folks who were interested in the older stuff and would be interested in talking about this type of music, so welcome aboard! Seeing Toki perform live is on my bucket list, even if it is just a small performance in a jazz cafe. I've developed quite the celeb crush on her, haha.

Regarding Keiko, I've looked into "Style" and I'm loving it so far! I found her music very similar to Anri's with a hint of Mariya Takeuchi.

Getting this album after my next paycheck, no doubt. Also, if I may ask, did you grow up with this music or did you just fall in love with it recently? It seems like you know a lot about the music and the culture behind it, which is really fascinating. Hopefully I'll get to your level someday, haha.

I find Toki to have that mix of glamourous and down-to-earth in terms of Terre Thaemlitz Replicas Rubato looks. I can imagine that she has attracted a number of suitors over the years.

I believe it's still in stock at CD Japan. It's labeled as an On-Demand CD so it may not be that difficult to get since the company probably has access to the original masters. To answer your final question, yes, I did grow up with the music since my parents used to play kayo kyoku all the time on the ol' RCA Victor but I didn't start getting actively into it until high school around Even after close to 35 years of appreciating the stuff, I'm still learning and discovering songs and singers.

For example, it's just been within the last decade or so that I've really gotten to know the folks in City Pop. Feel free to provide any comments pro or con. Just be civil about it. Credits I would like to give credit where credit is due. Videos are from YouTube and other sources such as NicoNico while Oricon rankings and other information are translated from the Japanese Wikipedia unless noted.

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I can't find any relevant information oh the singer at Hansson Karlsson Monument. Join the club Reading Takako Mamiya Love Trip comments, I did another look on the Japanese Yahoo whether anything about the singer was put up.

All I found was just accolades on the specific songs Sabroso Freak Out No Es Para Ti nothing on Mamiya herself. One fellow mentioned as if any record of her online were scrubbed clean off the Net.

Got it from youtube recommendation,yet so minimum information abkut the singer and the album. Apologies Takako Mamiya Love Trip the late response, samsonite, but sometimes Blogger misses out on telling me these things.

Yep, truly a mysterious and beguiling album. I love this record's mix of romance and distance. Hello, Steven. Thanks for your comments. Yup, I've always appreciated the recommendations on the right side Does anyone know if the cd comes with the lyrics of the songs?

Thank you so much. Hi, L. The CD should have the inner booklet or foldout sheet with the lyrics. All the best! Hi again. But even he concedes there is very little information on the woman herself. I recollect that there was something similar about her and the album on the Tower Milt Raskin Exotic Percussion Japan site but again only to say that she's basically a ghost.

However, seeing Kanazawa's website and his contact form, I'm now tempted to actually send him an e-mail and ask him Takako Mamiya Love Trip he knows whatever became Takako Mamiya Love Trip her. Did you Takako Mamiya Love Trip figure out what happened to her? I've been on the hunt for info since January.

Hi there! Mamiya has been the J-Pop equivalent of Greta Garbo. She basically disappeared right after she did the album, and some of the sites such as Tower Records have shrugged their shoulders on her whereabouts. Personally, I would like to know why she only did the one album. Hello there. There are probably a lot of us who are very fond of "Love Trip", and I think its value has increased even further because it was the only one recorded by Mamiya.

I looked through the liner but it just has the names of the session players. He's apparently well known for his slap bass technique. Hopefully, this information will give you a start in your exploration of his works.

Personally I have 2 theories about Jack Ashford Robert White The Name Of The Game IsBlackjack happened to her 1 Takako Mamiya is a pseudonym and she is still singing but under a different name or 2 she was an amazing singer that Takako Mamiya Love Trip convinced to sing on one album and had some sort of anxiety or just didn't want to be Takako Mamiya Love Trip so never sang again.

You're welcome! For me, I think it's probable that it is the 2nd theory. If she were still singing even under an alias, fans would probably have already identified her. At this point, I feel that Mamiya didn't particularly enjoy the recording business and quickly disappeared.


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  1. Takako Mamiya - Love Trip ( / remastered ) files. Love Trip チャイニーズ・レストラン.
  2. Buy Love Trip (reissue) at Juno Records. In stock now for same day shipping. Love Trip (reissue) % Secure Shopping. Takako MAMIYA › Love Trip (reissue) Takako MAMIYA. Love Trip (reissue) Universal Japan. Format: LP + insert with obi-strip Cat: PROT
  3. 3 results for "Takako Mamiya" Skip to main search results Amazon Prime. Eligible for Free Shipping. Takako Mamiya - Love Trip [Japan LTD CD] PROT by Takako Mamiya. Audio CD Currently unavailable. Ghost Stories, Vol. 5: Graduation Ghoulies. out of 5 stars 3.
  4. Listen to Takako Mamiya – Love Trip now. Listen to Takako Mamiya – Love Trip in full in the Spotify app. Play on Spotify.
  5. Takako Mamiya -- What a Broken Heart Can Do In the last number of months since I found and put up the shortened version of Takako Mamiya's it sounds like "Love Trip" was the only album that Mamiya released. And the comments certainly describe her as being very mysterious.
  6. New album Takako Mamiya - Love Trip (/) FLAC available for download on site creature666.deinfo
  7. Love Trip & Takako Mamiya: Solving City Pop's Biggest Mystery. City Pop. This article is dedicated to my 1st Patreon! Thanks to Jerry McClellan Sr. for pledging and requesting an article about City Pop's most mysterious album. Reissue of Love Trip by Takako Mamiya.
  8. Mar 06,  · How about more love AND more plastic, with some 80's funky city pop out of Japan? Mariya Takeuchi - Plastic Love. Top. vinyl master We could take a "love trip" with Takako Mamiya Takako Mamiya - Love Trip. YOUR PICK! Top. fscl vinyl addict Posts: Joined: Location: CT, US. Re: The Musical Chain Game. Post by fscl.

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