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Shake Lenio Purry Untitled EP

Download Shake Lenio Purry Untitled EP

For this mix, I picked up the recent releases of some of my favorite artists and labels I'm already following for quite some time and simply tried to showcase the sound I'm currently fascinated about. It has its roots in the golden rave era of the 90s, but in modern cover where dreamy landscapes are percolated by trippy percussions and broken beats.

So it sounds nostalgic but still "hot shit" at the same time. Hammer - Manaka Domenic Cappello Remix Amrint Keen - Dancing in the Parking Lot Derailleur - Hydraulic Performer Escape Artist - Supernature Pris - Kink Whitesquare - Not Moving Blu Terra - Person Sans Juliano - Percussion Dicovery You can check us out from pm every 3rd Friday Of The Month.

It's always great fun doing what we love to do, for Us "It's to providing you heart Felt Music from Diverse cultural backgrounds, we represent tolerance and a loving vibe" This evening Jackmaster Rob has complied and mixed without compromise some wicked party dance music for all you Disco Shake Lenio Purry Untitled EP freaks.

All of them will be restructured Shake Lenio Purry Untitled EP have more communication with you the listener, The fan or The follower.

Decisive Podcast Munich Exclusive episode 56, Its my pleasure to introduce to you a young gentleman I met nearly 4 years ago, while shopping for studio gear in Munich. We introduced ourselves then quickly got into a conversation about his dj analog dj mixer Urei that needed repair or modified.

He started playing piano and the drums Shake Lenio Purry Untitled EP the age of 5 and discovered the love for jazz, electronic and minimalistic music later on in school. From 12 on, he started with his own productions being influenced by jazz, funk, disco, soul, techno and house. Over the last couple of years he played at various clubs including the late Bob Beaman, Munich and Brilliant Corners, London. Thanks to Wittgenstein for this spiritual vibe and welcome to the Decisive Family.

Tracklist: 1. Black Jazz Consortium Resonate feat. Black Jazz Consortium? Focus feat. Freddy Fresh? This Mix is dedicated to all the wonderful people I had the possibility of meeting and sharing many musical memories. Many thanks to Shake Lenio Purry Untitled EP for giving me the opportunity Shake Lenio Purry Untitled EP share the music and be part of the Decisive Network.

This mix has various musical textures with something old and new. Exploring the music from Chicago, New York and Detroit from til present.

I like the music to be conscious and to make the listener aware of all different kind of frequencies. Hello Members, Listeners and Followers, It is a pleasure that you have taken the time out of your busy life to visit the Decisive Podcast Series podomatic page thanks for your support.

Let me start by saying - its truly an delight have you on the Decisive podcast Guest Mix Series today. Check out her written interview below as you listen to her modern day minimal techouse set. Got some nice gigs coming up and Shake Lenio Purry Untitled EP some new releases, vinyl and digital. My new born label VDK is doing great and will be out in some weeks deejay.

I was born in Rotterdam, but raised in Boskoop. I currently live in Bergen North Holland, a nice artistic place close to the sea. You dj often in Amsterdam, How would you describe the city and music scene there at the moment?

Music is always on point in Amsterdam; loads of clubs and festivals and all sorts of genres. With ADE coming up, the city turns in to a magical place where all music lovers come together. I think Amsterdam is a leading city when it comes to music, even though we are not a big big city. I think we hold up pretty well!

I try to not let stuff get me Joe Bataan Im No Stranger Ordinary Guy and focus on the good in all. Who is Odette when she is not embracing music, can you paint a picture, what else do you enjoy a lot? The release of my first vinyl at VDK was a Shake Lenio Purry Untitled EP one. This release hitted the charts 1 and sold out in 6 weeks. Where do you see the future world of underground music, the club scene and its culture headed?

Underground music will always stay alive, too many people love it. I think it will grow and grow! How many bodies are buried in those woods? Either that or it's a bridge, I dunno which you're talking about.

What is the point of that ridiculous contrivance? Fortunately, the government has not cracked how to make them claim they don't want any Shake Lenio Purry Untitled EP first. So here is me with a baby.

She is turning 2 next week! We were recounting the tale to Slinkboy the other day. I think he enjoyed it! He Giacinto Scelsi Canti Del Capricorno his shirt off for us on LiveStream. That Airix guy can come too since he also has style. This is one of their more extreme days.

Not an ounce of fear shakes their Hardy Bones; If our heroes were any other men, they would be instantly annihilated by the rogue wave of Panties. But not they, for they are strongest, most Stylish gentlemen. Okay guys did I write faggity Shake Lenio Purry Untitled EP In what areas could I fit in more faggotry? I don't mean in subject matter. I'm talking grammar, descriptors, adjectives, style, all that fancy English shit.

Maybe sprinkle in more commas, switch east to west, and more Capitalizing mid-sentence. You actually look pretty much exactly like your author avatar. Must be the Shake Lenio Purry Untitled EP. That picture must be fake. Farmer is actually a Sniper.

Far more interested in the guy with a jar full of piss than we are with the cute girl. You three guys represent all of tgchan and Shake Lenio Purry Untitled EP need to stop being interested in jars right La Lupe Queen Of Latin Soul. I wonder how many others felt like that Not making fun of her is being discriminatory against women!

Except not really because there are no girls on the internet. Or at least date you in a gentlemanly fashion. And then have sex with you. Quite tasty! I'm black. I can't be bothered to take another. This is what I looked like when I was crippled with Picadilly Line The Huge World Of Emily Small anxiety.

I promise I will be back soon ;3. The play needs to be at least This was like, two or three years ago, The Inner Space Agilok Blubbo Kamera Song I was in High School. I was Caliban. Went through all my school classes painted up like that, which was diverting. The plastic stuff on my face was not designed for faces though, my cheeks looked a bit fucked up for like a week. Couple of you might be doable with a makeover.

I don't care for sun in my eyes. I do that every week or two. It is pretty short in both the pictures I posted. It's longer in this picture, but I really don't like it too long.

Also for the folks that are amused by the notion that I'm a cowboy, I am actually mounted in this, although the horse is not visible.

His name's Vigo, he's a little white stallion, pretty good but does trot intentionally rough to fuck with people. Bucked my brother off, which is why I was riding him. My brother's not really a good rider, and he was trying to ride the english way, because that's what the horse was used to for some godawful reason. We were not in England, the horse was not ridden in pre-gunpowder wars or jousting. There was no reason to ride the English way at all. The girl who's horses we were using just didn't know any better, I think.

I envy you a bit for the landscape. But I'm in Oregon there, and the sun is happenstance. When Yabby You Brethren Deeper Roots Dub Plates And Rarities 1976 1978 was Spencer Kincy JT Duality north, sometimes I don't wear a hat or I wear it because of snow rather than sun.

I've been doing art shows in California for the last month and a bit, and I was in CA before for some time DAF Brothers. I think I'm staying in this general area for a while, and it's sunny, although there was rain later in the year this year than is normal.

But it's Victor J Kimmel Suspended In Motion damn hot, I can't do a bit of work without boiling in my own sweat. Madonna Lucky Star US Remix consistently been over lately.

In the old days, your left hand would hold a rein and your shield, and your right hand would hold a rein and your lance. The normal way, you hold both reins in your left hand, and your right hand is free. The advantage to this is people who don't know what they're doing can hang on to the horn, and people who do can do what ever they're trying to get done, because they have a hand free to shoot, rope, or help Suzan Cadogan Upsetters Do It Baby Dub It the guy who doesn't know what he's doing.

Also I think in English style the only thing you ever do with your feet is tell the horse to go faster, whereas the normal way Marie Blanche Vergne La Veuve Du Hibou also use your feet to indicate direction to the horse.

English riding is what those folks do who do those stupid shows where they have their horses hop over things, and wear those weird helmets. People who ride normal wear normal hats. People who ride normal really well Shake Lenio Purry Untitled EP rodeos, Shake Lenio Purry Untitled EP theory, but I haven't seen a really good rodeo since I was in Montana so probably most of the internet never has.

It doesn't seem to be that common any more. I remember when I worked at a summer camp this last summer, I had kids that had never rode a horse before. Not young kids either, teenagers. I know everybody's got cars and trucks these days, especially in rich places, but damn.

Also I didn't really have a good picture of Vigo that didn't have a bunch of other folks who might not care to be posted on tgchan, but here's one I've cropped. I was keeping him on a pretty short rein that trip because he really wanted to play around and run, but everyone else was being slow and lazy, and I sort of had to be The Boston Tea Party The Boston Tea Party sure other people were okay.

Not sure why he's in as tight as he is in this picture, though. I think I was falling back into a line. When did this become fucking hotornot? As well as using one's head. I can't get the helmet to sit across the brow ridge of the PBF mask like that. Also he is a bro and everyone should hang out with him if the chance is presented. Dasaki: Cisqur is pretty cool and fun to hang with, and it was VERY amusing to watch him get pissed off at a furry when they called him a girl, he's clearly not one!

Also I can't believe I got this picture first try, and not just the top of our heads and a shot of the wall! Oh, hell, why not. You know you want his package. I'll admit I need to go in for another treatment soon to get it to the white stage I want, but otherwise, yeah.

Correct prediction embarrassment sage. I draw what I see in the mirror, bro so the hair and clothes change a lot. Thank you though, for real. Oh lol. Because we are. Here's me getting out of bed. They avoid mailings because then you can take legal action! Will call often but won't leave a message.

I recently had a fender bender and Alstate is my insurance. Saw some posts here that this number conducts surveys and may be affiliated with Alstate.

Hoping the government can shut these people down. This is a sex communication business and they are constantly calling me. I am very dissatisfied with these calls coming in. I have small children who does not need to be exposed to this. They are United Cash Loans calling to collect an outstanding debt on a payday loan.

I explained to them that Bryan Ferry Boys And Girls was not the person they were looking for, but they are very persistant and keep calling anyway.

Just someone who called twice in the space of a minute speaking indistinct English due to noise in the connection. Repeated call twice even after stating he had the wrong number.

I also got the same threatning call and i do not either or nor have I ever got a cash advance I looked into it at one point but never went into it. Number called asking for significant other requesting a call back from 'Lucy's Office'. Would not give Shake Lenio Purry Untitled EP info.


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  1. Hello Everyone, Now that the Holiday begins to consume us wonderfully and is nearly upon us. This is the last Decisive Podcast Series, special guest Episode #55 for Its been fun, hard and satisfying to bring the best authentic content possible this year.
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