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Albert Washington Somewhere Down The Line Aint It A Shame

Download Albert Washington Somewhere Down The Line Aint It A Shame

His best is on the release on Deluxe, a King subsidiary, where Albert hits another peak for blues fans. And the marvelous vamp out! Note: The audio is pristine Mint. Shopping Cart.

Subscribe to Classic 45's! Our weekly update service keeps you posted on all our new 45's. Give it a try! Also at this time, however, Albert went back into the Jewel Studios, recording with the same band at Starday-King, for a release on the [Cincinnati-based] Rye label.

Check out the prices people are shelling out for Albert Washington on vinyl. According to Both Sides Now Publications :. However, by things were looking grim — until Lonnie Mack entered the picture. It made 5 on the national charts. This irresistible instrumental was produced Albert Washington Somewhere Down The Line Aint It A Shame Lonnie Mack, one-time musical compatriot of Roger Troy. Of the four singles, notes Salmonella Dub Feel The Seasons Change Live With The NZSO His best is on the release on Deluxe, a King subsidiary, where Albert hits another peak for blues fans.

For those of you who noted the three 45 releases on Jewel and wondered if Rusty York was directly involved in making that happen, you would be correct: Rusty York had been involved in the production of a number of these songs for Albert, and some of the songs recorded at Starday-King came out on Jewel Records. Hope it's ok to post it. She feels so proud and sings out loud To a clear blue Autumn sky And the brown leaves fall with her morning call As a gentle breeze floats by.

With his crumbs of bread The Byrds Turn Turn Turn has kept her fed Since the early days of spring And he makes his way to the park each day Just to hear his songbird sing.

Not too far away through the mists of day Man's mountains scrape the sky And nature cowers at these mighty towers A sight for any eye. They're the giant gates to the United States Such a famous skyline view And they stand so tall like a prison wall Up against the sky so blue.

When the deadly shame of evil came From out of the morning skies And the wrath it brings with its devils wings And cold murder in its eyes. They came through the air without a care In spiralling deathly dives In their twisted mind they hate all mankind The most innocent of lives. In a deafening crash of shattering glass Two explosions shook the world On Manhattans streets Albert Washington Somewhere Down The Line Aint It A Shame was disbelief As the horror was unfurled. These heroic folk clawed through the smoke But their mission soon was cursed From Albert Washington Somewhere Down The Line Aint It A Shame flames of Hell came a deathly smell As Satan did his worst.

An endless sorrow the scene to follow On this cursed September day As the mighty Albert Washington Somewhere Down The Line Aint It A Shame in a few short hours Cried a tear and then gave way. Such an awful sight when a thing of might Comes crumbling to its knees But it's magnified when so many died Midst the terror, screams and pleas.

So many folk wore death's dark cloak Neath stone and twisted steel And the sunlight strays to a blacked out haze In a scene that's so surreal. As the evening draws the fire still roars Bright orange 'cross the sea There are tearful eyes as a lady cries The Statue Liberty.

Stood on her Isle for all this while With her head held tall and proud From across the bay where the innocent lay You would swear that head was bowed. Above the ground they make no sound In Central Park's tall trees As the morning dew makes patterns through The dust upon the leaves. But Albert Washington Somewhere Down The Line Aint It A Shame bird never hears the old mans tears In his home where he quietly weeps So off she flies as the whole world cries For the city that never sleeps.

Dave Kirby, Liverpool. Was it only me, or were the lyrics to Dylan's number last night almost completely unintelligible? I've noticed that before with him, and since he's the greatest lyricist of his time, it's kind of a shame. Regarding outside projects of his, wasn't there some talk a year or so ago about his hosting a musical variety show, or something similar, on HBO or another cable outlet? Always sounded like a weird, but intriguing idea, Maren Morris Hero I was wondering if anyone knew whatever became of it.

Bush and Cheney, no knowledge of Enron financial matters? Check this out! Just discovered this site and chat room today. Yesterday a friend of mine and I were talking about the best concerts we've ever seen, and discussed being at the first show by The Band at the Filmore East in New York when we were much younger.

We were amazed at how much we remembered about the concert because it was so incredible. Anyway, I'd love to get a copy of the show on CD or tape if I could. I have a lot to trade, or I can buy it. Thanks to everyone. Good to see the legendary Bob Crewe mentioned in the GB!! I have always thought this would have been a great tune for Richard to have covered.

Also, good to see Mahatma Gandhi mentioned here. Last night, after Jon Stewart's first of many seemingly endless inane attempts at humor, the Grammy awards show got down to music.

Labelle herself even made a cameo appearance during the production number. I was reminded that, back inwhen Labelle began planning their next album, which would be called "Nightbirds", producer extraordinaire Allen Toussaint was brought on board the project. It was Mr. Nolan's group The Eleventh Hour. Toussaint's savy choice of "Lady Marmalade", along with Labelle's electrified performance, created a perfect anthem of sassy funkiness. The song became a hit and helped revive Labelle's career.

Last night while watching, I kept hoping that Ms. Labelle would, at some point, push one of those young girls aside to really let loose and show them how it's really Albert Washington Somewhere Down The Line Aint It A Shame. All I have to say after watching Dylan at the Grammys last night is what a hot little band he has, but I am worried about his voice but maybe he is just hoarse from concerts.

I hope he has quit smoking. Fox News reported that Dylan is making a motion picture. Anyone out there know what this is about? Someone please help! I am always happy to see Bob Dylan win an award, even though I don't put much stock in these things. However, someone please define for me "Contemporary Folk Album". If a person known to have been a "folk" singer for some part of his career say Pete Seeger does an album Alhaji K Frimpong Abrabo Latin music, will his album go into the "Contemporary Folk" category or the "Latin" category.

If a classical cello player say Yo Yo Ma decides to do an album of ELO covers in a contemporary format and it is highly regarded, will it turn up in -classical- or in -rock. I hate categorization to begin with, but if there is going Albert Washington Somewhere Down The Line Aint It A Shame be categorization, would Bob Dylan's album not 'fit' better into say -blues- than -folk.

I think the brain trust should look more critically at what they are doing if they are going to do it. The credibility such as it is of such an organization depends upon care being taken in making these categorizations accurately. Many already have trouble with all of this to begin with. To compound the problem like this is unfathomable.

Why don't the Recording Industry members correct this? Well,,after watching 7 minutes of the Grammy's,it was time to change the channel!!! Hello to Brother Jan and friends. Checkin' out Bandland.

Life expectancy of CDs. Now that was fast! Thank you to my good friend down South who sent me the lyrics to the tune I asked about. I'm posting them here. And btw. Where were you when the world stop turning on that September day Were you in Albert Washington Somewhere Down The Line Aint It A Shame yard with your wife and children Or working on some stage 95 North Let Yourself Go L.

Any country music fans out there? I Albert Washington Somewhere Down The Line Aint It A Shame the Grammy's last night mostly because I was awake waiting for my 10 year old to come home from night snow tubing. Can anyone out there send me the lyrics? It would be much appreciated. Have a good day everyone. He wanted to learn how to play guitar by playing like Carl Perkins When he was told that it was only three chords He said show me His musical agenda was the written word anyway Who else could mention the sword of Damocles in a song or could quote Yeats in concert??

He would watch the "Ozzie and Harriett" show to listen to the band at the end of the show James Burton Recorded first record at 14! He likes to use the custom-made amps by Michael Soldano who states He can hear subtleties in tone that most people never hear.

Cupid, Peter Viney and Richard Patterson Since I will be looking for his office in Soho this weekend I will remind you now that it's his Birthday on Saturday Agesilaus will be 14 on the same day!! Their temperaments are sooooo similar Concerns about pervasive disc rot are overblown -- as they have been since the invention of the CD.

I recently ran across a truly "rotted" CD pressed inand believe it or not, the manufacturer British still replaced it, though the title has long been out of print. In fact, the exchange gave me quite a collectible because the disc a Springsteen single came from a fully ruined batch and most people just pitched their discs because they didn't know they could turn them in. Anyway, CD rot almost always comes down to chemical interactions of inks with the disc and seldom has anything to do with moderate moisture or heat or a reasonable amount of anything else.

The problem is not inherent to the CD. In the case of the most famous "rotted" discs of which admittedly there were many thousandsthe problem was made Albert Washington Somewhere Down The Line Aint It A Shame by contact with the cardboard sleeves that many of the discs often singles were packaged in. It seems the inks interacted with the cardboard, and the deterioration was accelerated.

And, by the way, the destruction happened Albert Washington Somewhere Down The Line Aint It A Shame quickly, so if you haven't had problems with your older discs, you're not likely to. Manufacturers know now what works and what doesn't. I would never swear that no discs made today rot, but I can say I have more than 5, CDs that I've accumulated since aboutand I've only had that one bad disc, which I bought cheap on eBay a few months ago, fully aware of the problem with the disc.

I have a fairly scientific method of spot-checking for problems. One of my CD players, an NAD, has an error light that comes on when the laser hits a glitch -- yellow means not-so-bad and red means the CD player has to use its error-correction system.

When I check my oldest discs, they don't show any more errors than my newest ones. Also, though I admit to a keen interest in seeing CDs survive, I also think the warnings of their imminent demise are vastly overstated. No medium lasts forever, but the trend is toward more things on CDs -- movies, software, family photo albums.

The CD has proved itself a durable, versatile medium. If -- or more likely when -- CDs are supplanted by another format, they'll still be like your old records and, yes, your Edison cylinders: They'll still be playable. They'll just sound a whole lot better.

Some enlightening posts to be sure. Albert Washington Somewhere Down The Line Aint It A Shame Crabbys fault! If he hadn't heckled me,this might not have happened. Sammy, your anger is justified. But until we realize the "U. S" role in all of this,we're fugged. Nice post Nick! It is unfortunate Albert Washington Somewhere Down The Line Aint It A Shame amount of energy wasted on trying to find some common ground.

If debate doesn't happen, we lose our checks and balances. Hell, I'd rather be blowin on my harp, playin my slide, and listening to Richard Manuel on"River of Tears", than thinking about the rest of William Onyeabor William Onyeabor Vol 2 crap. Eh BEG? John W. Canada's concern, I think, is not so much a fear of losing jobs to developing countries, but a fear of losing jobs to a slack US if "we" ratify and "you" don't.

As for Clinton, I saw him speak most eloquently - about the environment, global development and terrorism - just yesterday, from a distance of 10 feet. I was prepared to be unimpressed, but certainly wasn't. Everyone I spoke to thought Idris Ackamoor The Pyramids We Be All Africans. Band connection, if required: Arkansas. It's " mud below my feet" not " blood below my feet " Though one might be more inclined to swear by their blood then by mud.

Listen to the LP not the CD turn down the volume level the equalizer and pan left to right speaker if you have Rev Robert Wilkins Memphis Gospel Singer but it's mud not blood.

You can go ask Virgil if you want. While we're busy analysing various songs and their arrangements, it's worth noting Albert Washington Somewhere Down The Line Aint It A Shame of Robbie's comments on the Classic Albums video.

He said that alot of things were played a particular way because thats all they were capable of doiing at the time. Maybe he was just being modest on behalf of the Albert Washington Somewhere Down The Line Aint It A Shame. I wonder who came up with the "and" bit on The Weight. Of course, there might be a bomb on the roller coaster if we don't stop these killers I haven't altered anything I do.

It's hard to be completely normal with that atmosphere around. I'm going into the city tomorrow. I'm luckey because I'll be using the only Albert Washington Somewhere Down The Line Aint It A Shame River bridge that you're allowed to cross with one person in the car between 6 and 10 am. So, yeah - I don't travel in and around NYC in fear - but tomorrow when I'm in the middle of the bridge, and I Frank Wolff Solo Und Kurorchester Frank Wolff Solo Und Kurorchester a plane approaching LaGuardia airport, I can't help but imagine what it would be like if it diverted into the bridge - just to kill some more of us rotten Americans.

I don't expect that to happen because enough people wouldn't die from a bridge. It's the Empire State Building that I worry about. Also, I'm sure the President would like us to try to relax a little and be normal.

But, I Batalha Bob Junior Alo Baia there's a couple of F's buzzing around Washington when he goes to bed at night.

Actually, they're probably there Wrotten day at work today Good luck tonight Mr. Gettin' back to the farm and encore stories, hope this one fits: 'twas the last night of Woodstock '94 here in Saugerties. I needed more shirts to sell at my booth, so had to run into Kingston, NY to pick some up from the Direct Connec Shun Hes No Good. The entire area was surrounded by cops not letting anyone drive in the area, so had to bribe some police with t-shirts to let me back in later.

Got to a NY State police roadblock and gave 'em each a Patchworks Goes Jazz shirt so I could drive back into the music zone. One of 'em says to me, "Is that Bob Dylan on stage? I'd love to see him. D's encore! Wonder who that man in gray will be rootin' for tonight. And hope to see you 'n yours on the 16th Ok Jan. I have a question. I understand this a terrible record, but now you have me intrigued.

Can you give us a sound sample? Peter Viney: Some thoughts on rocking chair The Instrumentation: Song starts on a Minor chord.

There is a complex interplay of the stringed instruments, a mandolin and guitar- earthy folk instruments seem to in different places but coming together while the synthesizer has an etherial airbourne quality, sounds like woodwinds to me. The voicings of the chords and runs being played work to sort themselves out a bit before resolving, coming together on the I chord with a thud as the song begins. The bottom is heavy and wooden, and to me the bass sounds in fact more like a tuba, similar to the bottom end on "Rag Mama Rag".

Thinking of the "Canon" style of solfege singing, and of the "Round" in the folk style of staggered repeated motifs being sung by different voices The song is very painterly in its instrumentation and its lyric content. Just the sound though seems to bring this to mind with all the coming and going. I'm thinking of water's elusive quality, how it avoids the grasping by the hands yet assumes the form of the vessel that contains it. Very Chinese at the moment but this water imagery painted through the sound is alot like the transitory nature of deep thought and meditation, which this song most certainly alludes to.

As I listen to this tonight along the "Painterly" concerns I am feeling alot of things coming to mind I see a painting of an empty rocking chair sitting on a porch waiting for this seaman to come home Thew rocking chair itself a metaphor for the rocking of the boat, no longer on the waves but on the porch now. I'm thinking of the elderly in my own neighborhood rockin' on the front porch. Layers of reflection as one contemplates the essence and meanings of their own journey through life. Another image comes to mind as I write this American Painting of this era much of the band's work hearkens to, Post Colonial to Great Depression explores this theme, much more to my own knowledge than what the French and European Painters did at this time James Mcneil Whistler was painting seascapes in London at this time but was of course an american Durand, Martin Heade, "Watson and the Shark"- the image of the young man in the prime of his life with the long flowing mane of blonde hair, royally dressed, flailing about in the sea as a shark bites off his leg and his astonished companions watch helplessy.

Albert Pinkham Ryder comes to mind next- small, cryptic, encrusted, cracked moonlit marinescapes with solitary sailboats on the waves- considered by many to be the firs modern, abstract paintings to be done in America.

He was known as an eccentric that spent many nights walking up and down the Hudson River studying the effects of night color on water and his paintings were worked and re worked over 30 years with layers of varnish and materials of the nature of whatever was procurable, particularly black tar which caused these paintings to crack and makes them very sensitive to light and priceless today, Ann Peebles I Cant Stand The Rain seldom on public display.

Ryder's most famous painting is in fact "The Flying Dutchman", his homage to the Wagner Opera of that name, allude to in the "Rocking Chair" composition that is bringing all this imagery to mind. Ryder's work was particularly inspiring to the next generations of painters that explored this motif, all of them from New York area interestingly so far except Whistler.

Pollock's take on this theme is rather intriguing. In the case of his development as a painter, Pollock's gloomy solitary sailboats at night came after his studies of the west under Thomas Hart Benton as a student, and his studies of "psychoanalytic" abstractions done under to supervision of his analyst whom he sought counselling for his alcoholism.

In Pollocks case his therapy under the auspices of a Jungian opened Pollock up to the influences of the unconscious, foretold by the enigmatic sailboats on the void, which led him to explore the work of the surrealists, Miro, Picasso, and Native American Ideas and motifs. I'm dfoing this kind of stream of consciousness myself at the moment I wonder indeed how aware Robertson was or is perhaps of all of these images. They can enter ones thinking consciously or unconsciously of course I think I might check Google to see if any of these images are on the web but, I'll have to later.

Gotta say the line about dippin snuff and tellin jokes sure seems to come right off the Kitchen table discussions at Big Pink- Maybe Levon's missing home, or Rick Makes me want to write a Albert Washington Somewhere Down The Line Aint It A Shame about a fly on the wall I could pour over this guestbook and find some of that material somewhere in the archives.

Rick's Bass sounds like a rocking chair alright. I gotta run. Thanks Peter and of course Jan and all the posters into this. Hope I didn't bore ya too badly but If you come this far, god bless Martin Denny Exotic Moog. You must really love the Band. I recycle. I am extremely concerned about air pollution and water contamination.

I am always Ulwhednar LP of the earth-legacy we may leave for future generations. I am also aware that "global warming" is a theory discredited by a majority of the world's climatologists.

Enron related? But I have heard Blundetto Warm My Soul since Enron started in they have been a real live group of hustlers and swingers -- in bed enough with both Republicans and Democrats to cause Larry Flint to turn a rosey pink. I wish we could all myself included follow the advice of Mahatma Gandhi. He said, "You must be the change you wish to see in the world".

Rock on beautiful people. After that, the most illicit of discs should be safefrom rot at least.


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