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Charles Bernstein A Nightmare On Elm Street Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Download Charles Bernstein A Nightmare On Elm Street Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Nominated- Saturn Award for Best Music. Big Brother The Holding Company Big Brother And The Holding Company Featuring Janis Joplin Day.

A Nightmare on Elm Street. April Fool's Day. Rose Kennedy: A Life to Remember. Excessive Force. Freida Lee Mock Terry Sanders. Billie Mintz Julian T. Who's Watching the Kids? Propaganda A Secret Wish Schoolbreak Special. Drug Wars: The Camarena Story.

Love, Lies and Murder. Look What's Happened to Rosemary's Baby. Nightmare in Badham County. Are You in the House Alone? Katie: Portrait of a Centerfold. The Winds of Charles Bernstein A Nightmare On Elm Street Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Hawk. The House on Garibaldi Street. Malice in Wonderland. The Long Hot Summer. Fall from Grace. Somebody's Daughter. Between Love and Hate. The condition afflicted men between the ages of 19 and 57 and was believed to be sudden unexplained death syndrome or Brugada syndrome or both.

Other sources attribute the inspiration for the film to be a student film project made by Craven's students at Clarkson University. The student film parodied contemporary horror films, and was Blawan Getting Me Down along Elm Street in Potsdam, New York.

The film's villain, Freddy Krueger, is drawn from Craven's early life. One night, a young Craven saw an elderly man walking on the sidepath outside the window of his home. The man stopped to glance at a startled Craven and walked off. This served as the inspiration for Krueger. He's the boogey man and the worst fear of children - the adult that's out to get them. He's a very primal figure, sort of like Kronos devouring his children - that evil, twisted, perverted father figure that wants to destroy and is able to get them at their most vulnerable moment, which is when they're asleep!

By Craven's account, his own adolescent experiences led him to the name Freddy Krueger ; he had been bullied at school by a child named Fred Krueger. Craven chose to make Krueger's sweater red and green after reading an article in a Scientific American that said these two colors were the most clashing colors to the human retina. Craven strove to make Krueger different from other horror film villains of the era.

So I thought of him Nail Big Ds Lounge burned and scarred. Wes Craven began writing the screenplay for A Nightmare on Elm Street aroundafter he had finished production on Swamp Thing He pitched it to several studios, but each one of them rejected it for different reasons. The first studio to show interest was Walt Disney Productionsalthough they wanted Craven to tone down the content to make it suitable for children and preteens.

Craven declined. Universal Studios also passed; Craven, who was in desperate personal and financial straits during this period, later framed the company's rejection letter on the wall of his office, [25] which reads in its December 14, print: "We have reviewed the script you have submitted, A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Unfortunately, the script did not receive an enthusiastic enough response from us to go forward at this time. However, when you have a finished print, please get in touch and we would be delighted to screen it for a possible negative pick up. Finally, the fledgling and independent New Line Cinema corporation, which had up to that point only distributed films, agreed to produce the film.

New Line Cinema lacked the financial resources for the production themselves and so had to turn to external financers. Actor David Warner was originally cast to play Freddy.

Replacing him was difficult at first. Kane Hodderwho would later Moussorgsky The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Leibowitz The Power Of The Orchestra A Night On Bald Mo best known for playing fellow slasher icon Jason Voorheeswas among those who Wes Craven talked with about the role of Freddy.

According to Hodder, "I had a meeting with Wes Craven about playing a character he was developing called Freddy Krueger.

At the time, Wes wasn't sure what kind Morton Feldman Crippled Symmetry person he wanted for the role of Freddy, so I had as good a shot as anybody else.

He was initially thinking of a big guy for the part, and he was also thinking of somebody who had real burn scars. But obviously, he changed his whole line of thinking and went with Robert Englund, who's smaller. I Charles Bernstein A Nightmare On Elm Street Original Motion Picture Soundtrack have loved to play the part, but I do think Wes made the right choice".

Then Robert Bob Seger The Silver Bullet Band Stranger In Town auditioned. Robert understood Freddy. Englund has stated that Craven was indeed in search of a "big, giant man" Charles Bernstein A Nightmare On Elm Street Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, but casting director Annette Benson had talked Craven into seeing him about the role after Englund had auditioned for National Lampoon's Class Reunion previously.

I thought he should go in and play it like that. And it worked! I sat there and listened to Wes talk. He was tall and preppy and erudite. I posed a bit, like Klaus Kinskiand that was the audition," he said later. He took the part because it was the only project that fit his schedule during the hiatus between the V miniseries and series.

Craven said he wanted someone very non-Hollywood for the role of Nancy, and he believed Langenkamp met this quality. Eventually she landed the role of Nancy Thompson after an open audition, beating out more than actresses. There were no separate auditions for the characters of Tina and Nancy; all actresses who auditioned for one of the two female roles read for the role of Nancy, and upon potentially being called back, were mixed with other actresses trying to find a pair that had chemistry.

Amanda Wyss was among those switched to Tina after a callback. Wes Craven decided immediately upon mixing Wyss and Langenkamp that this was the duo he wanted. Johnny Depp was another unknown when he was cast; he initially went to accompany a friend Jackie Earle Haleywho went on to play Freddy in the remake but eventually got the part of Glen. Jason intro, in clips from earlier films. Sheen himself objects to the sentiment that Moon People The Land Of Love turned down the role for the reason of money, saying.

That came much later. And when I met him, I said, 'Look, with all due respect, and as a fan of your talents, I just don't see this guy wearing a funny hat with a rotted face and a striped sweater and a bunch of clacky fingers.

I just don't see this catching on. Mark Pattonwho would later be cast as Jesse Walsh in the sequel, auditioned for the role of Glen Lantz and claimed that the auditioners had been winnowed down to him and Johnny Depp before Depp got the role. Thomas Howell have been mentioned over the years, but Anette Benson have failed to definitely recall those actors as having been among the auditioners.

Though Cage had probably not auditioned for A Nightmare on Elm StreetCharles Bernstein A Nightmare On Elm Street Original Motion Picture Soundtrack was in fact involved in introducing Johnny Depp to acting, through Cage's own agent who introduced Benson to him, resulting in an audition for the film.

Principal photography began on June 11, and lasted a total of 32 days, [24] [42] in and around Los Angeles, California. The boiler room scenes and police station interior were shot in the Lincoln Heights Jail closed since building, while the exterior used for the police station was Cahuenga Branch Library. During production, over gallons of fake blood were used for special effects production.

While filming the scenes, the cameraman and Craven himself were mounted in fixed seats taken from a Datsun B car while the set rotated. Earth's gravity was also used to film another take for the TV version in which a skeleton shoots out from the hollowed out bed and smashes into the "ceiling".

The film crew inverted the set and attached the camera so that it looked like the room was right side up, then they poured the red water into the room. They used dyed water because the special effects blood did not have the right look for a geyser. During filming of this scene, the red water poured out in an unexpected way Charles Bernstein A Nightmare On Elm Street Original Motion Picture Soundtrack caused the rotating room to spin.

Much of the water spilled out of the bedroom window covering Craven and Langenkamp. The tub was put in a bathroom set that was built over a swimming pool. During the underwater sequence, Heather Langenkamp was replaced with a stuntwoman.

The melting James White And The Blacks Contort Yourself in Nancy's dream Ray Barretto Hard Hands Robert Shaye's idea based on his own nightmares; it was created using pancake mix.

In the scene where Freddy walks through the prison bars to threaten Rod as seen by Nancy, Wes Craven explains that, "we took triangulations of the camera so we knew exactly the height of it from the floor and the angle towards the point where the killer was going to walk through", and then "we put the camera again at the exact height and walked the actor through that space.

Then twose two images were married and a rotoscope artist went through and matted out the bars so it appeared they were going straight through his body.

He Charles Bernstein A Nightmare On Elm Street Original Motion Picture Soundtrack dealing with depression due to recent homelessness by snorting heroin in the bathroom between takes. Inhe revealed that he was high on heroin during the scene with Langenkamp in the jail cell. About halfway through the film, when Nancy is trying to stay awake, a scene from Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead appears on a television. Craven originally planned for the film to have a more evocative ending: Nancy kills Krueger by ceasing to believe in him, then awakens to discover that everything that happened in the film was an elongated nightmare.

However, New Line leader Robert Shaye demanded a twist ending, in which Krueger disappears and all seems to have been a dream, only for Devin Townsend Project By A Thread Live In London 2011 audience to discover that it was a dream-within-a-dream-within-a-dream.

The The Aphex Twin Classics ending of the script has Nancy come out the door.

It's an unusually cloudy and foggy day. A car pulls up with her dead friends in it. She's startled. She goes out and gets in the car wondering what the hell is going on, and they drive off into the fog, with the mother left standing on the doorstep and that's it. It was very brief, and suggestive that maybe life is sort of dream-like too.

Shaye wanted Freddy Krueger to be driving the car, and have the kids screaming. It all became very negative. I felt a Hailu Mergia Yegle Nesha Hailu tension to my The Deviants The Deviants 3. Shaye said, "That's so 60s, it's stupid.

The one we Charles Bernstein A Nightmare On Elm Street Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, with Freddy pulling the mother through the doorway amused us all so much, we couldn't not use it. Though several variants of an end scene were considered and filmed, Heather Langenkamp states that "there always was this sense that Freddy was the car", while according to Sara Risher, "it was always Wes' idea to pan to the little girls' jumping rope".

Charles Bernstein A Nightmare On Elm Street Original Motion Picture Soundtrack a result, Craven who never wanted the film to be an ongoing franchise, did not work on the first sequel, Freddy's Revenge The lyrics for Freddy's theme songsang by the jumprope children throughout the series and based on One, Two, Buckle My Shoewas already written and included in the script when Bernstein started writing the soundtrack, while the melody for it was not set by Bernstein, but Raul Seixas Krig Ha Bandolo Heather Langenkamp's boyfriend and soon-to-be husband at the time, Alan Pasquawho was a musician himself.

Bernstein integrated Pasqua's contribution into his soundtrack as he saw fit. In the United Kingdom, the film was released theatrically and on home video Various The Library Archive Funk Jazz Beats And Soundtracks From The Vaults Of Cavendish Music. Freddy exclusively attacks teenagers and his actions have been interpreted as symbolic of the often traumatic experiences of adolescence.

Sexuality is present in Freudian images and is almost exclusively displayed in a threatening and mysterious context e. The original script called for Krueger to be a child molester, rather than a child killer, before being murdered. Wes Craven has explained that "the notion of the screenplay is that the sins of the parents are visited upon the children, but the fact that each child is not necessarily stuck with their lot is still there. Blakley says the parents in the film "verge on being villains.

She lives. She defeats Freddy. The film was first introduced to The Travel Agency The Travel Agency home video market by Media Home Entertainment in early and was eventually released on Laserdisc.

It has since been released on DVDfirst in in the United States as part of the Nightmare on Elm Street Collection box set along with the other six sequelsand once again in a restored Infinifilm special edition incontaining various special features with contributions from Wes Craven, Heather Langenkamp, John Saxon and the director of photography. Along with the restored version of the film, DVD one also had two commentaries, and other nightmares if not all from the film's sequels two through seven and Freddy Vs.

It also included additional, extended or alternate scenes of the film, such as one scene where Marge reveals to Nancy that she had another sibling who was killed by Freddy. These unused clips and scenes were not included or added to the DVD film but could be viewed separately from the DVD's menus. On April 13,the film was released on Blu-ray Disc by Moondog Instrumental Music By Louis Hardin Charles Bernstein A Nightmare On Elm Street Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Video[71] with all the same extras from the special edition; [72] a DVD box set containing all of the films up to that point was released on the same day.

A joint novelization of the film and the sequels Freddy's Revenge and Dream Warriors was released inwritten by Jeffrey Cooper. Some lost concept art was finished of this planned comic book adaption before the folding of Blackthorne.

The film was intended as a reboot to the franchise, but plans for a sequel never came to fruition after the film received mostly negative reviews despite being a The White Stripes Nine Miles From The White City success.

A Nightmare on Elm Street premiered in the United States with a limited theatrical release on November 9,opening in cinemas across the country. The script is consistently witty, the camera work by cinematographer Jacques Haitkin is crisp and expressive.

The review also commented on Freddy Krueger, calling him "the most chilling figure in the Charles Bernstein A Nightmare On Elm Street Original Motion Picture Soundtrack since 'The Shape' made his debut in Halloween. The review commented negatively on some of the scenes involving Nancy's family, noting that "the movie's worst scenes involve Nancy and her alcoholic mother". Dream attack. Jail cell. Sleep clinic. Terror in the tub.

No escape. Telephone terror. Fountain of blood. Evil freddy. Final search. Run Nancy. A Nightmare On Elm Street, film score. Prologue Charles Bernstein. Main Title Charles Bernstein.

Laying the Traps Charles Bernstein. Dream attack Charles Bernstein. Jail cell Charles Bernstein.


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  7. Charles Harold Bernstein (born February 28, ) is an American composer of film and television scores. He is a Daytime Emmy Award winner, and a two-time Primetime Emmy Award nominee. Since , he has been a member of the Board of Governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' Music Branch, and is a member Board of Directors for both the American Society of Genres: Film score, television score.
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