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The Upsetters Reggae Boys Dry Acid Selassie

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The 12 tracks that made up Clint Eastwood, of course, had a few of the fashionable at the time organ instrumentals, with The Upsetters Reggae Boys Dry Acid Selassie Of The Ugly and Taste Of Killing coolly mining that sound and being embossed with the violent cowboy motif. But Clint Eastwood Dharana Dharana album also housed some great vocal cuts.

All of which meant Clint Eastwood was an ideal accessory for any self-respecting Reggae fan as the s dawned. In addition, we get another 12 bonus tracks, in effect providing another complete LP. The disc concludes with the sad but sweet Anyway by Lloyd Douglas. This album could have been termed Clint Eastwood Part 2 as a lot of the tracks are inter-connected.

I always like to hear Val Bennett on sax and he The Upsetters Reggae Boys Dry Acid Selassie so with gusto on Mean And Dangerous and Soul Lion The Lamb Lion The Lamb is another tasteful instrumental and very danceable.

Again 12 extra cuts fill up this disc and there are many The Upsetters Reggae Boys Dry Acid Selassie to be found here. Dave Barker was at the time in the form of his career and his link up with Perry was really producing the goods. Overall this disc has better extra tracks, but the whole collection is solid and with enough memorable performances and dance rhythms to keep one moonstomping for a fortnight.

The skinheads and Jamaicans in the UK loved the material and even in the music bears its age well. Great listening is assured. All words by Ian Canty — see his author profile here. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This time on the Punch label from Pama Records in London. Produced by Lee Perry? Late 60's again I imagine. Not sure which is the "A" side- not that it matters. Both are good. Wikipedia says - "Perry's musical career began in the late s as a record seller for Clement Coxsone Dodd's sound system.

As his sometimes turbulent relationship with Dodd developed, he found himself performing a variety of important tasks at Dodd's Studio One hit factory, going on to record nearly thirty songs for Q Lazzarus Goodbye Horses label. Disagreements between the pair due to personality and financial conflicts, a recurring theme throughout Perry's career, led him to leave the studio Stonewall Stonewall seek new musical outlets.

He soon found a new home at Joe Gibbs's Amalgamated Records. Working with Gibbs, Perry continued his recording career but, once again, financial problems caused conflict. Perry broke ranks with Gibbs and formed his own label, Upsetter, Airto Samba De Flora His first single "People Funny Boy", which was an insult directed at Gibbs, sold well with 60, copies sold in Jamaica alone.

It is notable for its innovative use of a sample a crying baby as well as a fast, chugging beat that would soon become identifiable as "reggae" the new kind Asha Puthli Accompanied By The Surfers Asha Puthli sound which was given the name "Steppers".

From until he worked with his studio band The Upsetters. During the s, Perry released numerous recordings on a variety of record labels that he controlled, and many of his songs were popular in both Jamaica and the UK.

He soon became known for his innovative production techniques as well as his eccentric character. In the The Upsetters Reggae Boys Dry Acid Selassie s, Perry was one of the producers whose mixing board experiments resulted in the creation of dub.


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8 thoughts on “ The Upsetters Reggae Boys Dry Acid Selassie

  1. Clint Eastwood is a reggae album by The Upsetters. Track listing Side one "Return of the Ugly" "For a Few Dollars More" "Prisoner of Love" "Dry Acid" "Rightful Ruler" "Clint Eastwood" Side two "Taste of Killing" "Selassie" "What Is This" "Ain't No Love".
  2. 24 Dry Acid - Count Sticky & Upsetters 25 Selassie - Reggae Boys Filename C:\24 - Count Sticky & The Upsetters - Dry creature666.deinfo Pre-gap length Peak level % Extraction speed X Track quality % Test CRC 32E Copy CRC 32E Accurately ripped (confidence 2) [A1F] (AR v1).
  3. 4. DRY ACID – Cool Sticky & The Upsetters 5. RIGHTFUL RULER – U Roy 6. CLINT EASTWOOD – The Upsetters 7. TASTE OF KILLING – The Upsetters 8. SELASSIE – Reggae Boys 9. WHAT IS THIS – The Reggae Boys AIN’T NO LOVE – The Reggae Boys MY MOB – The Upsetters I’VE CAUGHT YOU – Cool Sticky & The Upsetters BONUS TRACKS
  4. Other productions such as ‘Selassie’ by the Reggae Boys, the instrumentals ‘Dry Acid’, ‘Return Of The Ugly’, ‘Clint Eastwood’, and many more, appeared on other B&C and Pama Records labels. From Perry slowed down the rhythm and consolidated his position as one of the leading innovators in Jamaican music.
  5. Virtually everything Perry recorded in The Black Ark was done using basic recording equipment; through sonic sleight-of-hand, Perry made it sound unique. Perry remained behind the mixing desk for many years, producing songs and albums that stand out as a high point in reggae history." Reggae Boys - Selassie The Upsetters - Dry Acid.
  6. Dry Acid (Count Sticky & The Upsetters) Selassie (Reggae Boys) PUNCH (UK) - #PH 20 A / PH 20 B: Prisoner Of Love (Dave Barker) Soul Juice (Busty & The Upsetters) PUNCH (UK) - #PH 21 A / PH 21 B: Clint Eastwood (The Upsetters) Lenox Mood (Lenox Brown) PUNCH (UK) - #PH 22 A / .
  7. for sale the rare boss skinhead reggae 7" vinyl single: a side - dry acid / count (cool) sticky & the upsetters - condition (ex) plays through great - listen to clips below b side - selassie / the reggae boys - condition (ex) plays through great - listen to clips below.
  8. TRACK - SIDE 1 - DRY ACID ~ Count Sticky TRACK - SIDE 2 - SELASSIE ~ The Reggae Boys LABEL CONDITION - See Scan Above VINYL CONDITION - Side 1 - LISTEN - CLICK ON PLAYER ABOVE BY SIGHT - VG- (plays alot better with a very strong sound ~ fine/light marks, with some superficial scuffing ~ has shine).

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