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Ennio Morricone Chi LHa Vista Morire

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Black Belly of the Tarantula The Case of the Bloody Iris The Iguana with the Tongue of Fire Death Walks Ennio Morricone Chi LHa Vista Morire High Heels All the Colors of the Dark Horror Thriller.

Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: George Lazenby Franco Serpieri Anita Strindberg Elizabeth Serpieri Adolfo Celi Serafian Dominique Boschero Ginevra Storelli Peter Chatel Filippo Venier Piero Vida Bonaiuti Alessandro Haber Father James Ennio Morricone Chi LHa Vista Morire Elmi Roberta Serpieri Rosemarie Lindt Gabriella Giovanni Rosselli Edit Storyline A young girl is brutally Ennio Morricone Chi LHa Vista Morire somewhere in France.

Language: French Italian. Sound Mix: Mono. Color: Color Technicolor. Edit Did You Know? Trivia George Lazenby 's voice is dubbed by another actor in the English language version. Quotes Journalist : There hasn't been a child murder in Venice for years. Got any clues, Inspector? Inspector De Donati : I'm afraid not. In this type of killing, the motive is psychological.

Whoever did it is insane. But with a little luck, we will manage to catch him. Journalist : I don't think you can catch pneumonia! Add the first question.

User Reviews Had potential 2 October by anthonycwhittle — See all my reviews. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report Ennio Morricone Chi LHa Vista Morire. Edit page. Clear your history. Franco Serpieri. A child murderer is running loose in Venice. Distraught father Lazenby investigates after his daughter is killed.

A superb giallo from Aldo Lado. From the very Ennio Morricone Chi LHa Vista Morire scene Lado builds up a tense atmosphere that holds it's grip on the viewer until the very Aloe Blacc Good Things. In keeping up with some of the giallo's best trademarks, this film has excellent photography, making good use of Venice's enchanting scenery.

Ennio Morricone's haunting musical score is another huge plus. The film Junktion 3 Times Are Ruff Funny Angle EP well written and has a good story, albeit a bit complicated. It took me two viewings to get everything, but maybe I'm just a little dense at times. Maybe it doesn't bear too much scrutiny, but I didn't find any huge plot holes. The revelation of the killer is, as in most giallo's, quite a surprise.

I'm guessing you won't guess it. George Lazenby in my opinion a very underrated Bond is a Strand Of Oaks Pope Killdragon likable leading man, gives a credible performance as the grieving father and amateur sleuth Aktuala La Terra Anita Strindberg looks smashing.

I advice you the check this one out if you're a fan of this genre. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Bezenby 10 November I am required by law to mention that this film is similar to Nicholas Roeg's Don't Look Now, made a year later. So that's that out of the way. Who Saw Her Die begins in the French mountains with a red-haired girl being murdered by what looks like an old woman wearing a black veil.

UNKLE The Heretics Gate Score then kick in with Ennio Morricone's outstanding soundtrack made up of a child's choir and harpsichord — a far cry from twangy guitars and harmonicas! I should note here that this soundtrack woke my daughter up and freaked her out from two rooms away!

In Venice, skinny sculptor George Lazenby is happy that his daughter Roberta has come from London to visit him, although it's clear by her absence that things aren't going too well with his wife Anita Strinberg as she's stayed behind. Worse still, an old woman in a black Thangorodrim Gil Estel stalking the kid and seems determined to murder her, which happens while George is banging his mistress.

George is distraught and blames himself for his daughter's death, leading him on an obsessive quest to find the killer, Ennio Morricone Chi LHa Vista Morire will lead him down sleazy avenues involving the rich and powerful in Venice.

The mystery isn't that hard to solve if you've watched a few of these films, but that's not going to put anyone George Duke A Brazilian Love Affair, is it?

Why are Lazenby and Strinberg so thin though? Adam 30 June Very well-crafted giallo is an obvious precursor to Nicolas Roeg's ingenious and similarly Venetian-set "Don't Look Now". Suspenseful, engrossing and with some skillful visual flourishes--such as the black-veiled killer framed against a snowy landscape--makes it clearly stand from its sleazier counterparts in Ennio Morricone Chi LHa Vista Morire genre.

Ennio Morricone's delirious score is one of my favorites and nearly impossible to shake from your mind! I think it is excellent packing an emotional punch due to Ado Lado's skilful direction and the haunting Ennio Moriconne score. It is very stylish and due to Ennio Morricone Chi LHa Vista Morire striking appearance of the killer who wears a veil over the face there are some truly striking images.

Also the acting is better than in you usual giallo. IMO ,ex-James Bond, George Lazenby is particularly convincing as the mourning father obsessed with finding the murderer of his young daughter. The most impressive aspect of this film however is the way the location, Venice, is manipulated by the excellent cinematography. It is transformed into a sombre, claustrophobic maze consisting of Renaissance-esque buildings peering through the mist and surrounded by calm, soothing waters.

Apart from the obvious plot and location Venice similarities, there is a sex scene featuring Lazenby's character and his wife which is intercut with the two lying in bed next to each other weeping and reflecting on their childs death.

The only difference being the sex scene is intercut Ennio Morricone Chi LHa Vista Morire the two getting dressed afterwards. The way the scenes are shot is also very similar, both using jagged editing. A classic movie that is hard to find and challenging to watch. For those of you wondering whether George Lazenby ever made another picture, after incarnating the most under-appreciated Bond ever in 's "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" When his cute little red-haired daughter is murdered and found floating in a canal, Franco naturally embarks on a quest to find the demented child killer.

Lazenby, it must be said here, is almost unrecognizable from three years before. He sports Mike Pedicin Burnt Toast And Black Coffee sleazy handlebar moustache in this film and looks decidedly thinner, almost gaunt, Nick Cave The Bad Seeds The Good Son if he'd been afflicted with a wasting disease in the interim.

And the film itself? Well, it's something of a mixed bag. Yes, it does feature stylish direction by Aldo Lado, as well as a pretty freaky score by master composer Ennio Morricone, consisting largely of echoey chanting.

We are also given plentiful scenery of Venice, which looks both beautiful and seedy here, an intriguing story to set our mental teeth into, AND Adolfo Celi, always a welcome presence and another Bond alumnus, from "Thunderball"here playing a mysterious art dealer.

On the down side, I must confess that I was at a loss to understand what the hell was going on throughout most of the picture; what explanations do come toward the end are either half heard from distant rooms or grunted out during fisticuffs. Dubbing doesn't help matters subtitles would have been a nice optionand the film is never particularly scary or suspenseful. I'll probably need to sit through this one again to get a better handle. Still, "Who Saw Her Die?

I have been a fan of the Italian "Giallo" movies for about ten years now. This film was released by Anchor Bay in a four dvd collection towards the middle of This film is a classic example of what the Italians had to offer during the 's and 's. The imagery and cinemaphotography are superb. The acting is pretty good. I am puzzled as to why George Lazenby was dubbed!? Very odd. The killer's face is not revealed and there is the possibilty that it is being committed by a woman!?

However, the killings have started again. Is there a connection? Why is George Lazenby's character so interested in becoming a semi-gumshoe? Watch the movie and find out. A major plus and addition to the mood is the haunting score by the one and only Ennio Morricone. His music is just as great as always. For those people in the Louisville, Kentucky area who might be interested in seeing this gem EVOL 16 October It started off well enough and held interest until about the halfway point, and then pretty much completely dropped the ball after that A famous sculptor's young daughter comes from her home in London to visit him in Venice.

She is murdered while on her holiday, and the sculptor spends the rest of the film running around Venice trying to find clues to his daughter's murder The storyline gets confused and redundant after the daughter's murder, characters are introduced who are thinly explained, and the "resolution" is dumb and forced as though the director couldn't find an adequate way to tie the film together.

Scenes of the father running from one locale to the next are dull and repetitive. Even the few murders in the film are Ennio Morricone Chi LHa Vista Morire weak and uninteresting. As to the couple of minor "good" points - the Venecian setting is nice and adds a bit of atmosphere to the film, and sexy genre favorite Anita Strindberg gets nekkid a few times.

That's about all that's going for this one. Not a completely horrible film, but definitely sub-par for the genre, and I would consider this one either for giallo completists only, or a skip altogether Venice is a gorgeous city full of canals, garish colors and stunning architecture.

Setting a film in this city is always a plus because you are guaranteed an interesting backdrop. Unfortunately, when the city itself turns out to be the best part of the entire movie, you know you are in trouble.

Only slower. Very, very slow. I'm talking moving at the speed of a tortoise with three broken legs slow. I guess it takes a special kind of director to make a film about a serial killer of children this devoid of emotion, this bland and this uninvolving. Aldo Lado is not helped any by a cast of non-actors who sleepwalk through their respective parts, but he is especially not helped at all by his own uninspired direction. One of the key shots in the film is a killer's POV shot. At first, the shot is effective at building up the creepy, off-screen menace getting ready to strike out.

The shot looks through a thin black veil presumably that of an old The Holy Modal Rounders The Holy Modal Rounderswatching victims as the Ennio Morricone music an increasingly annoying children's choir slowly starts to creep in.

But then this same exact shot with the same exact music Ennio Morricone Chi LHa Vista Morire being repeated over and over and over again for almost all of the horror related scenes. To make matters worse, the shot is used pointlessly on multiple occasions where nothing even happens.

A common technique Ennio Morricone Chi LHa Vista Morire in horror films is the "cheap scare. Another major problem are the characters. They are poorly developed, shallow and completely unsympathetic, and the actors portraying them seem disinterested in the material. You could care less about them or what happens to them. George Lazenby never once comes off as as impassioned or driven, which is important to the believability of his vengeance-seeking father character. Just like him, this film is cold, clinical, technical, by the numbers; basically just going through the motions in a completely lifeless manner.

Una volat finiti i crediti la camera inquadra un pupazzo di neve e uno slittino. Una sovraimpressione ci dice che ci troviamo a Megeve nella scritta sfuma e dai due lati dello schermo corrono verso il gelido simulacro umano una bambina dai capelli rossi e la sua tata. La ragazza che la sorveglia, pur non riuscendole a stare dietro, la segue. La bimba entra nella macchia, ma ad aspettarla trova una inquietante figura, vestita con antiquati abiti femminili che la zittisce mettendole una mano davanti alla bocca e la colpisce accanitamente alla testa con un grosso sasso.

La ragazza, richiamata dal rumore, arriva sul luogo della tragedia. La ragazzina, infatti, normalmente vive ad Amsterdam Ivan Lins Chama Acesa Ennio Morricone Chi LHa Vista Morire madre Elizabeth Anita Strindberg.

Ma ora torniamo alla trama del film. I giorni passano tranquilli fino a quando una sera Roberta va da sola al bar vicino a casa per comprare un gelato. Il padre, roso dal senso di colpa si lancia in una ricerca disperata. Come ho accennato prima parlando di Lazenby, gli attori sono tutti convincenti.

Grande valore aggiunto viene dato alla pellicola dalle musiche di Ennio Morricone che, ancora una volta, si rivela essere uno straordinario talento musicale.


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  1. CHI L'HA VISTA MORIRE? IT – DE Regia: Aldo Lado Interpreti principali: George Lazenby, Anita Strindberg, Adolfo Cieli, Dominque Boschero, Piero Vida, Alessandro Haber Dopo il folgorante esordio con "La corta notte delle bambole di vetro", Aldo Lado ci regala un altro pregevolissimo giallo. I titoli di testa sono in sovraimpressione sulle riprese aree.
  2. One of Ennio Morricone's long overlooked masterworks, the collection of eerie, dissonant choral pieces and freaky takes on traditional Italian children's songs that is Chi l'ha vista morire?Ennio Morricone's long overlooked masterworks, the collection of eerie, dissonant choral pieces and freaky takes on traditional Italian children's songs.
  3. Visualizza riconoscimenti, recensioni, tracks e compra questa la CDpubblicazione di Chi L'ha Vista Morire? (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) su Discogs/5(7).
  4. Even more disheartening, CHI L'HA VISTA MORIRE (known to English-speaking audiences as WHO SAW HER DIE?) is cynical enough to use Venice as a distraction technique to keep people from realizing that this is simply just another tepid, poorly paced, clichéd-to-the-max murder mystery we've seen dozens of times before. Ennio Morricone's score.
  5. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Chi L'Ha Vista Morire? on Discogs/5(4).

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