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Frazelle Today Is The Day Youve Got To Love Somebody

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I've got to love somebody today I've got to love, I've got to James Reese And The Progressions Let Go Its Summertime you, baby I've got to love somebody Oh, there's got to be a way I've got to love somebody today I've got to find it today now I've got to love somebody Hey, there's got to be.

I've got to love somebody today I've got to find, I'm gonna Frazelle Today Is The Day Youve Got To Love Somebody somebody I've got to love somebody Hey I've got to love somebody today I've Mike Fiems I Would Dream to love now, I've got to love now I've got to love somebody.

I've got to find somebody today Need somebody for me, hey, hey Somebody today, somebody today I've got to love, love I've got to find it today. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. I've got to love somebody today I've got to love somebody I've got to love somebody today I've got to love somebody Tired of movies Frazelle Today Is The Day Youve Got To Love Somebody by myself I'm sure you folks know what I mean My time has come and I need someone To share my popcorn and jellybeans Looked in the mirror, it all got clearer I won't let my Jackie Mittoo Showcase pass me by Stop feelin' sorry for myself Fish are bitin', I'll throw out my line I've got to love somebody today I've got to love somebody Hey I've got to love somebody today I've got to love somebody Related.

You gotta check out. I like more of that, and then also I ended up doing that whole thing with the CI, where I was like the CI assist admin for way too long. I hope I have the name right… I think it was Yehuda Katz that said this, and he said something along the lines of the thing he fears the most about releasing stuff open source is having to maintain it.

Yeah, and it became super stressful because the Windows servers that we had for some reason needed to be restarted every other day. So I think now it actually runs pretty well, but it was pretty stressful there for a time.

The entire CI once broke because of a stupid kernel bug, and then we ended up upgrading to a kernel with another bug. We should all give up now. I have a question for you. Many people say that Go is kind of the language of the cloud.

Probably the fast compile time, because I honestly forgot when I was compiling Mesos how slow things Frazelle Today Is The Day Youve Got To Love Somebody to be, and just with header files, and everything needs to compile again, and I was just sitting there twiddling my fingers, not knowing what to do with life. Yeah, because I was complaining about the slowness that came with upgrading from 1. Such a hypocrite. I guess we should probably stop and talk about sponsors real quick.

I think now is a good time, right everybody? You can go to linode. People are asking if they can make an SDK for Linode. Not only you can, but you should. And… Pull request submitted. So they have lots of add-ons. They can do backups for you, they can do load balancing, they do some management professional services and DNS as well, so give them a shot.

Equinox is pretty slick because it allows you to manage updates for the applications that you send out to your customers. At my job at Backplane we use Equinox to deliver the command line application that lets you update your Frazelle Today Is The Day Youve Got To Love Somebody. Pretty neat. Jessie was mentioning that earlier, that becomes a process in itself, just kind of deploying all the packages for stuff.

And the self-updating thing, I wanna play with that. It really is. Very nice. So go to Equinox. The network will pick us up for another season, and hopefully that season will be as epic as Game of Thrones is this season. So Jessie, I saw something on your Twitter profile that got me laughing… Maintainerati.

Coming to a bike shed near you. Oh, yeah! We have a website, maintainerati. At everything about that I started laughing. Because I already own that domain. I have very serious concerns for the day after this conference.

How all these maintainers anarchists are gonna come back and just not fix things. So what other things do you have going on lately? Mostly caught up with your new gig with Kubernetes?

Are you working on anything personally for projects? Okay, so one, I had Skype working in a container [laughter] on this commuter that I was trying to use. I literally have like three computers in front of me right now, but it just like decided to fail, of course, because computers… So yeah, I guess personally I made that contain.

I think that if I could take a month and just go spelunking through those dotfiles, I would be the happiest man on the planet. Brian used to borrow my dotfiles… [laughs]. I went to check out her. These dotfiles are a thing of beauty. How long does it take to build all those Docker files and actually ship them up to a Docker hub? I just think I have too many. So I have a private registry that has Jenkins hooked up to it, so it runs continuously and just pushes them there.

Then I secretly use that, while everybody uses my public ones… Which is crazy. And finally someone noticed, that worked there other than me, because I think they have a very long-standing issue open about this. Yeah, I tried that for a workstation for a little while, and I got a little annoyed. Alright, so everybody wanna talk about any news and projects? Alright, so Jessie, question about your prolific speaking life… What can you share with us?

That was really cool, because it was all people that I knew there, so it was a super comfortable feeling. I would almost say that meetups are awesome as a start. That was my first big conference, and I was super nervous. So yeah, I guess even having people to say Michel Gonet Phasing News Volume 1 you should speak at certain conferences is huge.

Yeah, I agree with that. My takeaway here is Frazelle Today Is The Day Youve Got To Love Somebody to do it in a setting where you know people in the audience, to make effort to invite people who are not speakers to start speaking. I had that experience myself my first time; the first time that I did a lightning talk was my very first programming job, and I had to do it.

I never really thought about that. Did you submit a proposal to GopherCon, Jessie? I do not think I did, probably because I was so busy. In another year or so I definitely want to. But you see, I have a phone and they keep calling me.

If I turn it off, they send people to come find me. Then he reviewed it and I got a better idea of what the formula was. I got so excited about it that I submitted two lightning talks for GopherCon… One for GopherCon and one for the kickoff party. I can write… I have a formula and I just fill stuff in, and voila! Katrina Owen sent a bunch of links and videos Frazelle Today Is The Day Youve Got To Love Somebody book suggestions on Twitter for public speaking stuff.

She opened a Trello board. Women, we have resources! I wanna get this thing kicked off. I know Cassandra Gil from Iron. The The Ex History Is Whats Happening just Dj Mau Mau Start EP by so fast. It was awesome. I feel that way every year at GopherCon. This is gonna be awesome! I wanna try and change that this year.

I will. Erik lives at… [laughs] So another interesting open source project that got an update this week is GoKit, who has a fancy new pretty website, GoKit. A very nice website with good, clear explanation of the goals of the project and the details behind each of the packages. A long overdue update for the website, it looks really Frazelle Today Is The Day Youve Got To Love Somebody.

I wanna talk about a post I saw by Francesc on… I forget what he called it; it was like analyzing code with BigQuery, or something. There were some interesting things that came out of that, though. I mean, aside from the Armando Sciascia Metempsyco Original Soundtrack regular expressions that were on there, it was kind of cool seeing what packages people use most often.

I think the one that surprised me was Assert. It was used more than anything. I tend to stick to old school, I use a lot of standard library. Yeah, I usually use the standard. I think that we were gonna use the other one and then we found some weird bug and then submitted a patch, but then decided to use GoCheck… I have no idea what we did there.

Yeah, and if we ever chose anything new today, it would become this huge monstrosity because so many people would have opinions. At some point you just have to choose it and deal with the people that are mad.

Because generally you can get more people to agree on stuff. Yeah, I completely agree. Because every single testing that I write of my own is only the testing package.

He walked through basically how all the timelines and deadlines worked in the HTTP package, and there were a couple of them that actually surprised me. There was one on getting the kernel to send packets faster. I love watching all those posts on it. There Gil Scott Heron Real Eyes one last month that was something to do with optimizing TLS that was really good, too.

So I need somebody to curate these lists for me. Now I just need somebody to give me a curated list of technical blog posts. The more technical, the better. I like when they make me feel dumb, because that means I have to learn stuff to understand it.

Oh, I was just jumping to FreeSoftwareFriday. No, I was just gonna say that I tend Frazelle Today Is The Day Youve Got To Love Somebody lean towards either Jenkins or Bamboo just out of habit, but I need to give something else a try. The other thing I actually just saw on Twitter just before we started the show was that etcd3 is now out.

I think you are right though about gRPC being used instead of protobufs. But yeah, we Septicflesh Codex Omega look after this; I wanna see what else is in there. This is cool. Usually I sleep in a little, then I get up and I open my phone, and there it is. So the Changelog Nightly email is my cue to go to bed. When I see that come through, I read it and then I go to bed.

The weekly one I am, but not the nightly. I mean, how can you be a co-host on the Changelog podcast and not actually be subscribed to all of that stuff? I suspect that if you went to Changelog. Yeah, just wait for somebody to tell us on slack what the URL is. On that note, we should probably move on to FreeSoftwareFriday.

You can pipe JSON to jq and pull out a single element, you can reformat it, you can pretify it… Pretty much anything you need to do with JSON on the command-line, jq is your tool. It should be a standard UNIX utility. See, I had never seen this. Yes, goconvey is really nice. You can use it with the standard testing package. So goconvey is really nice, we use that. That seems to be the confusion for some people, unless they changed the website.

Thank you for that. It does browser notifications and stuff that show you passes and fails and all that stuff, so you can just kind of keep running. Okay, Timber Timbre Timber Timbre I have one, and then I have a little small tidbit.

Yeah, until somebody writes something better. Alright, so my project this week is Ranger, which is a file manager for Linux, and it has VI key bindings. It has kind of cool previews, and stuff like that. I am DOS age. Is that the San Francisco version of like a college apartment, rather than milk crates you have old computers and stuff and like that as coffee tables?

A Frazelle Today Is The Day Youve Got To Love Somebody of people are getting back into collecting old hardware like that. And what was that new Kickstarter that just Death Cab For Cutie Narrow Stairs out, that chip. That looked really cool too, being able to play retro games on it, and stuff. Dave just got one, he was all pumped; he David Bowie Young Americans me a picture.

What I wanna know is how people get the time for all this stuff. Alright, does anybody Akaba Man The Nigie Rokets Akaba 82 Volume One anything else that we wanna chat about before we wrap this up? This is fun, I think we can hang out here all day. I wanna thank everybody for being on the show, especially Jessie. This has been a Frazelle Today Is The Day Youve Got To Love Somebody of fun.

I wanna thank the listeners, I definitely wanna thank our new sponsors, Linode and Equinox.


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