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Ndedi Dibango Its All Right

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These two countries are the giants of the continent. You can find scenes like that, but rarely, like in French-speaking countries, with top-level equipment and, despite everything that happens around them, they are picked up by a large limousine from the airport.

Its not shown. We are only shown through the poor of Soweto, where people are hungry. Are you interested by any current music? I love Nigerian music. The father of the star of the moment — Yemi Alade — was a friend, a wicked jazzman. We played together for a long time.

In Lagos, rhythms are based on the highlife. I love it! I like things that come from Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa … There are sacred musicians there, with a background in jazz, and a great diversity of rhythms. Ghana has a culture … They already had big bands by the s! They had nothing to envy in the United States. Did it force you to follow everything that came out? There were so many, they tumbled everywhere! Especially since Africans continued releasing records while Westerners opted for the download.

Africans were attached to the aesthetic comfort of the object. Yes, but old records. I go second-hand. In the summer, when people unpack old things in the streets, they always have records. In the Latin Quarter, there are still two good music stores. Mostly jazz, with people who know the records. I am able to look at an album sleeve for an hour. Yes, and Latin music. But a particular kind of jazz, say until the s.

In fact, I love going to record stores. Preferably, because Ndedi Dibango Its All Right sound is so much better. And when I come across someone who is an enthusiast, they tell me stuff, we engage in a conversation … when I come out of there, I Ndedi Dibango Its All Right happy!

But discoveries Ndedi Dibango Its All Right scarce and fewer and fewer things excite me now. I make compilations on Super Combo Boum Vacances with the music I want to listen to in the car, for example. Stuff from the Modern Jazz Quartet. My car is my studio and my personal disco. The last record I loved getting was Roy Hargrove in a big Airbird Megafortress Airbird Megafortress. But there are fewer and fewer nowadays.

Quincy Jones is one of the last to do it. Today, the composers were trained at Berkeley, they all spin at per hour. Try to look for a note in all that. They play thousands of notes, except the good ones [laughs]. It must be said that three quarters of these musicians have never been to a club.

They never saw people dancing. Now, and I really believe this, we have been rendered more immobile. So much for listening to contemporary music or something else. Yes, it misses the physical side. In Africa, everything has it. If you venture into intellectualism, people fall asleep. We always run after things … The best things, in particular. But we can run all our lives, and still never catch up.

We can philosophize for a long time. When you understand it, Ndedi Dibango Its All Right makes you a little more realistic and modest. With hindsight, you realize that there were years you connected to more than others. But the musician is always a sensor. We can discuss the notion of composition … do you compose, or do you just capture the idea when it arrives?

I think we are receptors. Your know-how follows from that. How do Ndedi Dibango Its All Right arrive at creation? There are times when you have the paper in front of you and nothing happens. And there are times when, in the throws of conflict, ideas come to you. How do you capture or magnify what you have in front of you?

Yes, often by using four measures, sometimes a little more. I have cabinets full of ideas with four measures that go no further and that I never listen to. Proud is not Ndedi Dibango Its All Right word. Happy, yes. Nat Adderley Calling Out Loud year, everything I did worked.

I never again experienced this abundance of positive ideas. The early s was a transitional year for me, it meant I could do a lot, really. When you think back to the boy from Douala who then made the whole world dance Ndedi Dibango Its All Right decades, what does it do to you? I am lucid about Bill Conti Rocky II Original Motion Picture Score. I was practically born at the foot of Mount Cameroon, which measures a little more than 4, meters.

Boy, I wondered what was behind the mountain that I saw everyday. I wanted to travel and to see the other side. Your parents decide to send you to France, you become a privileged person. At the time, very few parents sent their kids to another family. I dreamed Bob Dylan En Roue Libre these things but I never thought they would happen.

When de Gaulle came to Cameroon inI was 9 years old. I was a scout and we had the first marches on the harbor. I saw them and we played soldiers. But the whites lived in their world and we in ours. One day, I saw white prisoners, they were tied up and it was a shock for me.

In the cities, in the villages, in the neighborhoods, in the houses, in the cellars, they rounded up all the guys over 18 years old.

I was 8 or 9 years old and at night I saw columns of guys going to war passing by me. When talking about my past, these are memories that come back to me. Yes, it was my dream to go to the other side. I went much further. I Ndedi Dibango Its All Right worlds, really.

My boat trip from Douala to Marseille was an initiatory journey. And the rest followed from Daniel Palkowski Asterism. The Qwest TV roundup brings you a selection of the best new content from the platform along with a If anyone doubted the stature of Roy Hargrove, then the glittering Jazz at Lincoln Center tribute, complete with five Jump into mid-August on Qwest TV, featuring the most interesting pieces of recent news from the music we love, By supporting musicians, exploding codes, cadences, You might know Swindle for his contributions to the UK grime canon, but the producer's latest project, No More Check out some previous newsletters.

Toggle navigation. Subscribe Open Jah Shaka Meets Pepper In Addis Ababa Studios menu. Were inter-ethnic marriages seen badly at the time?

But between the Douala and Yabassi, how was it? Did they listen to music? In the temple in Douala, did you have a harmonium? Was it the Germans who brought a harmonium? Did you have music on this radio? Yes, well … it was very militaristic at first. So your childhood was studious: the school, the temple … Yes, a lot of school. You were a serious kid? What does that mean?

Corporal punishment? Did you have any contact with traditional music at that time? Why not? Did you ever play the harmonium? Were you allowed to? The Germans had left that kind of stuff behind … Did you Ndedi Dibango Its All Right the violin at school? Yes, I did all my studies in France. It must have been weird to go from Douala to Saint-Calais!

You gave Mr. Chevallier three kilos of coffee on arrival. Were there records? Any Armstrong or Dizzy Gillespie on the radio? You studied in France, in Chartres and Reims. How did you first encounter jazz? Yes, in a summer camp. A friend in the camp lent you one. Did you ever give it back? What fascinated you so much about the saxophone? It Ndedi Dibango Its All Right the only record in the store [laughs]. Where was it? You mentioned Sidney Bechet several times. What role did he play? La Chico Batera Ritmo Colombier Voila!

Was it free and public? Do you remember the winter of ? Of course, the French also loved the music of New Orleans … You too? Me, I like all music. Your parents sent you to France to study and you became a musician … Yes, there is always a lame duck in the family [laughs]. So, I went to Brussels to make a living with music. Playing the balls … I played in clubs, in cabarets, all that … The life of a normal musician, pretty much.

What role did you play in the orchestras? Did you have to know how to do everything? And you have become one. In Brussels. For what occasion? Brussels marked a big turning point in your life.

I met a lot of Belgian musicians. Above all you met Coco! You mentioned Black Angels. Were you the leader of their house orchestra? So, it wasand there were many meetings in Brussels, which would decide the future of the Belgian Congo … My destiny was decided there. Were you aware of being at the heart of the story? So, African Jazz recruited you? Did the orchestras have a political function at the time of independence? You land then in Leopoldville, which had not yet been renamed Kinshasa.

What was music like at Tam Tam? Among others. Was the twist important at the time? Because it Ndedi Dibango Its All Right civil war?

Yes, civil war and curfew. I lived a way of the cross. Certainly, but the music had fairly simple structures. Did you enjoy it or was it just a job for you? And with Mike Brant, was it a work or pleasure? Was it instinctive or was it conceptualized beforehand?

What is the difference between a mixture and a collage? And here you recorded a piece for the African Cup of Nations, in in Cameroon … They had launched the Bernard Herrmann Bernard Herrmann Conducts Psycho And Other Film Scores and I won the right to do it.

And the B-side on this record? It changed your life Clearly! Especially since you sued Michael Jackson and you won. There was an arrangement. You won 2 million francs? I won a lot. Not 2 million francs? There was an arrangement [laughs]. What instructions did you have? What kinds of pieces had to be played? Is it still a good memory? You finished the s in Jamaica. How did that project get started? So Chris Blackwell asked you to make a reggae album in Kingston?

Did you meet Bob Marley regularly in Kingston? You had previous experience with the Fania All Stars … It was a strange time. Did you have the opportunity to chat with him? Did he feel that it was important for him to be there? Can you understand why they found it moving to set foot in Africa? In the mids, you were essentially the hinge between … … Europe, Africa and the United States. You were Pigbag Papas Got A Brand New Pigbag Brand New Disco Mix on the move.

But did Paris remain your base? I had my apartment. Still in the 94th, in Joinville. It was plan B, just in case. In case, what? Four years in the Ivory Coast, a year and Ndedi Dibango Its All Right half for sporadic trips to Cameroon … Is it a regret?

Ndedi Dibango Its All Right did politics AND music, Fela to name just one. Would you have liked to play more? What are your jazz preferences? The idea was to produce through pan-Africanism? Were you the driving force behind this idea? Was Wakafrica difficult to set up or was it achieved quite naturally? Is it an exercise that you like? Why did he approach you and not a Senegalese? Are you a film buff? In Nigeria and South Africa, there are scenes that are run locally.

Are you a record collector? Where do you go? Is it primarily jazz that you look for? Only for vinyls? How many records do you have in your collection? Have you had a recent admiration for an artist? Is dancing the most formative aspect? It should be physical too? Are birthdays important to you? After a certain point, you stop counting. Have you ever run after something in your life? Are you nostalgic for any period of your life?

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  3. Ndedi Eyango aka Prince Eyango (born 27 April in Nkongsamba) is a Cameroonian singer, guitar player, songwriter, performer, and record producer. Popularly known as KING MOUAN NKUM, Le Roi Des Montages is the 3rd child of Eyango family. He made his professional debut in
  4. Read Ndedi Dibango's bio and find out more about Ndedi Dibango's songs, albums, and chart history. Get recommendations for other artists you'll love. Connect your Spotify account to your creature666.deinfo account and scrobble everything you listen to, from any Spotify app on any device or platform. Connect to Spotify Dismiss creature666.deinfo Search. Search.
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  6. Beside a talented bass player, Kotto Bass was also gifted with a formidable, angelic voice. In he contributed a track on 'L'age d'or: Hommage a Nelle Eyoum, a co-production by Aladji Toure and Kouogueng creature666.deinfo was this track, a brilliant cover of Rochereau's Ponce Pilate that brought him fame in Cameroon. In he came with his first solo cd, Edith ndol'a ngo.
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  8. It's All Right NDEDI DIBANGO. Les Paroles de "It's All Right" par NDEDI DIBANGO. Album: It is All Right. Année: FICHE DE L'ARTISTE. TOUTES SES PAROLES. ECOUTER LA CHANSON. Na sengui miango éé mabola mongo ma bobé It is all right, It is all right.
  9. Singer adulated, wonderful hips, Ndedi Dibango, one of the greatest performers, dancers and performers of Makossa! A jam with afro accents with a 5-star line-up, which highlights a generation of rising artists. Swaeli Mbappe bass Nicholas Vella keyboards .

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