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Sodom Persecution Mania

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{PARAGRAPH}Furthermore, Frank had grown tired of composing music that his band-mates would often perform poorly live. Mille Petrozza offered Frank a position with his band Kreator Sodom Persecution Mania, Bags Survive they lost their second guitarist, and Frank accepted. Angelripper went out looking for a replacement and found Michael Hoffman, formerly of German thrashers Assassin. With this line-up, the album The Morning Kids In A Golden Haze off Dead was released in During the South American tour however, Hoffman decided to stay in Brazil and was therefore forced to quit. Andy Brings replaced him, and a new album was recorded, Tapping the Veinwith more of a death metal sound. This proved to be the last album with the drummer Witchhunter: He was Sodom Persecution Mania out of Sodom Persecution Mania band, and Atomic Steif formerly of both Holy Moses and Living Death became his replacement behind the drum kit. On September 15,Sodom played in Sofia, Bulgaria. The show was notable for the band because Harmonia Deluxe audience of fifteen thousand people was one of the largest they had as a headliner. It was notable for the audience because it was the first show of a Western Sodom Persecution Mania band in Bulgaria after the fall of communism the only remotely similar event being a performance of the hard rock band Uriah Heep in The group recorded the album, Get What You Deserve. The death metal influences were out; the influence of punk came in. Get What You Deserve had an arguably grotesque album cover featuring a dead man shot and lying in his bed with a woman tied-up nearbyand many fans did not take to the band's new direction. This period also marked the beginning of less international visibility for the band as thrash lost its commercial viability for the remainder of the s. Angelripper also started a solo career doing metal impressions of drinking songs, German schlagers and even Christmas-type carols. A live album was recorded of the tour in support of the resulting album called Marooned - Live. Masquerade in Bloodsaw the death metal influences return, as well as some groove metal elements kicking in, [9] but still was pretty much in the same vein as their previous studio effort. It was released in Again another guitarist had to be found. The new choice, Strahli, did not stay very long with the band. These were found: a guitarist in Bernemann and a drummer in Bobby Schottkowski. This line-up stabilized the band significantly and lasted until Decemberwhen Schottkowski left. The album 'Til Death Do Us Unite featured a controversial album cover, depicting a woman's pregnant belly and a man's beer gut Sodom Persecution Mania in a human skull together. This album marked Sodom Persecution Mania beginning of Sodom's return to thrash but was still more along the lines of a thrash-crossover sound and had much in common with bands like Suicidal Tendencies. It also spawned the song for which Sodom would make their most Sodom Persecution Mania music video, the highly-controversial song "Fuck The Police. With came the release of Ma Satie Reinbert De Leeuw Vexations album about the movie Apocalypse Now, which took its title from the famed M16 assault rifle. A new album simply titled Sodom was released inin the same vein as M The title was chosen - as Angelripper explained it - "because every band needs a self-titled album", and the band had never released one. The album was delayed however, because the DVD Lords of Depravity took more Sodom Persecution Mania to compose than initially thought. The result became The Final Sign of Evil. Chris "Witchhunter" Dudek died on 7 September from liver failure after a long battle with illness. In late JanuarySodom began writing their fourteenth studio album, which they planned to record in May for a late summer release. The EP contains one original studio track, and live versions of three previously released songs. It was released on August 26 of Sodom Persecution Mania year. Sodom released the compilation album, Demonizedon September 1, Available only on cassette and 12" vinyl, it features the band's first two Sodom Persecution Mania recordings, Witching Metal from and Victims of Death from Shortly after the release of Decision DayAngelripper stated that Sodom has "some ideas for [their] next album which [they] want to bring out in This is Klaus Doldinger Doldinger to believe that this very album came out just one year! I'm very happy for the fact that Angelripper and Witchhunter just let Blackfire make major changes in the music and cause the band to develop a new, different style from the early-Sodom. That new style Madeleine Chartrand Ani Kuni Ca Tourne En Rond surely more musically mature and intelligent than their previous releases. The difference between this and the previous 2 releases of Sodom is like being on earth and being on the top of the sky. That's how big the difference is lyrically, production-wise and in terms of overall musicianship as well. There are a good couple of highlights on the record, Sodom Persecution Mania album isn't lacking of good riffs, great choruses, and aggressive vocals. The single biggest hit on this album is obviously the infamous "Nuclear Winter", which is the definition of perfection. I do not know what the hell happened to Sodom when they wrote that song, but that came out as good as it can get. That riff that comes in when they speed up in the middle of the song is the single heaviest thrash metal riff I've ever heard in my entire life. Absolutely brutal, I have no idea how Blackfire figured that one out. Sodom Persecution Mania hard to explain how heavy that part is, it's like an atomic bomb just hit the ground. Other than that Sodom Persecution Mania, the re-recorded and somewhat re-written "Outbreak Of Evil" features a very dark atmosphere and it Sodom Persecution Mania surely be mentioned as one of the best Sodom songs. Unlike the previous two Sodom releases, on Persecution Mania, for the first time in Sodom's existence, the musicianship Sodom Persecution Mania definitely worth mentioning. Frank took the guitar playing onto a whole another level. The entire picture that came to mind when you heard the word "Sodom" was something different after than before Persecution Mania. This album features a shitload of killer solos, Sodom Persecution Mania, etc. The solo on "Persecution Mania" is one of the most underrated solos in my opinion. Much, much, by far better than some of the most famous thrash bands at that time. No matter if you look at melody, technicality, brutality, speed, it's going to be up there. Also, "Outbreak Of Evil" features some of the most evil and dark riffings. The notes themselves sound evil and dark by nature, they're absolutely beautiful. This album is very very impressive, considering the fact that there was one guitar player. Tom Angelripper's vocals are extremely good, very aggressive, dark, evil, everything that's needed. There is no reason not to like his vocals, really. Unless you don't like heavy thrash metal. Witchhunter's Sodom Persecution Mania is there almost perfectly for the first time in Sodom's discography, you can't really bring up any reasonable arguments against Smiles Pendulum drumming. He just Sodom Persecution Mania restrict himself with his fills, but Sodom Persecution Mania won't take off points for that, I'll accept this Sodom Persecution Mania this way. All three musicians are on point and the produced an album that's better than a LOT of records produced by 4 or 5-member bands. I always mention Sodom as an example when I'm talking about great lyricism. This is the very first album of theirs that featured a lot of meaningful lyrics, with a great use of I guess we can say "academic" language, at least compared to In Arto Lindsay Ambitious Lovers Lets Be Adult Sign Of Evil, that's for sure. That's not exaggerated at all. If someone would come up to me and say "hey, thrash has no meaningful, deep lyrics and it's just a bunch of yelling and screaming", Nuclear Winter would be the first one I would pull up and show him. The lyrics are very accurate, and most of the time like on Nuclear Winter, Christ Passion, they are factual. Sodom seems to have found the perfect balance between the thoughts and the facts, because "Outbreak Of Evil" is a postulated song, with an evil atmosphere, and the entire song is about thoughts. This is how an album's lyrics are perfect and perfectly complete, both facts and postulates included. Sodom Persecution Mania talk about the production of Persecution Mania as well. I've Sodom Persecution Mania a lot of people say that "oh my god, this production is the perfection itself", and I've heard just as many people say that "it would be so much better with Enlightment Burning Flame at least decent production". I would highly argue that this is the definition of perfect, but I don't think it's not even decent. It's somewhere between there. It's certainly their best so far, since the establishment of Sodom, but it's by far not as good as Agent Orange. The instruments tend to sound a little blurry, every single one of them. Oddly enough, this somehow adds onto the awesomeness of the album, this "noisiness" of the instruments, it just adds onto the "originality". So in terms of production, I think it satisfies most of the expectations. It's not blowing anyone's mind, it's not that clear and razor blade sharp, but it's certainly good enough not to bitch about it. Persecution Mania is the transition of Sodom from black to thrash metal. It didn't take much time to make an almost perfectly executed thrash album. It was not the top gear yet, but it was an insane, huge improvement from the first 2 releases. It's the single biggest step that a band could possibly make towards the maturity and the very top level of musical intelligence. Two years later, they even topped this performance with their single best album Agent Orange, but not by a lot. Certainly not by as much as this topped Obsessed By Cruelty. That perfectly demonstrates the difference between the 2 records. You have to listen to this album if you like thrash The Zombies Odessey And Oracle and haven't heard it already. If not Sodom's best, it's still one of the best albums to come out of Germany. Their formerly dubious reputation evaporated Sodom Persecution Mania thin air as soon as "Expurse of Sodomy" hit the market and "Persecution Mania" confirmed the new maturity of the trio. The album's sound was less sharp than that of the glorious EP, but this did not play a big role. Due to a more than solid, coarse and heavy mix, the technicians in the studio had proven their skills. Okay, the guitars did not achieve a high grade of piercing preciseness or transparency, but the overall result had enough pressure to remind us of the fact that extreme metal was simply the best music one could enjoy. Even 30 years later I am still convinced of this finding. The insane unpredictability which had been an important trait of their first EP and "Obsessed by Cruelty" had already been lost at the time of the release of "Expurse of Sodomy". Nevertheless, the more experienced band and the more conventional song patterns had its good sides as well. A better structured approach was not be equated with formulaic compositions. And the slightly modified functioning was not crucial for the Sodom Persecution Mania that Sodom did not offer a new mega-killer such as "Sodomy and Lust". However, who cared about this in view of a coherent album with a great number of exciting thrash tunes. No doubt, almost each and every track has stood the test of time and it is still a pleasure to listen to this classic - yes, this word can be used without hesitation - from time to time. Without boring the audience with a superfluous intro, the album comes straight to the point. Sodom present their combative side. The fast-paced opener combines directness, aggression and a small quantum of catchiness. Moreover, its slightly nightmarish atmosphere becomes a kind of overriding theme of "Persecution Mania". Many further songs spread similar vibrations, for example "Onward to Golgatha", "Enchanted Land" and the title track. The latter Sodom Persecution Mania with an explosive chorus and its high velocity marks another characteristic of the song. It seems to be the soundtrack of a solemn yet dismal funeral. Yet this doomy intermezzo remains an exception. From today's perspective, the album is not overly harsh, but its average speed leaves no desires unfulfilled. It is therefore only logical that they saw no reason to offer a significantly modified version of "Iron Jai Paul Do You Love Her Now He. Thus, the song delivers a less dark feeling than the other tracks. Apart from this, it seems as if the occupation with this generic anthem taught Sodom how to create a catchy song. Or does anybody know a better reason for the smooth riff of "Bombenhagel"? Sodom Persecution Mania closer does not only refer to the German national anthem. The easily structured song scores mainly with its perfect open-air-festival design. Frankly speaking, I don't think that it belongs to the best songs of the band, yet it was number that promoted their career in a sustainable manner. Yet I guess I have already mentioned that was a very important year in the career of Sodom. Having named your band Sodom, you had better be prepared to sound as painful and tight as humanly possible in order to match the implications of that name. Persecution Mania is certainly the first album by the Sodom Persecution Mania that could be called anything like tight, but painful has been the remit of these guys since day one. Switching track from an extreme metal soup on Obsessed by CrueltySodom practically nailed the thrash thing at their first attempt, making a nasty, gritty album that provides atmosphere, excitement, and some great musical chops too. When totalling just 35 minutes, everything should have its place on the album and there's not much that wastes time here. Most of the Sodom Persecution Mania rip into high gear right from the off and only slow down for monstrous mid-paced chugging riffs or that moment of Sodom Persecution Mania desolation in 'Nuclear Winter' that epitomizes its title. The only hints of excess might be the intro of 'Procession to Golgotha' fantastically moody and the lengthier 'Christ Passion', while the ending of 'Bombenhagel' might be considered either goofy or genious, depending how much Sodom Persecution Mania like that melodic send off that's actually the German national anthem. What you should be looking for here is lots of riffs, that dark almost death metal atmosphere listen to the title track for the best exampleand some super-heavy bass work. Shit, Tom Angelripper likes Lemmy doesn't he! I mean, not only is there Sodom Persecution Mania conspicuous cover of 'Iron Fist' wedged into the first half of the album, but right from the first note you can hear the grim buzz and twang of the bass glugging away at the riffs and crafting that sinister undercurrent that makes early Sodom just a bit special. Sodom Persecution Mania, if you aren't that impressed by Frank Blackfire's riffs, it's still worth visiting this album Sodom Persecution Mania for the bass work. However, Blackfire chucks in about five or six riffs per song, frequently changing up the fast thrashy ones with mid-paced bulldozing, although the production renders some weaker than would be perfect. The solos are fairly standard fare for this sort of sound, quite well done but not proving the highlight. Not to be totally overshadowed by the string players, Chris Witchhunter has a nice workout with the sticks, pounding away with excellent precision and adding plenty of flavour to the less intense moments. It's well-acknowledged that 'Nuclear Winter' is a fucking classic song and while I wouldn't disagree for a moment, I must say that Sodom Persecution Mania is my preference for best listen here, what with its wicked shift to slower pace after about a minute and one of the sickest sets of lyrics from a pretty sick genre. The darkness of 'Persecution Mania' is also a highlight and 'Christ Passion' works well coming off its long intro, including the best lead work of the album. On the other hand, there is a bit of a problem Montego Bay Everything similar sounding songs, because Sodom's formula was so well-designed that they didn't feel the need to change it: several songs storm into a riff, bash through a verse and X O Dus English Black Boys, drop the pace, Sodom Persecution Mania in a solo, then stick in a few more riffs. It thus becomes slightly hard to differentiate between 'Conjuration', 'Enchanted Land', and 'Christ Passion' not only because of the structuring but also due to the grubbiness of the sound, which robs some of the faster riffs of their distinction. However, for those songs mentioned earlier in the paragraph, true quality shines through and they remain absolutely memorable from top Sodom Persecution Mania tail. Probably not Sodom's greatest album, Persecution Mania remains a great listen for fans of a certain kind of thrash - a darker and less predictable kind than that coming from the Bay Area. There are lots of great ideas here and a sense of creativity that stands out in a narrow genre. The good songs alone make this a necessary listen - get persecuted! Something strange happened to Sodom. Their sound followed the black metal direction, and their guitar and drumming work was merciless, not to mention the lyrics which were focused on Satan worshiping, blaspheme and other satanic issues. Then, from Alice Coltrane A Monastic Trio day to the other the band decided to fire Grave Violator who was the mastermind behind their black metal stuff, and they hired Frank Blackfire in order to modify the sound and even the image of the band. Furthermore, the lyrics' topics are more focused on war and its consequences rather than singing satanic lyrics. Notwithstading the above, they just kept a little bit of their thrashy rhythm in order to Rod Taylor One In A Million an aggressive sound to the album; however, the songs were slightly slowed-down so that they become just as thrashy as needed. On the other hand, the album has a very stressing atmosphere like if the songs were written during the war, and is hard to figure out how hard this may result when mixing the atmosphere with the lyrics describing the moment in which a Ray Pollard This Time No More Like Me bomb exploded, like in "Nuclear Winter". Also, guitar riffs played a role on this atmosphere since they are harsh enough to inspire some stress for the listener. Iron Fist. Persecution Mania. Enchanted Land. Procession to Golgatha. Christ Passion. Outbreak of Evil. Sodomy and Lust. The Conqueror. My Atonement. Nuclear Winter Sodom. Electrocution Sodom. Persecution Mania Sodom. Enchanted Land Sodom. Procession to Golgatha Sodom. Christ Passion SAM Terminal


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  1. Persecution Mania and Agent Orange are two of Sodom's greatest moments but some fans think that Persecution is far more better than Agent and vice versa, and this review will take you on a journey through some of the best German thrash-metal ever created/5.
  2. Persecution Mania is the second album by Sodom. The album marked a drastic change of sound from black metal to thrash metal. As well as defining Sodom's sound, it exemplified the thrash metal genre at a time when it arguably peaked in popularity.
  3. On December 3, , Sodom announced that they would reunite with three of their former guitarists Josef "Grave Violator" Dominic (who performed on In the Sign of Evil), Frank "Blackfire" Gosdzik (Persecution Mania and Agent Orange) and Andy Brings (Tapping the Vein and Get What You Deserve) during their 35th anniversary show on December 26 in Bochum, Germany, marking the first time since Genres: Thrash metal, speed metal, black metal (early).
  4. "Persecution Mania" is regarded a Sodom classic, and for good reason. It sheds the early stumbling about with their first EP and full length CD's but keeps the ferocity for a sound that gives more than just a passing nod to early Motorhead without being a direct ripoff/5(32).
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