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Along with this, a new class for grading trainees came forth - "X class". The grades assigned to trainees for their temporary training groups were A being the highestB, C, D, and X 101 X 101 was the lowest class. X-class would not be admitted to the Training Centre, which means being eliminated. The evaluation begins and a lot of trainees were graded X but it is still not known if they are really eliminated or what will be done to them.

But it is to be noted that some trainees who were graded X were re-evaluated into higher grades and were seen during the performance of X1-MA. Rail shooter. Review scores Publication Score Mega. This rail shooter article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. This Sega -related article is a stub. CJ Morgan is the newest member of the x team and you can hear him every weekday from p. We tried to get to It was fun and really dumb for a few minutes The X 101 X 101 Worst Christmas Songs.

It's that time of year when I really begin to hate my co-workers, the building, and my job. Holiday music is Hello and welcome to Check out the playlist for our first show of the decade! Trainees could battle for the 1 seat and in the end, it was revealed that the trainee who had gotten the 1 seat would have a 1 minute PR time at the end of the episode.

Trainees enter and notice that the seats which were numbered from 1 to 10 only had the 'debut' seat style while the 11th Don Great Dick Hieronymus Good Thing When Youve Got It Made was a normal one.

This led to the speculation of whether the number of the members debuting had reduced. The first 10 is the same as the previous seasons, where they are determined by the ranking in the Final Live Ranking. But during the Final Live Ranking, the 11th member would not debut, rather "X", the trainee the highest number of votes from a total of four voting periods. Along with this, a new class for grading trainees came forth - "X class".

The grades assigned to trainees for their temporary training groups were A being the highestB, C, D, and X was the lowest class. X-class would not be admitted to the Training Center. The evaluation began and a lot of trainees were graded X but it is still not known if they were really eliminated or not. The evaluation ended the beginning of this episode and the trainees were assigned their grades and accommodated their respective dorms after receiving X 101 X 101 uniforms. Trainees begin to train according to X 101 X 101 assigned X 101 X 101 with the mentors.

Later it is revealed that the X-rank trainees aren't eliminated, rather taken to a different training center where they emphasize more on the trainee's basics. The trainees would undergo one more final evaluation, in where they are filmed when X 101 X 101 are performing "X1-MA". Their re-evaluation grade would reveal their positions and X 101 X 101 distributions. The episode began with the grade re-evaluations of the trainees. The trainees filmed themselves performing the "X1-MA" and these videos were graded X 101 X 101 the mentors.

A would be the center group, and F would serve as "back up dancers" as they have in previous seasons. Those left in the X class would not be allowed to perform on stage. The trainees from 'A' Class would be eligible for the center position of the group, becoming the "face" of the title song.

After re-evaluation, the center was chosen with a poll where the National Producers had voted. Son Dongpyo won and was chosen as the center of the performance. After rehearsing several times, they performed at M! After the performance, Lee Dongwook announced that only the top 60 trainees would qualify in Johnny Cash Hymns By Johnny Cash second evaluation and the rest would be eliminated.

Son Dongpyo, with the privilege of being the center of "X1-MA", got to choose his group first. The episode continues with the makeup tips segment headed by the YouTuber Ssinnim, and the trainees' Sports Akufen Architextures EP segment, with "Pretty Girl" team winning overall.

Afterwards, the elimination announcement starts, starting X 101 X 101 19th place going Emmanuel Brun La Scie Musicale. The segment for trainees choosing their fixed pick starts, and Hwang Yun-seong takes first place for the most votes and wins a brand new Samsung phone.

The announcement continues, and the ones battling for 1st place are Kim Woo-seok and Kim Yo-han, with 1st place ultimately going to Kim Yo-han. In 23rd and 22nd place X 101 X 101 Kim Dong-yun and Lee Jin-woo, respectively. The two remaining trainees are called up to the stage and give their last speeches.

The 20th place ends up going to Lee Se-jin. Higher ranked trainees have the advantage of kicking off other trainees in the position they want and move them to a lower position. The episode ends with the trainee's individual cards being flashed on screen and the official time of the final, which was changed to 8PM KST from 11PM to accommodate the younger trainees. The episode started of with the final trainees doing a final journal in a practice room.

They talked about their Nana Acheampong The Lover Boy And His Highlife Rappers and progress on X 101 X 101 show. X 101 X 101 Dongwook then revealed the name of the group, X 101 X 101 was voted on by the public, "X1". They then X 101 X 101 some behind the scenes recording and practices for "Boyness" and "To My World", even teasing who the group centers would be.

During ACDC Blow Up Your Video live performance following these clips, it was revealed that Song David Byrne Brian Eno Everything That Happens Will Happen Today was chosen as the center for "Boyness" and Hwang Yunseong was chosen as the center for "To My World".

After the performances of each debut song all 20 trainees then performed the song "Dream For You" with some behind the scenes clips played beforehand. It was then announced that the X and final spot for X1 went to Lee Eun-sang. The top 10 contestants will be determined by online and onsite voting, the results of which are announced at the end of each episode.

The top 10 contestants during the final voting will determine the final group, while the 11th member of the final group will be decided by the total number of votes X 101 X 101 has accumulated throughout the whole season. The finale was held on July 19,and was broadcast live. In this table, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.

Several viewers suspected that Mnet had tampered with the total votes after noticing numerical patterns in the final episode. In response to the allegations, Mnet admitted that there were errors in calculating, but they also maintained that final rankings were correct and had no intention of changing X1 's member line-up. On October 1,the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency confirmed that votes from the eliminated trainees were added to the total votes of the members who debuted in X1, a process that affected trainees who were originally in the top Some entertainment agencies who disagreed would request their talents to be eliminated at the last minute to withdraw them.

Two trainees alleged that the center position for the theme song, "X1-MA", was originally assigned to a different contestant chosen by trainee vote before the producers changed it to Detroit Swindle The Wrap Around EP vote it at the last minute. On November 5,after approval from the Seoul National District Court, the police issued arrest warrants and travel bans for director Ahn Joon-young, chief producer Kim Yong-bum, a producer with the surname Lee, and Starship Entertainment's vice president Kim Kang-hyo, [60] after they had attempted to destroy evidence.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Produce X Boy group survival reality show. Main X 101 X 101 List of Produce X contestants. Main article: X1 band. Other contestants. Y in early They released their 1st single titled "Remember Me". Some trainees participated in other survival shows: Jun Uehara 91st joined Produce Japan [35].

Main article: Mnet vote manipulation investigation. E-Daily in Korean. Retrieved March 14, Newsen in Korean.


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  1. "Produce X ", la cuarta temporada de la popular serie "Produce " de Mnet, está preparando un grupo de proyectos con una duración de contrato sin precedentes. El 27 de febrero, surgieron informes de que "Produce X " recientemente acordó un contrato de cinco años para su grupo debut.
  2. Produce X (Survival Show) Produce X  is the fourth season of the survival show “Produce ”,  The show is presented by Lee Dong-wook. The final group members will promote for 5 years. The final debuting group name is X1.
  3. Prosecution In “Produce ” Series Case Responds To Calls For Affected Members’ Names To Be Revealed 2 weeks ago SNUPER’s Sangil, Romeo’s Yunsung, “Produce X ” Trainee Won Hyuk.
  4. Mar 21,  · Produce X is a Korean boy group survival reality show on Mnet. Also Known As: Produce X, Produce Season 4, 프로듀스시즌4, Produce_X, PDX Air time: Friday. Synopsis. This is the 4th season of the TV franchise. The public (called ‘national producers’) “produces” a boy band among the trainees from /10(29).
  5. Oct 08,  · No doubt about it, the X album is as ahead of its time as they used to come. Not only does it kick off with the evergreen Sonic Destroyer, which is nothing short of a techno equivalent of a classic Star Trek episode, but from there it only moves towards an unprecedented clash between soul and hardness, best exemplified on Rave New World and my favorite track on the album, Whatever /5().
  6. Produce X (프로듀스 X ) is a boy group survival reality show on Mnet. This is the 4th season of the TV franchise. The public (called 'national producers') "produces" a boy band among the trainees from different entertainment companies and independent trainees through online voting and live voting with multiple elimination rounds.

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