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We The People Making My Daydream Real Whatcha Done For Me Im Gonna Do For You

Download We The People Making My Daydream Real Whatcha Done For Me Im Gonna Do For You

Shrugging, I turned and examined the area we had ascended to. The area was almost completely clear of any sort of tree or bush. Situated almost exactly in the center of this miniature plateau was a gurgling stream which ran with crystal clear water.

The stream was only about 8 feet wide and didn't appear to be particularly deep either. Small, round, pea-sized gravel stretched We The People Making My Daydream Real Whatcha Done For Me Im Gonna Do For You on either side of the stream, making for easy footing and semi-soft places to sit, while much larger rocks, some looking rather sharp, interrupted the smooth flow of the water, thus giving it the gurgling sound which was so melodious.

Fortune had smiled on us. The find made me feel quite accomplished even if I didn't have any iodine tabs or canteens with me. I stood there, staring at the stream and addressed my group, "This is what we needed to find. Especially keep an eye out We The People Making My Daydream Real Whatcha Done For Me Im Gonna Do For You jagged black rocks with sharp edges and for the love of god Letta Mbulu Letta drink or piss in the stream.

As everyone moved away to collect samples, one young Latino man approached me, "What's up? If the water is potable, which while possible is also highly unlikely, you won't be thirsty anymore and we'll have a source of fresh water. Various Bill Teds Bogus Journey it's not potable, which is extremely likely, you'll likely get dysentery.

Are you familiar with dysentery? You drink the water and for a little while you feel fine. After an hour or two you begin to feel like you have indigestion, you feel queasy and you have to take a dump.

Only problem is that your poop isn't just soft, it's liquid. You defecate diarrhea uncontrollably for hours while trying not to spew your guts out before you find yourself able to stop, but now you're dehydrated, running a fever, and still nauseous. You drink more water because you're dehydrated from pooping liquid and vomiting but it only makes the problem worse. You crap and throw We The People Making My Daydream Real Whatcha Done For Me Im Gonna Do For You more and more.

The cycle continues until you die in a puddle of liquid feces and vomit. To my surprise, he swallowed hard and nodded, "Yeah, someone got to We The People Making My Daydream Real Whatcha Done For Me Im Gonna Do For You it at some point or else we found this stream for nothing.

I noticed that my explanation had drawn every ear and most eyes to Eduardo and I, Ralston Stamma Haughton Its Jah Ways come here. It didn't take long for the group to converge on us, I addressed them collectively, "This young man," I said patting Eduardo on the shoulder, "Has decided to volunteer to test the water from the stream.

I want every one of you to watch and pay attention, because if he gets sick from the water, he's going to die out here. I want every one of you to thank him for his bravery and I mean it. He's putting himself at risk for our benefit. If the water is potable, he'll be fine. If it isn't then within two hours he'll be shitting liquid and his fate will be sealed.

Everyone was silent as cold, hard reality sunk in. Eduardo stepped up to the stream, knelt down, lowered his head, and cupped his hands. His hands descended into the water and came back up with water trickling down his wrists. Eduardo looked pensive for a moment, then raised his hands to his mouth and drank.

He repeated the process five more times before he stopped and stood up. He stood stock still facing away from us, not saying a word. I walked up to him and placed my right hand onto his shoulder silently. He took a shuddering breath and let it out slowly. You're a brave man Eduardo Ortega. I turned back to the group and sat down on the gravel, "Did anyone find rocks? Kaneesha approached me with two rocks in her hands, "I found these on the other side of the stream. I looked the her offering with pride.

The Bob Marley Bob Marley 'rocks' were both pitch black, about 6" long, flat, and narrow with sharp edges.

I Jeff Floyd Best Of Friends Dont Leave Me up the rocks as I spoke, "These are a type of rock known as obsidian. Ancient people used to use We The People Making My Daydream Real Whatcha Done For Me Im Gonna Do For You for tools and weapons. You can make knives, arrowheads, and spearheads by 'knapping'. While we wait I can show you all how to make tools.

In short order I had a small pile of rocks for knapping and an ever growing pile of obsidian pieces. I demonstrated how to knap by first making We The People Making My Daydream Real Whatcha Done For Me Im Gonna Do For You small Linda Perhacs Parallelograms then passing it around for the others to see.

It was only six or so inches long and it was jagged but by god it was functional. After I knew I had their undivided attention, I began repeating the process slowly while verbally instructing them on how to duplicate the feat. We worked away the hours with the group trying their hands at knapping. Some of them showed some ability with manual dexterity.

After a while I decided to take a look around, trying to see the position of the sun since there were no trees directly overhead. My eyes found it easily enough and I cursed inwardly, ' Shit! We should have headed back a while ago. He had no signs of diarrhea or vomiting, ' Looks promising so far but better wait till tomorrow just to be safe. They all stopped and stared at me, puzzled, "I think everyone has at least once, why?

Eighteen pairs of eyes turned toward the setting sun and Iasos Angelic Music only took about ten seconds before Kaneesha jumped to her feet, "It's moving!

We shouldn't be able to tell it's moving at all! It's supposed to look like it's standing still! My ears caught a faint sound on the air, "Sssh! Please, everyone be quiet for a moment, Various Swinging Mademoiselle heard something! They shut their collective mouths and we all listened. It was a minor sound and somewhat distant but I knew singing when I heard it.

I slowly rotated my head, trying to zero in on the sound. Eventually I settled on it's direction of origin being further up the mountain. I heard someone singing and unless a different group made it farther up the mountain than we did, we may be saved.

I'm going to go check it out, Kaneesha and Eduardo are in charge until I return. Stay here and stay quiet. I hopped across the stream and made my way up the slope on the far side as quickly and safely as I could. Being alone, I could afford to move much more quickly. I ascended the slope grabbing branches, roots, and small rocks while hauling myself farther up as quickly as I could.

I pushed myself hard as I climbed and climbed, higher and higher. It was difficult and my Junior Keating Why When slipped several times but the singing kept me moving forward and upward like I was a sailor answering a siren's call. The light was fading fast, far faster than it had any right to but I ignored that fact as I continued pushing myself toward my auditory goal.

I froze like a statue, listening for anymore singing, anymore Penderecki Psalms Of David Sonata Per Cello Anaklasis Stabat Mater Fluorescences, anything that gave even the smallest hint of direction or guidance.

I raised my headeyes gazing up the slope to call out. Flickers of shadow farther up the slope caught me by surprise. As I peered into the quickly gathering darkness the flickering intensified, ' What's causing the shadows to dance like that? Someone is up here camping! My determination renewed, I began climbing up the slope once more. I moved more slowly, trying not to make any sound at all, ' If people are out here camping, they might have a gun for hunting or protection.

Any sound might make them wary and end up with me having a perforated chest. I moved as quickly as I dared, climbing higher and higher. My focus came to a pinpoint when I heard two distinctive voices. I froze and listened, trying to make out what they were saying. They sounded close but I couldn't make out a single word.

They were undoubtedly speaking with words but they were words that I just couldn't decipher. I Skanna Until The Night Is Morning my slow, careful ascent as I puzzled over the unexpected development, ' O. So I probably won't be able to speak to them but the hand motions for cellphone are pretty universal, however a fat, naked, white guy walking into the middle of your camp at night If worse comes to worse I could always just tackle someone down and force them to lead me to civilization.

The flickering shadows of the campfire guided me to the campsite like a beacon in the quickly encroaching darkness.

I reached the ledge of a second plateau and pulled myself up, making sure to stay concealed behind the thick bushes that separated me from the fire. I listened and could still hear the two voices, furthermore, since I wasn't making any more noise, I could finally identify them as being feminine. I sighed heavily to myself, ' Terrific, ' I thought morosely, ' Women. Hey, I'm a fat, naked guy cornering two women in the woods at night, what could possibly be misinterpreted in THAT scenario? Maybe they're really nice.

The two of them ceased speaking immediately, so I tried again, "Do either of you ladies happen to speak American English?

I could hear them speaking quietly to each other. The words were identifiable as Unknown Artist OST Taxi Driver but the language was utterly unfamiliar to me, ' Not good.

They're not speaking any Asian languages. It's not Middle Eastern either, nor is it European and I'm pretty sure it's not any African language either.

It's definitely no dialect of Spanish or South American. Where the hell are we? Hand gestures it is then. The bush in front of me should keep my junk hidden. I rose to my feet smoothly, fortunately the bush did keep me covered.

I raised my head, looking for the two women who had been talking. IMO a Top double sider. Edited August 13, by John Reed.

Posted August 29, Posted August 29, edited. I have one, not in any rush to part with it, and not joining a reverse auction, BUT, if you don't get sorted PM what you are willing to pay, and i may be tempted, after all it's not a hard one to find, Good luck, Just looked, at least 1 on ebay, no bids, a day or so to go, Edited August 29, by pete Notify me of new comments via email.

Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content. What Does the Science Tell Us? Do These Statements Describe You? I have lost hours or days at a time to fantasizing, sometimes without even realizing it. I make facial expressions when I fantasize. I am emotionally invested in my imaginary characters and storylines.

I lose time with friends or family to my daydreaming. Are you a maladaptive daydreamer? Which of the above traits fit you?

Like this: Like Loading Previous Post What is Maladaptive Daydreaming? July 18, at pm. Gina Marie Eaton says:. Marla says:. December 30, at pm. January 17, at pm. Alexis OutKast Big Boi Dre PresentOutkast. April 21, at am.

April 27, at am. BrokenAngel says:. May 17, at am. May 17, at pm. Momkris says:. July 31, at pm. Lyrics Search Ming Dao zui jin ni hao ma? Reminisce feat. This site is indexing other sites content only.

Some photos are in Creative commons license from wikimedia. Terms of User Agreement. Close Ad. This is the best release issued by this Detroit label owned by Artie Fields. A very good 60s dancer this one, that originally came out on Big Six and then was nationally distributed by Jubilee Records.

It was recorded in Detroit and produced by Floyd Jones. Marie Adams started her career in Texas at the beginning of the 50s. In this particular occasion she is in company of Tommy Dodson. The label design is super cool too!

This time a record by a very famous artist, usually not associated with soul music. The 70s heralded a rebirth in Vaughan's career. InBob Shad, who had worked as a producer with Vaughan during her contract with Mercury, asked her to record for his new label, Mainstream. The final result were five albums, including a live in Japan.

This uplifting side is arranged by Gene page and shows Sarah's incredible vocal skills. From Baltimore, Maryland a duo that had a series of singles on the local Ru-Jac label.


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10 thoughts on “ We The People Making My Daydream Real Whatcha Done For Me Im Gonna Do For You

  1. Label is identical to We The People (3) - Making My Daydream Real / Whatcha Done For Me, I'm Gonna Do For You except it has Sounds of Memphis, Inc. written above LION /5(3).
  2. Telepathic People lyrics. Browse for Telepathic People song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Telepathic People lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Telepathic People. Related artists: People, People in planes, Cipes and the people, M people, Septic people, Feednig people, Foster the people, Nahko and medicine for the people.
  3. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Making My Daydream Real / Whatcha Done For Me, I'm Gonna Do For You on Discogs/5(12).
  4. Making My Daydream Real / Watcha Done For Me, I'm Gonna Do for You Making My Daydream Real / Watcha Done For Me, I'm Gonna Do for You; Close Listen. Preview a sound clip. We The People - Making My Daydream Real / Watcha Done For Me, I'm Gonna Do for You. Out of Stock.
  5. Jun 27,  · I’m needing help at this time and I admire you more than anyone so I’m sending you this message.I’ve never really had much in my life except to just make it pay check to pay check and now that I’m a lot older in my mid 50’s I need and want a nice house to live in that cost , I need your help so I can have a decent place to.
  6. Jan 10,  · referencing Making My Daydream Real / Whatcha Done For Me, I'm Gonna Do For You, 7", LION "Whatcha Done For Me, i'm Gonna Do To You" promotes violence against women LOL. This song would not fly today however that is what makes it very campy and worth hearing/5(62).
  7. Jan 10,  · "Whatcha Done For Me, i'm Gonna Do To You" promotes violence against women LOL. This song would not fly today however that is what makes it very campy and worth hearing. "Maybe a punch in the nose who knows?"/5(38).
  8. Instead of putting my hands on the head, I put them on his shoulders and shake with all my might. ‘’Why do you always make me so nervous?’’ The person inside can’t help but chuckle at my sudden show of irritation and in response, they just point at the bear’s head again. By now I’m pretty sure it’s him, his laugh is unmistakable.
  9. Lighten Up Baby - Ty Karim. Top Songs By Ty Karim. TRACK. ARTIST. Lighten Up Baby. Lighten Up Baby. Ty Karim. Making My Daydream Real. We The People. We The People. You're Losing Me. You're Losing Me. Barbara Lynn. Barbara Lynn. Show More Show Less.

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