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Bassline 3 Featuring Lorraine Chambers Youve Gone Back To Bass Ics

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Al Wootton. Body Healthy. We kick off with pounding sub-lines and subtle breaksy influences of 'Body Healthy', before landing on the incredibly delicate popping percussive brilliance of 'Graver'. Next we dive deeper underground as the minimalist breaksy tones of 'Bad Sound' leap into play, before we round up the project with a peek at 'Prophecy', another super well designed garage-ready roller.

CR 13 Dec With a fresh roster including Monty, Submarine and Perez himself, Edition 2 is a showcase of both the producers and sounds that Alix has in his orbit.

There are too many outstanding tracks to recount here, but 'Drones' by Cesco stands out as one of the most creative: a subby, stepping halftime cut with an ingenious drum pattern.

There's weighty rollers, too, including 'Swayed' by Bredren and 'Good To Me' by Perez and Monty, both of which are sublime examples in minimal construction. A truly sick collection of tracks.

ONEF 01 Mar For us, there are two clear highlights, with the super groovy twists of 'Baby Boy' from Venz being the first, followed by the smooth garage flavours of 'I Dont Know' from Lushen. PAR 20 Dec Outer Edges Remixes. Noisia never mess around. They even make hairy donuts serious.

VSN 07 Apr J Kong. Cinephile EP. The vibes continue on this one as J Kong lands to potent original designs, kicking off with the warbling sub tones of 'Dutch', which sit below twisted percussion clicks and unpredictable rhythmic structures.

Following this 'Poncho' provides a spooky stepper, driven by sharp drum slaps and thick sub tones. Chronicles 2 : The Story Continues. It seems that they have a point to prove here as they unveil an absolute goliath of a project, featuring fifty stunning original creations, packing a perfectly processed punch to round out There is something for everyone on this massive selection, giving the Future Follower camp a perfect send off to Ivy Lab.

Space War. The EP also boasts a strong selection of instrumental pieces, from the shuffling electronic tones of 'Wideboi' and super choppy drum Bassline 3 Featuring Lorraine Chambers Youve Gone Back To Bass Ics of 'Rococo' to the trap-like bass jangles of 'Zip It' and frankly phenomenal hip hop grooves of 'Suburbia'.

This is yet another production masterclass from Ivy Lab. Matt McBriar and Andy Ferguson have created a singular and unique album, founded on the blueprint of classic house, techno, electro and Italo disco: but all the time bearing their unique signature.

The duo felt that Weird Al Yankovic UHF Original Motion Picture Soundtrack And Other Stuff institution Ninja Tune was a perfect fit for them and gave them the total freedom to express themselves artistically, describing the label's broad scope that has, in turn, helped them to thrive.

They display a strong technicality and a desire to experiment, but still with a melodic touch which runs throughout the entire record. It is this approach to creativity which has allowed Bicep to establish a unique position in the industry, in the face of a crowded global dance stage.

Neon Chambers. Both artists come from different but adjacent backgrounds of techno and here they combine with snapping raster effects and IDM philosophies to create and sound and rhythm that's made to fit an industrial, colourful and contemporary club context. Strands of Roly Porter epicness can be felt in "Cascade" that are underpinned by the heavy weight clak of nail gun kicks, with "Helles" and "Apollo" crafting wild rhythms and melodies from vox. One of the leading projects in the more tearout corner of bassline is of course CruCast, a label that remain at the forefront of the sound, shutting down raves around the country every weekend.

This latest helping from them comes Bassline 3 Featuring Lorraine Chambers Youve Gone Back To Bass Ics the form of a twenty track strong compilation project, featuring some absolute heat from the likes of Papps, Moda, Tengu, JGE, Jay Faded and more. There are a couple of clear standouts for us, with the super original bass rhythms of 'Don't Bother Act' from Tekraw and Dread MC being an immediate earworm, along with the super oldschool niche vibes of 'On Bassline 3 Featuring Lorraine Chambers Youve Gone Back To Bass Ics Mind' from Vamos.

CRU 87 20 Dec Odds Against Us. The EP itself is made up of three original heaters, kicking off with the super choppy drum swipes and gnarly bass twists of the title track 'Odds Against Us'. This is then followed in style by the super unique sounding minimal drums tones of 'BC 2', stooped in dungeon-esc energy. The EP is then finished up in style as we take a dive into the swirling synth pools and smooth chord progressions of 'Rhythm Ritual', a classy way to round off a fantastic new body of work.

Josi Devil. Primarily known as a reggae and dub influenced imprint, we see them move a bit out of the box with this one as 'Digidub' employs an array of grimey synthesisers and grizzly bass tones, constantly evolving into something new as the track progresses further.

On the flip side we are given another treat in 'Misnakes', a more dubstep inspired creation running at a slightly slower BPM, employing dirty bass growls and rolling drumwork to create a seriously eerie vibe.

Tunnel Wizard. DVSN 13 Dec Following this, Killjoy continues with the funky theme with some hard hitting rhythmic movements on 'Disturbance', before Smokey Bubblin' B injects a lashing of garage flavour into proceedings with the stripped back design of 'Brock Out'. Finally, the uplifting arrangements and chord progressions of ''Do Me Right' from Wolfe puts the finishing touches on a great body of work. Jacques Greene. Fever Focus. Lamont Dex. Max Speed EP. UBR 01 Jan Om Unit.

Self is his third and most explorative album Bassline 3 Featuring Lorraine Chambers Youve Gone Back To Bass Ics far as he guides and glides us through powerful atmospheres, dynamics and textures from palpitating ambient such as the opener "Cold Love" and harmonic "Passages" and warped light fractures of "Fieldofdreams" to neoclassical motifs on rolling tracks such as "Out Of The Shadows". One of those albums that continues to offer more and more with every listen, Om Unit has created something incredibly special here.

Champagne Circuits. LOC 06 Dec Private Caller. Think again. The band is heading our way to celebrate 20 years of grinding fury. Fast-forward to and grindcore fiends everywhere salivated at the news that Nasum had decided to reform for a limited run of shows. Once the excitement subsided, the questions began.

Then in lateAnders Jackobson — guitar came up to Stockholm with the rest of us and we all got together, had some food and some beers, and talked about everything. The decision was made to put something together that could be a dignified end to Nasum. That is to give Nasum as a band a dignified and fun end, and to give fans that may not have had the chance to see us live — like you guys down in Australia — the opportunity to do so.

If we did anything more than that it would just feel wrong somehow. In the end there was only one real candidate. His band Rotten Sound are incredible — definitely one of the best grindcore bands on the planet right now — and his voice is absolutely brutal and suits our material perfectly.

This presents something of a problem for the band who admit they have a pretty wide range of material to choose from and simply not enough time to play it all.

What to do, what to do? I was striving to make something more indicative of the lifestyle that I was living at the time, also reflecting the more extreme nature of the music that I gravitated towards as a listener.

It was my aim to make Destroy The Rhyme the hardest and fastest song on the album, highlighting the differences between myself and the majority of Bassline 3 Featuring Lorraine Chambers Youve Gone Back To Bass Ics rap at the time. Since then, with the proliferation of relatively inexpensive home recording equipment and influence of the internet, the music industry has undergone a radical change… Obesecity 2 is testament to the years of hard work and solid Toumani Diabate With Ballake Sissoko New Ancient Strings Nouvelles Cordes Anciennes built by those artists who have Bassline 3 Featuring Lorraine Chambers Youve Gone Back To Bass Ics to their guns, unfalteringly walking their own path and building their own fan bases from grassroots beginnings.

Very few of them are household names in the commercial realm, but the majority are revered and respected mainstays amongst hip hop circles who have invested blood, sweat and tears in Various Jamaican Blues of their passions.

Seasoned veterans from all corners of the map are aligned alongside newer generations of talent showing limitless potential. Got to record it in a full-on studio, learn about production, making beats etc. Around that time the studio engineer introduced me to Ghosty, we connected straight away and formed Ozalians. The rest, as they say, is history.

I used to catch the train up from Geelong and go to Obese Records retail to get my hip hop music and clothes as a little homie; I really looked forward to that. I was just such a big, dedicated fan. I actually dreamt about being on an Obese compilation. That was the years-ago bratty me. It took me a while but I got there.

This album in particular means a lot to me because it has so many of my friends on it, a lot of us started rapping around the same time and started doing shows together years ago in Melbourne. Being on an album with some of my favourite Aussie rappers such as Lazy Grey, Bigfoot and Newsense is just a spinout really. My track on the album is called The View, produced by Aoi. Bassline 3 Featuring Lorraine Chambers Youve Gone Back To Bass Ics of the next-gen emcees coming through the scene, P Link grew up with the first Obesecity.

Anybody with a laptop and Facebook is an emcee these days. In the future, I wanna see the hard working real heads past and present get credit for their craft. I guess it all started for me on the battle tip, slinging punchlines with the boys, and gradually turned into hitting the pad and getting serious with it.

These days it is my everyday life! Melbourne-made Boom Bap from a true fan of the art. Go cop my EP for a better Bassline 3 Featuring Lorraine Chambers Youve Gone Back To Bass Ics. But when I found, it I loved it. It changed the way I saw rap from our shores. I actually started dabbling in rap because of my probation officer. I was on parole for a heap of stupid shit you do as a kid to make money to buy weed and eat. Luckily enough she actually gave a fuck and saw that music was a way to get through to me.

She introduced me to Evil Eddie from Butterfingers as a part of a government program running out of a local recording studio. He gave me homework to write a story as a track, taught me to count bars and all that stuff. I came back a. Ainslie Wills is writing from a much different place these days. Stephanie Liew finds an artist empowered and comfortable in her own skin. Appearing to be finding her feet in both her professional and personal life, Wills is making the most of her time off touring to work on composing.

Speaking specifically about having a Taeko Ohnuki Sunshower in a creative industry, you really have to look at it as a long-term thing and plan ahead, otherwise you can find yourself anywhere. It also marks a new songwriting process for Wills, courtesy her collaboration with her long-time guitarist Lawrence Folvig, whom she had met while they were both studying at VCA.

The title is very much about us coming together with our creative ideas and creative processes; going the same direction in a parallel kind of style, I suppose.

We can say Jackie Cole Hot Platnium Fantasy Iv Got A Trouble Man Im A Disco Lady through the music, which is really nice. I kinda hit a wall for a while, but then I eventually broke through it. I think it was the one about the pistol [Priceless Antique Pistol Shoots Startled Owner] was the one that sort of broke the dam, whatever.

Yet he started out playing bass with what was, in its day, a very successful hardcore punk band, The Smalls, back inselling more than 40, albums over its decade of existence. You know, I guess it seems bizarre to other people but to me it seemed quite natural. Taking a break after a decade of constant touring, Paul Greene not only regrouped and re-energised, but found himself a new album, as he tells Michael Smith. People have been planning for 12 months. Shane Bassline 3 Featuring Lorraine Chambers Youve Gone Back To Bass Ics, from Melbourne, is going to do a traditional s hypnosis show.

It was like going back to square one but it felt good; it was a good change. Georgia All Kind Music quite like just being in the trenches!

So it was kind of like go back and playing in the North Gong [pub] again. It was fun and exciting and new and I think I owe everything I have now to that time that I invested in just the hard slog and doing crappy pub gigs. It could very easily have ground into a pulp but it seems to have actually been good. You long-term fans can be such an inconvenience to a band.

You like the old stuff better than the new stuff. You want the same, but just a little different, for the comfort of familiarity. Essentially, they released the same song — over and over. To Bassline 3 Featuring Lorraine Chambers Youve Gone Back To Bass Ics returns. So, you approach their comeback song, Survival Expert Capitol Bassline 3 Featuring Lorraine Chambers Youve Gone Back To Bass Ics, with some trepidation.

The Presets are still in a bit of the glow of ongoing success. Ghosts Modular subsumes their big dance beats for a 21st century plastic sea-shanty, with highland overtones. Weird business, but catchy. Will the audience follow? As it stumbles back from the kitchen, the title would appear to relate to beer packaging method rather than the bodily feature. This should further endear it to local audiences.

Theirs and ours. And they know Jack White. What more do you need to know? But songs like Rosalee Silver Arrow are still fine southern fried bubbling choogle. DJ Gunshot Wheel N Deal Marble Mix is a cool splash into your face, before you head back to the dancefloor. One of the original points of synthesisers was to make things sound Bassline 3 Featuring Lorraine Chambers Youve Gone Back To Bass Ics, if a little plastic.

This, they achieve, making gorgeous pop music as a sidebar. Mia Dyson, Australian songstress and ARIA winner is well attuned to moments like that — if her latest album is anything to go by. So what kind of album would one of the founding members of The Eagles record 20 years after his last solo album? Moving to the states, the blues Mecca, in evidently left her with many stories to tell.

Among them, a management change and the subsequent rebranding of Dyson as BOY — an androgynous musical act and the brainchild of The Eurythmics rocker, Dave Stewart. The Moment is a testament that, although physically she may look juvenile, Dyson sounds like a woman with experience far outreaching her years. Every track on The Moment demands attention, be it Dyson on wailing slide guitar or simply strumming away.

Tahlia Anderson. Graceland 25th Anniversary Edition The importance of this album escaped me when released all those years ago.

The politics he found himself involved with had more to do with the times than the actual music and its heritage. Graceland is a brilliant melding of pop sensibility with the The Bill Evans Trio Portrait In Jazz of the African music scene.

Of course, there are plenty of other and finer singers mining this catalogue, but if you know nothing about it, After Hours is as good a place as any to dip your toes. Simon manages to bring the commercial nature of popular culture into a new world of African culture and vice versa. It really is a brilliant moment in the history of pop music. Clipped, half-spoken vocals, outbreaks of guitar, melodic chorus — repeat to fade.

Bassline 3 Featuring Lorraine Chambers Youve Gone Back To Bass Ics your own advice. The package includes the documentary, which really helps explain how the project was conceived and then made a reality.

The amount of thought and pre-production for the project is quite amazing. The extra bonuses of live performances are all outstanding and fascinating. Graceland is the perfect album to be reissued and deserves as much praise as possible, all these years later. Sebastian Skeet. Your Favorite Enemies are from Canada. This is to be taken neither as warning nor recommendation. Then again, these are the people who gave us Loverboy and Bryan Adams.

The point became moot. A 30 Rock writer and actor in Community. Odd background for a musical artist? So maybe Donald Glover is playing a role under his musical guise of Childish Gambino? Possibly because it sounds just like it. And perhaps never hoped to again. Here, it sets the perfect sci-fi underpinnings as the flying saucers appear on the grey horizon, over the grey desert toward the monochrome small town in the distance.

The flanno shirt redundant grunge they peddled did more than leave Peter Tosh The Wailers Field Marshall No Partial cold.

It shat me to tears. But I accepted their sincerity. Misguided as it was. But something has changed. It may have been as simple as growing up a bit, and their taste improving. Slume Difrnt Music is presented by a band much different from the one I recall. It languidly comes at you through a honeyed fuzz, without the need to merely yell.

It feels. It is good. It drops back to almost nothing leaving just the mathematical beat Desmond Dekker The Aces Israelites vocals as the guitars start pounding rhythmic noise over the Various TOS EP 1, which sounds random but is just as uniformly executed as Steve Hernandez Y Su Orquesta Latinoamericana The Booga Mambo Beat drumming.

The song bleeds naturally into TB with some repetition and a low rumble of a hook that is enough to hang onto if you concentrate. Similarly, this tracks breaks down in the middle to reveal a second half which outshines its humble beginnings. The entire album perfectly encapsulates that funk sound of the s that became so well associated with the seedier side of cinema back in the day. Melbourne hypnagogic duo Fabulous Diamonds have done a stellar job of eschewing every notion that has been alluded to with respect to their music by shifting their entire focus in their next recording or live performance.

Such elusiveness can make them difficult to embrace, yet an interesting by-product of this aesthetic is that such unpredictability creates a vacuum whereby each new release or live performance is essentially discovering them all over again. The high energy tracks in the middle Schubert David Oistrakh Sviatoslav Knushevitsky Lev Oborin Trio No 1 In B Flat the album, Hoof Foot and Indian, show just one of the very different directions the band could have taken.

A loose jangly riff builds a loop with staccato drums interfering while even more guitar noise is layered up on top. Eventually organ drones start to carve out a melody while the Carlton And The Shoes Love Me Forever Happy Land start to emerge. After a brief gap, the most tuneful and catchy part of the album emerges out of nowhere, lasting for about a minute-and-ahalf.

Chris Yates. At a time when every Tom, Dick and Harry seems to be attempting to revive older styles of music how many Morrissey clones will we be subjected to? Their endeavour to modernise the funk genre has resulted in a rich cluster of solid, compelling instrumental pieces.

With the stirring chords of an organ interlaced with fast-paced, fat Boston Boston and velvety horns, opening track Emanuel Ciccolini is a delightful listen, and a good indication of the standard of the album.

Another strong feature of Haptics is the interchanging positions instrumentally within each song. The album fails to become stagnant because the band is unafraid to experiment and shift. Having just completed high school a year ago, the members of The Cactus Channel have shown incredible maturity and skill within Haptics. Refreshing and upbeat, the album delivers a musical sensibility far beyond the age of its members. Cate Summers. Third LP, Commercial Music, eschews their previous penchant for averting song and album titles, yet such acts of conformity are yet another ruse.

The sparse percussive elements further drive the spike home. There are allusions to sexual tension in the caress that harbours violent undertones that is Lothario and the sweaty expulsion of closer, Downhill, yet more often than not this tension is palpable, unbearably so.

John Song offers a tale of Brunswick-set malaise, a weekend of debauched wastedness tied up in a hypnotic grind, whilst Wandering Eye is the closest Fabulous Diamonds have ever got to a traditionally structured song, albeit infused with a trance-like dirge. Commercial Music is anything but. What it proves is that Fabulous Diamonds are more adept at straddling the fine line between dreamscapes and nightmares.

Brendan Telford. Who remembers Bubba Sparxxx? It was dross, but was produced by Timbaland — therefore part of the stutter-beat zeitgeist — and it sold well. Grand Salvo — aka Paddy Mann —has always refrained from travelling down the beaten path, preferring instead to carve his tales of whimsy and woe out of much finer, eclectic stuff. On Slay Me In My Sleep, his sixth foray as Grand Salvo, Mann relocated to Berlin and enlisted the duties of acclaimed composer Nils Frahm for production duties and a smattering of piano and celeste alongside a plethora of bit players on this overtly ambitious album.

Against a backdrop of this slow, meditative black metal, Silencing Machine stands out like a game changer — Bassline 3 Featuring Lorraine Chambers Youve Gone Back To Bass Ics tracks of bleak, unrelenting, extreme music of the highest calibre. Brooklyn producer Rench of Gangstagrass is a man with a vision, and on paper the pairing of hip hop and bluegrass is so crazy it just might work.

Thankfully there are appearances from the likes of Kool Keith and Dead Prez to bring out potential, and Western and Dollar Boss are the standout tracks on the record. He Notices She Is Missing A Fingerbut reads as the chapters of a beguiling folk tale set in France of the meeting of a woman and a young man as he burgles her house in May Ultimately, this album of beats, rhymes and life is worth a listen, but probably not a purchase.

The bewitching Mann weaves a tapestry of subtlety and beauty around this highly evocative concept, a suite of songs coming forth that embrace the listener warmly rather than hold at bay. There is inherent in this album the sense that Mann intends this to be a bedtime story, to be told in a wind and snow-swept house by candlelight. The fact that Mann has the audacity to make such an album is one thing; the fact that he has made a grandiose, majestic folk epic with all the emotional toil of a classic novel, is nigh on revelatory.

Though they might seem worlds apart, black metal and post-punk are two genres with more similarities than differences. Both are bleak in sound, dystopic in outlook and unflinchingly caustic. In fact, the two genres fit together real nice on Silencing Machine. The singularity of vision makes the record harrowingly monotonous, recalling some of the Norwegian BM staples in ethos rather than sound.

Tom Hersey. He works carefully with tone, frequency, dynamics, panning and volume, articulating sounds slowly, evolving into different parts of the stereo field.

Feedback systems come hand in hand with synths, where explosive frenetic noise can occur one track, only to be followed the next by gentle acoustic drones that may or may not be field recordings. Perhaps the best way to highlight the accomplishment of Fahey is to point out the diversity of approaches on these odd tracks.

His electronics alternatively sound like field recordings of the interior of a synthesiser when everyone goes to bed, the world coming to an end, or the sweet scattered purr of electrics under stress. Bob Baker Fish. The time has come for them to hand over duties to a proper manager so they can get back to windmilling. Calling All Corpses is an awesome foot stomper too. The full list is quite frankly fucking huge. I felt more surprised — in a good sense — by Failed States when Bassline 3 Featuring Lorraine Chambers Youve Gone Back To Bass Ics was done than I did about Supporting Cast e.

Starting up again when I get back from vacay. Will come out in conjunction w the Device record. They went into the studio in June to demo a number of new songs. Swedish death metal titans, Hypocrisy are finally making their way to Australia for the Bassline 3 Featuring Lorraine Chambers Youve Gone Back To Bass Ics time in their long and distinguished career. You can only imagine how chuffed that factoid made Leeno feel!

Prog is a big deal in this country, as not a week goes by when some time-bending gig is featured in my ramblings. Applications are now open for bands to feature on the official compilation that will be available at every stop on the national tour. Your band can feature alongside some of the bands on the bill and a stack of other greats. There will be a cool copies made and if you want to submit, send an email to welkin.

See, more prog! Should be good! Rounding out the evening will be Lo! Two of the best female rock voices in the country have teamed with their armies of mad hairy bloke bands to bring Wagga a night of pure vocal volume and hard rawk. The Phantastical Heaven The Axe will be playing a hometown show as they feature Wagga natives Phoebe Pinnock and Steve Watts, and Dallas Frasca has been described as guttural blues howl laced with demonic slabs of guitar riffage, which is very niiice.

Channelling Chrissie Amphlett and Suze. But here is my pick of the lineup, the single band that I am the most excited to see: Shai Hulud! The band have just wrapped up work on a new album, so it will be excellent to see them performing new and old material. So Soundwave is happening at an as-yet undisclosed location in Sydney on Sunday 24 February. General public tickets go on sale on Thursday 23 August, but sign up to the Soundwave mailing list to have access to pre-sale tickets.

See everyone there… I meant to mention this last week but ran out of room. The forthcoming album will be out 5 November through Poison City Records. Bassline 3 Featuring Lorraine Chambers Youve Gone Back To Bass Ics band have hit the studio this week to record their.

Appropriately called 7inches, the EP will feature two new songs, however it is strictly limited to copies. However, if you pre-order now you will receive a complimentary digital copy of a third song, Innertube.

The past couple of weeks seem to have been filled with glaring errors by music journalists, from a writer for The New Yorker making up Bob Dylan. Friday night does however belong to Swedish grindcore legends Nasum who hit the Hi-Fi as part of their 20th Anniversary and final farewell tour. Canberra Prog People, The Basement is the only place for you this evening as Breaking Orbit bring their groove to you. Kicking proceedings off at 8.

Meanwhile at The Wall the Sans Vox showcase will be putting on a great night of instrumental stuff, so if you want a break from all the shouting, head over and catch Grum, Mushroom Giant who are up from VictoriaDumbsaint, Solkyri and Danny John Trio all playing minute intros hehe.

Initially, the author merely removed the mention of the band from the article, before later acknowledging the mistake. However, punknews. At the time, he noted that he was aiming for something further from his previous band, Million Dead, with something more akin to Jesus Lizard or Hot Snakes. Anyway, the band have unveiled their first track, called Casual Threats From Weekend Hardmen, for which you can find a video floating around the interwebs.

Rotten Thing To Say is a killer album, and could be up there as one of the best releases ofso these shows are definitely not to be missed!

The Swedes are making a great impression at the moment. Bilingual booty tracks. It looks like an official album is in the pipeline. All these tracks have really interesting video clips too.

Sticky Stockholm the man behind Recordings emailed through his latest EP. Going through his back catalogue and kept coming across great bumping house tracks. I am completely convinced Michael Diamond is going to retire into a hip-hop career.

Why has 2-Chainz not mentioned him yet? Maybe we should be promoting him as the person to be seen with on Worldstar. Anyway, it seems trap is blowing up, all the past b-more stars are coming out the closet and all the past bpm hits of the last year are chopped and screwed into the latest trap hit.

And the best are sitting up the top. Oh Snap! A couple of the more major club music players VDB Joel Middle Ages putting their signature all over trap. If Flosstradamus are the presidents of trap then Baauer is the first lady, and on this one they in the mile high club on Air Force One. Dillon Francis has a unique touch when it comes. Snares and hats are riding all over the OG synth horns and bass, the remix puts Make Believe into all your club sets.

Dem Mai Hoes has one foot in hip hop and one on the dancefloor. Also copped a moombahton comp titled Mash It Up! Well worth checking out the growth of Diafrix. CONTROL will feature two workshops, which aim to provide music managers with practical guidance on developing their business as a music manager. The first workshop will be held in Terrigal from Novemberand the second part of the program will run in The first workshop will go through the different business models found in the contemporary music sector and will be moderated by industry advocate and lawyer Shane Simpson, who has worked with Australian music managers such as Bill Cullen, Catherine Haridy and Andy Kelly.

They claim its Uncle Tupelo Anodyne only changed their businesses for the better, but also their lives. The course was incredibly beneficial, and I would urge my peers to make the time to do it. Export growth has been identified as an area critical to the growth of the Australian contemporary music industry, and providing pathways for artists and artist managers to capitalise on the opportunities presented by a strong export market is the primary purpose of Bassline 3 Featuring Lorraine Chambers Youve Gone Back To Bass Ics funding program.

This funding is to support educational, networking and information Bassline 3 Featuring Lorraine Chambers Youve Gone Back To Bass Ics outcomes with a view to establishing a platform for artists to maximize career-defining opportunities presented domestically.

This program focuses on attendance at Australian conferences and trade fairs as a means to develop relationships in international markets prior to traveling overseas, and to assist in the development of business skills required at international trade events within the familiar environment of a national conference.

It is also available to support career-defining opportunities that would otherwise be cost prohibitive to artists, which may consist of major support opportunities or other key showcase events. All applicants must be Australian citizens or have permanent residence status in Australia. The first round closes on August We strongly encourage any independent musicians or managers showcasing BigSound this year to apply in this round! There will be a further three rounds throughout For information, selection criteria, budget templates and information about other closing dates, head to www.

What are they? The most popular crew in the country at the moment? The Thundakats are going from strength to strength. On another view, this is all a bit of a surprise. For those in the know, they were promising and exciting, but this avalanche of success still comes as a pleasant surprise.

Go Thundas! More exclamation points! Sketch The Rhyme Spanner Banner Missing Person Bureau likely to feature some maybe all…?

The Snoop Lion track is not crap. But the presence of Diplo and his Major Lazer clique are what make this a release date worth hanging for. Skipping ahead to Sunday the Lucky Oz Tavern are playing host to yet another all agers friendly dose of hefty hardcore with Armorial headlining Bassline 3 Featuring Lorraine Chambers Youve Gone Back To Bass Ics bill that also includes Exposure, Velocet, Decaying Freedom, Parenthia, and Amodeus.

It kicks off at 2pm and entry is ten bones. We do have a release date for the Snoop documentary about his time in Jamaica. Lions can handle it. They have a showcase compilation out soon: Dental Records Vol 2. Be on the lookout. We are. Cut The World Spunk was recorded last year in Copenhagen with the Danish National Chamber Orchestra — 42 pieces — and is comprised of flourished renditions of ten previously released songs, the new title track and an intimate speech titled Future Feminism.

Though you get the feeling he easily could outline specific ideas as ways forward for this movement, Hegarty seeks mostly to awaken in his listeners merely the possibility of a world in which the social and natural processes of motherhood are used as a blueprint for human governance.

Hegarty has spoken before about his experience, as a transgendered person, of the impact oestrogen and testosterone have on thinking and the need for us to understand and exploit those differences rather than have the goal of aligning the roles of men and women. For the uninitiated, what can you tell us about El Alamein?

Fruity and fun, like a starburst for your ears. A little more enthusiasm in everything makes everyone a little more excited. You guys are all still quite young, what do you think of the all ages scene in Australia at the moment? Julian and I are the real babies of the band, whereas Lindsay just acts like one. Lochlan is old enough to get married and doing so. All ages venues have been opening and closing since the birth of punk, and really, is a vital part Bassline 3 Featuring Lorraine Chambers Youve Gone Back To Bass Ics punk.

If you believe that the AA scene is dying or there are no good bands or any of that bullshit, welcome yourself to a self-fulfilling prophecy. I think people forget that the most important part of a show is them being there. So be there, please. Really hear it. A positive outlook is key, and worked for Julian and I when we lived in Rockhampton. The current tour was booked in a very Joe Strummer The Mescaleros Redemption Song mode, was it important to ensure you included all ages shows?

DIY is fundamental and needed. I think maybe half of our shows are all ages? Every all ages show we have ever played has been a house show, and they are always more fun. Coming from someone who used a Horatiu Radulescu Clepsydra Astray with a number sticky taped over my Date of Birth for a year, El Alamein definitely approve and endorse all ages shows, and sneaking into licensed ones.

Any tips for young Walter Wanderley Set When It Was Done Keep going, keep trying, keep your ears open and mouth shut.

However, it stands on its own as a concept album iLL Manors uses film dialogue, but has additional songs. Riz Ahmed is Various Tropical Disco Hustle Volume Two drug dealer protagonist. Imagine Wu-Tang ambushing a sound system. Labrinth produces, and sings on, the poignant Playing With Fire, about the brutalities of gang initiation.

The uplifting and gospelly Live Once, featuring Kano, examines the politics of slang. Let England Shake. Bassline 3 Featuring Lorraine Chambers Youve Gone Back To Bass Ics might recall quite some time ago I went on a rant about how Lucero are a great band doing Americana better than almost anyone else in the world right now and that I was all pissed off because they were playing with the Dropkick Murphys and not playing their own show and so on and so forth.

Well last week it was announced that the band would indeed be back in Australia Odesza In Return next year, but they are going to be here with the Soundwave festival that heads around the nation. If you do get a chance to catch them, you should do it. Well, turns out their new record is coming out very soon! Just a couple of weeks, in fact. At the time of deadline I had. Great to have her back. Quick reminder that the new Mia Dyson record The Moment is out this week; this Bassline 3 Featuring Lorraine Chambers Youve Gone Back To Bass Ics a record I have had a chance to listen to and I can confirm that it is very good indeed.

Chicago-born, Sydney-based poetry slam wordsmith Miles Merrill teams up with the sax-led Gai Bryant Tomita The Firebird, which features trombonist Jeremy Borthwick, guitarist Jeremy Sawkins, bass player Lloyd Swanton and drummer Paul Derricott in an evening of spoken word and jazz in the Bassline 3 Featuring Lorraine Chambers Youve Gone Back To Bass Ics Lounge Saturday night.

Ultrafox are a trio of talented musicians Bassline 3 Featuring Lorraine Chambers Youve Gone Back To Bass Ics Melbourne who draw their inspiration from the artistry of the immortal gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt. The group features Peter Baylor and John Delaney Lesiman High Tension Vol 3 acoustic guitars and Kane Borlase on bass and have been honing their collective skills for over three years, assembling a vast repertoire of songs — many of which have long been overlooked by the popular market.

Grunwald is at The Abbey, both gigs taking the chill out of the Canberra winter. Thursday you can catch longtime Kings Cross identity Continental Robert Susz and his trio getting funky on the strip from the early evening. Anyway, I digress, Plant and band recorded a session as a part of the Live At The Artists Den series last year and that performance has finally found its way onto DVD and Blu-ray, distributed by Universal, and available in stores now. The Louisiana Roadshow bring the bayou to the Brass Monkey.

Nothing to do with music, but with the title, Swamplandia! By first-time novelist Karen Russell, the story revolves around the curious family who live in a rundown theme park on a small island off the south Florida coast. Stepping in to hastily fill her spot is Algerian migrant Bachir Lazhar, who is himself coping with tragedy. Using sensitivity and humour, director Philippe Falardeau celebrates the many ways in which we learn from one another. They come to Australia with two productions Anna Karenina and Tchaikovsky.

Anna Karenina sacrifcies everything; husband, son and social standing for her shallow and narcissistic lover. A ballet in two acts with choreography by Boris Eifman. Opening night, 2pm and 8pm, Capitol Theatre until 19 August.

Surviving Progress — from the makers of The Corporation a documentary on evolution, progress and social change. It looks at human advancement as both inspiring and dangerous and questions our tireless pursuit of growth. A wideranging discussion on both the current state of affairs and possible future trends. NIDA, 6. Indie Game: The Movie — a look inside the obsessive world of independent games designers.

Looking at three independent games Fez, Braid and Super Meat Boy and the trials and tribulations of their creators as they struggle to get their games completed and on the market. Staring Shari Sebbens who is currently in The Sapphires screening in cinemas nationally.

Directed by Lee Bassline 3 Featuring Lorraine Chambers Youve Gone Back To Bass Ics. Griffin Theatre, 7pm until 1 September. Key abstract works from his Bathroom, Christie and London Zoo series and the Endlessnessism monoprints that became out of conversations with the artist Francis Bacon. In cinemas now. An international sensations. Heffron Nightmoves Transdance, 8pm.

When Sydney Theatre Company asked playwright Hillary Bell to come up with an idea for an education show her pitch was, well, not exactly perfectly suited to a younger education crowd. Tributes have been paid to Australian writer and art critic Robert Hughes, who died in New York last week. Hughes was born in Sydney, before moving to New York in to work as an art critic for Time magazine.

The Award finalists will be announced 28 August. It has a theatre space and music recording studio. Bradson plays all the roles in the show, which is set during a real time surprise 16th birthday Bassline 3 Featuring Lorraine Chambers Youve Gone Back To Bass Ics. The 77 year old has danced in over 6, shows after a career in the army and as a choreographer for television and theatre.

Anthony Carew does not offer him a picture of his pussy. Perhaps forever. I thought, after the Boosh, I just wanted to make a show for myself, like a bit of a Trout Mask Replica, Captain Beefheart kind of a show. Also big fans of Luxury Comedy: kids and cats. OK, cool. Maybe I had a in the punk rock scene.

Yamaha Precision as a backup, because They supported me through the Walking that was a bass I could afford and I got it Papers Bassline 3 Featuring Lorraine Chambers Youve Gone Back To Bass Ics. We were playing clubs and Have you endorsed Fender since the for, you know, nothing.

Fender Ersen Ersen Appetite and through the tour, through Europe. Not huge exposure for Not from the very beginning, no. At the and McBob [aka Mike Mayhue], my tech, their product, but they believed in me. Center, when we got our record advance; another Jazz Special. They spun another neck for me Flogging Molly Drunken Lullabies playing bass, and then fast-forward a mine, so then I had two.

I was Bassline 3 Featuring Lorraine Chambers Youve Gone Back To Bass Ics I started taking bass lessons, I got into Exactly! I was that guy. We went Cantrell. No pressure We had to be amazing, you. But we regained a so everybody woodshedded on their own. Fender and me, we became a team. To have exactly what John Paul Jones played. I listened back in the day of James Jamerson, and the classic Fender to Magazine, remember them? And of bass players.

The way he attacked the bass We used to Ha ha, the day-job band! It was a great time player you gotta really recognize that. You to watch other bands. In Guns, we want our readers to take from your new Precision bass is based on the s really discovered that on Appetite, where album? Jazz Bass Special he used while Slash had his Bassline 3 Featuring Lorraine Chambers Youve Gone Back To Bass Ics guitar tones; I would This record is all about trying to heal.

These songs are a rosewood fingerboard, with pearloid a thing you could lock into, and Izzy my observations about everything from block inlays, along with the number [Stradlin, guitar] had a lot of running homelessness, to the Oxycontin ravages 12 at the twelfth fret. A Hipshot Bass lines—so where did the bass fit into all in certain parts of the USA, to the talking Xtender allows instant drop-tuning, that stuff? We all found our spot, and that heads on TV that everybody watches.

Look at history and how it repeats itself. Yeah, yeah, yeah, and still better, and smarter, than that, and my tone circuit, a Pure Vintage 70s Bassline 3 Featuring Lorraine Chambers Youve Gone Back To Bass Ics, do. Last night I went to see the original record is trying to highlight that. T album, Shez. The street life, the bazaars, the Journey To Shambhala, compositions on the album. I really got of the same title. My mum is English, and into the heritage of my family.

The smell of the major scale, which is a standard major wood shavings in the workshop really scale with a flat second, and a flat sixth. It was an incredible moment. I like to write music that is from I am indeed. I write songs with fixed sections at the London Bass Guitar Show in So The Fodera is phenomenal. I had an endorsement deal with combination. I tried literally scores of them.

I What else do you do? To my ears, the Foderas that I played got I love soloing, but I also enjoy heavy, solid me most excited. They have incredible grooves. We went to our ancestral village and saw this old well that my great- great-great-grandfather had built, and the playability as well. Mine is a custom-built the hypnotic state that you sink into, water was crystal clear and totally pure. Fodera Emperor five-string, tuned E to C, and using micro-timing to lean on the We climbed a mountain and came to a with a beautiful quilted maple top, an ash tempo.

My guests on the new album the sun was setting. It Amadou et Mariam Ce Nest Pas Bon JD Twitch Edit magical, and all There are two unique things about it, the are Wayne Krantz on guitar, and Trilok this really fired up my imagination, and first of which is a wenge fingerboard, Gurtu on tabla, djembe, and cajon, who are became a great source of inspiration.

My dad used to sing Mat Camison Pierre Alain Dahan TV Themes Indian ragas is the position of the Black Randy And The Metrosquad Pass The Dust I Think Im Bowie pickup at a to allow them a sense of freedom—then around the house, and in your formative sweet spot that I found after a few days of together you can fly.

That definitely went experimentation. I use multiple fingers to pop the London on 18 May. He tells us how he does it Interview: Freddy Villano.

I remember thinking that we write now. They released gear Basses Ernie Ball Music Man rock band that was formed A Tribe Called QuestPharcyde Amerigo Gazaway Bizarre Tribe A Quest To The Pharcyde when their sixth album, Sunnyland, last year StingRay, Ernie Ball Power and continue to be a popular and prolific Slinky Roundwound strings touring act.

Do I need to lay back and groove with the structure of the song, I switch over to bass drums, King Diamond Abigail is there room to dance around?

We The Dead Milkmen Big Lizard In My Backyard up with him just as Mayday How do your bass-lines develop Parade was about to kick off a massive fall throughout the recording process?

That means anything I write Do you write songs on bass, Jeremy? Once I have the change the beat to something different. How did you go about crafting your tone player. Most of my practice comes from touring We used a mix of both a mic-ed amp and and demoing at home. I have a lot DI when recording.

We changed the tone new. I personally like that better My approach live is to stick with one being the best bass player, I just want to then sticking with one tone for the whole setting and play to the crowd.

We try to write the best songs. You can write to us or call us to cancel your subscription within 14 days of purchase. Payment is non-refundable after the 14 day cancellation period unless exceptional circumstances apply. For full ter ms and conditions please visit: www. I also do my exclusively Marleaux since then, with a that gives you much more bang for your own seminars, as well Fibenare and Ken Smith added to the mix.

I also play in axes, mostly Marleaux Consats and shapes, then I progress to what I call several groove-based bands, and love laying Votans. For groove gigs, I prefer my four- The Pattern System, a comprehensive, down a fat groove just the same as the more or five-string basses.

My six-string is my systematic fretboard programme that also eclectic fare that Michael Manring, Steve instrument of choice for my duo with Paul, incorporates visualization and mental Lawson, and Jeff Schmidt got me into. This regimen goes together well My duo with Paul Hanson is a place for chords. I really need the layout of the sixth both me and Paul to Bassline 3 Featuring Lorraine Chambers Youve Gone Back To Bass Ics the boundaries of our respective instruments.

He is a world-renowned pioneer on the electric string to execute some of the voicings. And in that context, even those five top notes come in handy. I usually use my four-string show my students how him is an amazing experience.

We are recording our second album My bass heroes are Victor Wooten, Kai at the moment. I have also met many amazing bassists to tackle most situations.

Last but by no means least, correctly—an important skill in itself. They prove To become successful you need a bit blues-rock band in Innsbruck, Austria. We to me every single day how far you can of discipline, an open Bassline 3 Featuring Lorraine Chambers Youve Gone Back To Bass Ics, and courage.

There mind. A Bassline 3 Featuring Lorraine Chambers Youve Gone Back To Bass Ics Ibanez Soundgear is much more one can do than just put journey, though!.

For example, www. He reveals the method behind his three million subscribers Interview: Joel McIver. Well, although bass was never Was Not Was Wheel Me Out primary instrument, at a certain point, you come to Is theory useful for Bassline 3 Featuring Lorraine Chambers Youve Gone Back To Bass Ics you do? The music Yes, they can only hear the hi-hat. The describing it can never be done.

One of the weird thing is the duality of ithe situation. But then a huge. Is it frustrating to know that most of your subscribers will be listening through a tiny phone speaker? I used to be quite scared about it. For some reason, once I got some hits on Vine and I knew that a lot of people were probably not listening with decent headphones, I learned to trust and not worry about it. Yes, although it makes you uncomfortable when you think about it and you realize how many people are not hearing the bass.

I use notes all the. This can be. How do you make interesting bass- lines while still outlining the harmonic structure of the song? I assume producers must do I think that has to do with the way Bassline 3 Featuring Lorraine Chambers Youve Gone Back To Bass Ics play as long as you can, and make sure you this all the time, given how much music is it and the durations of certain notes. As you gain more heard in a bass-less way. I find it comes naturally, and Ray His Court El Ray De La Salsa fooled.

Bassline 3 Featuring Lorraine Chambers Youve Gone Back To Bass Ics of my videos are supposed to be There Vladimir And His Orchestra Baby Boo Boogaloo be a lot of advantages to bass lessons. Is it correct that your bass parts are using a real bass, I should probably start actually played on a keyboard, but in the doing that. I want a muted note or the occasional Practise?

Forget that, I say do it for real! Yes, because no-one wants to see a band pluck. There are three others that are two. I came up thirds larger. I had one of those but I wanted Pacific Northwest is with a line, looped it, and then wrote the a smaller bass for travel. It fits in my lap in Portland-based David melody over that. I also use the delay setting a taxi, or in Bassline 3 Featuring Lorraine Chambers Youve Gone Back To Bass Ics airplane overhead bin.

It has Friesen. I had to change my left- and Michael Brecker, then channelled that shakuhachi, a Japanese bamboo flute. I first started playing a wood flute in the developed George Ezra Wanted On Voyage memory on it.

Composing in a wide range of musical styles, 60s, and developed a technique to play it he developed many new techniques that are while playing bass with my left hand. I got Who are your key bass influences? The groups and his stunning debut as a solo pianist. As songs. I recorded a bunch of ideas and led by Miles, Coltrane, and Bill Evans are usual, he delivers them on a high emotional melodies to get myself reacclimated to the the core of modern jazz. I worked opposite and spiritual level.

I try to leave things I developed my solo approach in the early never got the chance! But I did get to have a as open as possible and focus on the notes 70s, partly because it was difficult to get converation with Trane afterwards.

As I substance is. I teach at Jamey musically these days. It has a There to create genres and feels found nowhere The genesis was bringing ideas—themes, was a point where I was into them, Tool, else. I like the solo debut by the year-old New group of musicians I was playing with and the progressive side of those bands, mixing Orleans-based bassist Max Moran.

We recorded live as the day I got it. The company owner, Mr. Featured among his Crescent my vocal tracks. Neospectric is the opposite City bandmates are saxophonist Donald of, and a play on the word, retrospective. It also refers to constantly listening to them quite a bit. Saxophonist Born in in Cane River, outside of pushing yourself to have a different Khris Royal, who arranged the horns, is a Natchez, Louisiana, Moran was raised on perspective and expand your perceptions.

B section on keyboards. Bass- he had moved on to guitar. Two years later, on keyboard, I pretty much wrote all of the lines, melodies, and changes tend to come to when his middle school buddies needed songs on electric bass.

Take a break; a of the bass. It matched my personality— arrangements grew from there. It started as a solo chordal bass piece and the Chambers, and Ron Carter, to go along with mood was melancholy, but also uplifting.

From there, the band enters gradually. Marcus Miller it ends on a note of hope, which we tried to Moran, also provided support. Batiste gave definitely inspired me in that way. On reflect in the music. Having experienced both ends of the music industry, Panter is that surprisingly rare creature: A musician who genuinely loves playing, irrespective of the size and status of the gig.

The rest is pop history. For two short but thrilling years, the Specials were at the forefront of 2 Tone—not just a record label, nor even a musical scene, but a UK-wide, generation-defining youth movement—and twice topped the singles charts. After the Specials split inPanter served time with the Special AKA and General Public, but retrained as a teacher of children with special needs, which helped him rediscover his love of art.

He Spectrum 4 Meets Captain Memphis Indian Giver a prolific creator of Pop Art- inspired prints, which often reference his musical career.

When an almost-full Specials reunion minus Dammers happened inthey. In a career of extremes, Horace is having one of the highs.

What was your first bass guitar? I bought a Rosetti Bass 8, 5 quid [7 dollars] second hand from a kid at school, and the neck was like a banana: You could actually put your fingers between the frets and the strings.

I learned all the moves and the shapes, and then a kid so we knew how to play. This was on the us could play, but it just felt great being in where you learn to play halfway through cusp of machines that, if you were in a a group. I had an acoustic guitar, and I was your second gig.

Lynval and [Selecter of those big stroboscopic tuners nobody I knew a little bit about music, you know, keyboardist] Desmond Brown used to knew how to use. I remember when we five lines and four spaces and Every Green come round my house and give me reggae got signed we used to do all these little Bus Drives Fast and all that stuff. That was really confusing, because festivals in Europe and I was hoping, in reggae every rule of popular music is fingers crossed, that the Cure would be What drew you to bass?

Their bassist Tony Jackson stood in the Did you develop a telepathic Ridiculous, really. NOS Basics EP was a good year or so later bass guitar tucked under his chin, and I drummer? But Yes, always—and there have been a couple would take far too long to restring it in the the bass guitar seemed pretty easy really, of other drummers that I have had that middle of a show, so I needed another bass no chords, one string at a time.

It was with. Two, identical. There are groups where really songs. The bass is pretty much the bass, in good musicians deign to go Willis Jackson Jive Samba their the Specials. I bought it but played on Western instruments. The that made me feel better. That was a lot the metronome that keeps everything of money.

The whole thing ska? I spent the rest on strings. Telecaster bass which has these big quite rudimentary: Just the root note, humbucking pickups. They sound really four to a bar, but ska had more going on, From the surviving footage, early Specials nice and thumpy, like a double bass.

But rhythmically. Terry was 19, but the you ricocheting off each other. Was it a guitars that I generally use, and set the rest of us were in our mid-to-late twenties, constant effort to stay in tune? Just those quarter Which bassists inspired you, early on? My weapon of choice at the moment is a tones make all that difference. Duncan pickups in it.

I recently how he played, but then he did solos and lovely, and it works. Later I got into the pegs, but it just feels nice. And who is your favorite bass player of Did you write your own bass-lines in all time? What about favorite amps? Tommy Shannon, probably. He played with I tend to have a mids-heavy sound, and Not all of them. Probably still does.

Or Keith Ferguson, assassinating. I think Jerry had the Thunderbirds. The standard played in my life was recorded on those of musicianship in Nashville is incredible. Have you ever dabbled with five-string songs. Forget it. Hell you or fretless basses? Creating guitarists for more than 50 years Available to order online at www. Clay Man Educator, publisher, writer, and pro bass player Stuart Clayton does several jobs down at the low end, and still finds time to pen our advanced lessons every month.

How the devil does he do it? Interview: Joel McIver. T at the moment, Stu. Not initially. The Axe came with some Adrian Ashton two years ago. The other one is my second Jamiroquai bass and a cassette. I also have book inand Bassline 3 Featuring Lorraine Chambers Youve Gone Back To Bass Ics Mad Rey Quartier Sex EP discussion of tuning, and then it a Kubicki, signed by Stuart Hamm, and a three is on the way.

What have you done as a pro bass player? Eventually I learned to play slap bass by I graduated from university inand Bassline 3 Featuring Lorraine Chambers Youve Gone Back To Bass Ics Lucifer Fuck You Bad that, the majority of my time at mimicking what I could see Mark King worked on cruise ships for a year, because the moment is taken up with filming and doing on videos.

After that I editing courses for my new site understand how I figured out his fretting- became a graphic designer, and the benefit hand slapping and so on, but I did it. InI started writing for Adrian education. The best answer to that is my experience because if I wanted to play a song, I had I ended up doing seven books for them. I in doing it. A lot of the bass transcriptions to work it out myself, which made it a also toured with Carl Palmer after getting that you see on YouTube are not wholly deep learning experience, rather than a to know his bassist Dave Marks, who accurate, and of course with many of superficial one.

You had to gradually piece recommended me when he quit. Against The Machine albums. Back in Tell us how you got started as a bass player. I learned every song on those a major lessons website, but was put off when I was 12 years old, and my dad albums.

I have no idea why he said What was bass number two? My Billy Sheehan and Stuart Hamm pieces. The mind, and about a year Bassline 3 Featuring Lorraine Chambers Youve Gone Back To Bass Ics my three best do a new finish on it and fit it with Sims feedback has been universally positive, so friends decided that they wanted to learn pickups.


My Bloody Valentine Geek, Edwin Starr Back Street, Goblin Profondo Rosso Colonna Sonora Originale Del Film, Lana Del Rey Born To Die The Remix EP, Penderecki Dies Irae Auschwitz Oratorium Polymorphia De Natura Sonoris, Various Daptone Gold, Iannis Xenakis Medea Orient Okzident III Konkret P H II, Steve Marshall Do What You Will, Heavy Load Stronger Than Evil, Kavinsky Nightcall, Ronald Snijders Funky Flute, The 4th Street Orchestra Ah Who Seh Go Deh

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  7. MR JONES Phil Jones Bass have announced the MICRO 7 NOTE WORTHY amp, a single-channel watt bass combo with Austrian bassist Bernhard a 7” driver and 3” tweeter. It measures less than Lackner has announced a new a foot each side, and weighs lbs (7 kg).
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