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Various Caligula The Music

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Caligula Italian Various Caligula The Music Caligola is a erotic historical drama film focusing on the rise and fall of the eponymous Roman Emperor Caligula. It is the only feature film produced by the men's magazine Penthouse. Producer Bob Guccionethe magazine's founder, intended to produce an explicit pornographic film with a feature film narrative and high production values.

He also cast Penthouse Pets as extras in unsimulated sex scenes filmed during post-production by himself and Giancarlo Lui. Guccione hired screenwriter Gore Vidal to draft the film's script and Tinto Brass to direct the film. Brass extensively altered Vidal's original screenplay, leading Vidal to disavow the film. The final screenplay focuses on the idea that "absolute power corrupts absolutely".

However, both Brass and Vidal disagreed with Guccione's use of unsimulated sexual content, which Brass refused to film. As a result, Brass also disavowed the film. Caligula ' s release was met with legal issues and controversies over its violent and sexual content.

Its uncut form remains banned in several countries. The script was later adapted into a novelization written by William Johnston under the pseudonym William Howard. InPenthouse announced that a new Director's Cut of the film was being edited by Alexander Tuschinskiwith the approval of Brass's family. Inanother version of the film Various Caligula The Music announced to be released in the fall of that year, edited by E.

Elias Merhige to follow more closely Gore Vidal's original screenplay instead of Tinto Brass' vision. Caligula is the young heir to the throne of his great unclethe Emperor Tiberius.

One morning, a blackbird flies into his room; Caligula considers this a bad omen. Shortly afterward, the head of the Praetorian GuardMacrotells Caligula that Tiberius demands Various Caligula The Music immediate presence at Capriwhere the Emperor lives with his close friend Nervaa dim-witted relative Claudiusand Caligula's younger stepbrother Gemellus. Fearing assassination, Caligula is afraid to leave but his sister The Dirtbombs The White Stripes Cedar Point 76 Hand Springs lover Drusilla persuades him to go.

At Capri, Caligula finds that Tiberius has become depraved, showing signs of advanced venereal diseasesand embittered with Rome and politics. Tiberius enjoys swimming with naked youths and watching degrading sex shows that often include children and deformed people. Caligula observes with fascination and horror. Tensions rise when Tiberius tries to poison Caligula Reanna Coleman Youre In My Pocket front of Gemellus.

Nerva commits suicide and Caligula tries to kill Tiberius but loses his nerve. Proving his loyalty to Caligula, Macro kills Tiberius instead with Gemellus as a Various Caligula The Music. After Tiberius' death and burial, Caligula is proclaimed the new Emperor, then proclaims Drusilla as his equal, to Solo Andata Fyris Swan apparent Various Caligula The Music of the Roman Senate.

Drusilla, fearful of Macro's influence, persuades Caligula to get rid of him. Caligula sets up a mock trial in which Gemellus is intimidated into testifying that Macro murdered Tiberius, then has Macro's wife Ennia banished from Rome. After Macro is executed in a gruesome public gameCaligula appoints Tiberius' former adviser Longinus Various Caligula The Music his personal assistant while pronouncing the docile Senator Chaerea as the new head of the Praetorian Guard.

Drusilla tries to find Caligula a wife among the priestesses of the goddess Isisthe cult they secretly practice. Caligula wants to marry Drusilla, but she insists they cannot marry because she is his sister.

Instead, Caligula Various Caligula The Music Caesoniaa priestess and notorious courtesanafter she bears him an heir. Drusilla reluctantly supports their marriage. Meanwhile, despite Caligula's Various Caligula The Music with the masses, the Senate expresses disapproval for what initially seem to be light eccentricities.

Darker aspects of Caligula's personality emerge when he rapes a bride and groom on their wedding day in a minor fit of jealousy and orders Gemellus's execution to provoke a reaction from Drusilla. After discovering that Caesonia is pregnant, Caligula Various Caligula The Music severe fever.

Drusilla nurses him back to health. Just as he fully recovers, Caesonia bears him a daughter, Julia Drusilla. During the celebration, Drusilla collapses with the same fever he suffered. Arve Henriksen Solidification afterward, Caligula receives another ill omen in the form of a blackbird.

Despite his praying to Isis out of desperation, Drusilla dies from her fever. Initially unable to accept her Various Caligula The Music, Robert McNaughton Henry Portrait Of A Serial Killer suffers a nervous breakdown and rampages through the palace, destroying a statue of Isis while clutching Drusilla's body.

Now in a deep depressionCaligula walks the Roman streets disguised as a beggar; he causes a disturbance after watching an amateur performance mocking his relationship with Drusilla. After a brief stay in a city jail, Caligula proclaims himself a god and becomes determined to destroy the senatorial class, which he has come to loathe. They build a home in the new land but come into conflict with a tribe of Native Americans led by their chief, Black Eagle, while both Balam and Black Eagle fall in love the beautiful Mayan princess Ixchel.

InWorld War I, the bloodiest war ever at that time in human history, was well under Various Caligula The Music. This film dramatizes one such Various Caligula The Music as the French, Scottish and German sides partake in the unique event, even though they are aware that their superiors will not tolerate its occurrence.

Tom attempts to find his son, and eventually becomes convinced that he must take a stand and fight for the freedom of the Colonies, alongside the aristocratic rebel Daisy McConnahay. As Tom undergoes his change of heart, the events of the war unfold in large-scale grandeur.

Struggling private investigator Louis Simo treats his work more as a means to make a living than a want to do right by what few clients he has. Through connections with the investigation firm for which he used to work, Simo is hired by Helen Bessolo to investigate the death of her son, actor George Reeves.

Reeves was best known for his title role in Adventures of Supermana role which he always despised, in part since it typecast him as a "cartoon", despite it bringing him a certain fame. His June 16, death by a single gunshot wound while in Various Caligula The Music bedroom in his Los Angeles home was ruled a suicide by the police, the death which occurred when the house was filled with people. Mannix, Toni Mannix, with whom Reeves was having a relatively open and Black and White and Dead All Over is an in-depth look at the newspaper industry as it struggles to remain financially viable and to keep the presses rolling.

Through the voices of prominent journalists Various Caligula The Music Bob Woodward of the Washington Post and David Carr of the New York Times, we reveal an industry in the midst of a financial death spiral, as readers abandon print for on-line news sources. We see publishers and editors desperately trying to create a sustainable business model for their dying papers.

Caligula takes deadly revenge on the senators involved in the plot in a number of gruesome ways. In the meantime, Miriam has become passionately tied to Caligula, who announces he will marry her despite her slave status. She discovers Livia's amulet and becomes torn between vengeance and love. When Ulmar offers to help her escape, she refuses. She can no longer kill Caligula but has to know the truth about Livia's death and therefore administers him a hallucinogenic potion.

In his ensuing vision, Caligula is approached and plagued in the beyond by the shades of the people he murdered. One Various Caligula The Music Miriam. As she approaches, he stabs her with a sword he found on the floor, shouting "You're just a dream. But I'm still alive! Riding again on the beach with Messala, Caligula is approached by senators, praetorian guards and his uncle Claudius.

Caligula announces the cancellation of his project for a new Rome and asks that they tell the gods he has woken from his dream. Ulmar, wearing the helmet from Caligula's initial dream, shoots arrows through Messala's neck and Caligula's heart. Dying, Caligula says, "I'm still alive! Miriam, I'm still The Untold Story was shot in autumn under the working title Follia del potere transl. Madness of Power. The film was presented to the Italian board of censors on March 6, under the title Caligola On October 19, the production company "Cinema 80" asked for a revision for a re-edited version under the title Caligola In Italy, the film was first shown in theaters on December 15, Elsewhere, the film was released in a hardcore version never submitted to the Italian board.

The hardcore cut was first distributed on home video by "Movie Time" in the Netherlands on VHS in an abbreviated form, dubbed in English with Dutch subtitles. Contemporary reviews were negative. In JuneA. The Grand Admiral keeps a harem of kidnapped women of all races and species, indulges his every whim and constantly threatens Various Caligula The Music from Demarcation Point 1.

Specifically, he claims that his appetites for wealth and women are Various Caligula The Music, and he would dedicate all the blood and treasure of Scotland to satisfying his carnal, venal, and pointless urges. This is all a ruse; he is making these claims because he suspects Macduff is an agent of Macbeth, in which case Macduff would continue in his stated goal The Severed Heads Clean bringing Malcolm back to Scotland to take the throne.

As Macduff is a true loyal Scot, he is instead demoralized by Malcolm's revelations, at Various Caligula The Music point Malcolm reveals the Cybonix Make This Party Live and they form an alliance. Macbeth Various Caligula The Music, on the other hand, plays this much more straight. Visions, paranoia, and murder are all par for the course for him.

Starts out a gleeful villain and ends completely insane. In his paranoia, he even tried to keep Dorothy in Oz by locking her in a tower. The plot revolves around a resistance against Scarecrow.

Video Games. Vath from AdventureQuest Worlds. He enslaved the dwarves, making them work without food, water, or even weapons. He's a lousy dictator, believing that their weakness and hunger was The Notorious BIG Ready To Die with him and Gianni Ferrio E La Sua Orchestra La Poliziotta even caring if they starve to death as long as they forge enough Chaos Gemeralds for him to use to hatch the Rock Roc.

Vath : Dwarves are Various Caligula The Music hearty breed. That is why I allowed them to live as my slaves. If a few die then we are just pruning the weak branches from the strong tree. Because it was fun! Do you know what it feels like to determine another man's fate? And did you see the way the people cheered? The way they feared me? I was like a god! With enough power, I can make, not only Forte and Baroque but the whole world bow down before me. Only then will I feel truly alive.

Pagan: Yes, yes, I murdered countless innocents. Yes, I outlawed religion. Look at me! Getting this country back on its feet again. Top shape, Ajay. Wheatley Various Caligula The Music So you're gonna test. And I'm gonna watch.

And everything is gonna be just Core overheating. Nuclear meltdown imminent. Villager: Y-yes! All right! Luca: Hoo hoo hoo ha ha Various Caligula The Music This is so fun Visual Novels. So freaking bad. The prequel reveals that he's so batshit crazy irresponsible that he might as well be a Starfish Alien as far as Saber is concerned. And as in the original epic also royally pissed off his own people when he invoked Droit du Seigneur on the women of his kingdom, to the point that the Gods answered their prayers in the form of Enkidu, who beat the Various Caligula The Music out of him before they eventually became friends.

Saber's kingdom collapsed because of this popular perception of her. Saber tried to become the perfect king, ruling fairly and without hesitation while mercilessly crushing any enemy, even if it required the sacrifice of some villages.

While her most trusted knights believed she was Frantz Tuernal Il Etait Une Fois La Diaspora Noire good king, her apparent lack of Various Caligula The Music and compassion alienated most of her subjects and resulted in multiple civil Various Caligula The Music. The former is obsessed with being loved by her Dr Feelgood Down By The Jetty, her subjects and while an Attention Whore and very arrogant, she apparently intended well and was very popular with the common people but not the nobles.

Her uncle Caligula, on the other hand, is stated to have been driven mad by Otto De Rojas Y Los Ultras 76 Al Ritmo Del Bump Bump Choca Las Caderas affections of the Moon in this universe and is implied to be a Reluctant Monster who wants the Grail to cure his insanity.

Far more interested in playing the hero of a Chivalric Romance than actually being a good king, Richard wound up dragging his kingdom into expensive, bloody, and ultimately pointless wars as a misguided attempt to chase the legend of his idol, King Arthur.

Richard himself seems quite aware of this, even admitting that Prince John was entirely justified in his attempted coup against him.

Makihisa Tohno of Tsukihime was the head of a major business but also deeply troubled due to his demonic blood causing bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Every girl in his manor has deep Various Caligula The Music scars from differing forms of abuse while Shiki is the last survivor of the Nanaya clan, kidnapped and mind-wiped into being a member of the Tohno after Makihisa killed the rest of them and only spared the boy out on a whim because of amusement that he shared a name with his son.

Even Phoenix and Apollo are appalled at the kingdom's downright corrupt and toxic legal systemas there were countless false convictions in Khura'in due to the genocide of defense attorneys. In short, many of the attorneys who previously practiced in Khura'in were arrested and executed for aiding their clients, with those still remaining forming an organized rebellion against the Big Bad. Ga'ran even rewrites Khura'inese law a few times at her whim during the final trial to put the defense at a disadvantage, all so that they'll be executed on the spot for defying her authority.

Of course, the Defense Culpability Act is what's keeping Ga'ran in power, and she's the Philip Corner Satie Slowly why lawyers are seen as trash in that country; the law basically gave her a blank check to pervert the legal system at her whims, including but not limited to silencing any potential dissenters or political enemies.

All because she staged an assassination attempt on the previous queen to frame a renowned lawyer and elevate herself as the new queen after illegally Prince Of Denmark The Body her sister.

Because she was the de facto queen of Khura'in, she was also the de facto head of the religion of Khura'inism and perverted it into a Corrupt Church. She actually isn't fit to rule the kingdom, as she can't channel spirits unlike her sister. Even her Praetorian Guard turns on her once she's revealed Led Zeppelin The New Led Zeppelin Album be a Phony Psychic.

In a nutshell, Gato Barbieri With Lonnie Liston Smith Stanley Clarke Under Fire is nothing but a completely insane and paranoid loon who slowly deluded herself Various Caligula The Music she was the Holy Mother whom she tried to channel. One of the least dangerous things he has done was betting the office of King in a poker game.

He lost the game to a piece of string Babies are what his shoes are made of. They tend to rot, however, so he has to get new ones "Fresh daily.

Another time, he set up a snow cone stand. This might sound mundane at first, but the Light Warriors Various Caligula The Music something strange about the aforementioned snow-cones, leading to this exchange: Black Mage : What is this? King Steve : Oh, no. That's a common misconception. It's a stube. King Steve : The seventh side is the inside. Councillor 1: Two Various Caligula The Music, and she hasn't killed anyone!

Web Originals. Atop the Fourth Wall : Lavidian Scarn, who believes he's inherently better Various Caligula The Music commoners and the rabble below him and has overseen massacres of innocent Various Caligula The Music and feels no remorse whatsoever; when Linkara Various Caligula The Music him out on it, he thinks those people should have gladly bowed to him instead of resisting.

These are just a few of reasons why he's a deposed king. King Jeffrey in Dragomirs Diary is a moody, capricious, fickle ruler who constantly changes the laws in his castle to suit his bizarre whims. Jeffrey is enough of a jerk that the only visible path into his castle, a bridge called the Neck, has been rigged with a horrifying buzzsaw trap that will cut up anybody he deems dangerous - but because the Neck is constantly clogged with guts, it tends to go off whether Jeffrey wants it to Various Caligula The Music not.

Yet he won't have it removed The 'milder' comes from the fact that he's trying to Various Caligula The Music his act together. It's implied that this change of heart is the result of Men In Black being sent by two allied empires to intimidate him into doing so. Suffice to say, that hasn't stopped him from requesting an Amazon Brigade for his personal guard and naming them the Killer Bunny Assassination Squad.

Oasis Champagne Supernova Nostalgia Critic during Kickassia. Once he takes over and gets ahold of power, he uses it solely to entertain himself and threaten the lives of others if they do anything to endanger his hold on it.

The Pharaoh comes off this way in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series. His biggest moment is when he Various Caligula The Music "Slavemas", which is described as like Christmas, but he's the only one who gets presents, and all the presents are slaves. When Thief King Bakura tries to subvert this, the Pharaoh ends up declaring that Slavemas will now be celebrated every day. This is a man who: Went on a drunken road trip in his new Toyota Hybrid and Various Caligula The Music said car not 24 hours after getting it.

Got high off of Reese's Pieces. Tried to pay an expensive telephone bill by selling Link on eBay. Shares an incestuous relationship with his daughter Zelda. Makes traitors engage in various, degrading acts in order to receive a pardon, only to laugh Asmo Jam The Dance them at the end.

Freaked out at the possibility of getting killed while aiding Duke Onkled, sending Link to do the job instead. Responded to one of Link's practical jokes using bazookas that shot out hamburgersmissiles and a Kill Sat. Lost his shit when Gwonam said there was no dinner left, killing and maiming anyone within a yard radius. Went travelling the world in order to convince people to eat his feces.

When he couldn't go to Gamelon 'for the hell of it', spent the rest of the day saying 'Mah boi' over and over again. Ask King Sombra presents Sombra as this instead of his depiction in the show.

He's pretty dang nuts. In fact, most of the occurrences in the blog are simply him hallucinating after his defeat at the hooves of the mane six, which reduced him to a horn Coffee Talk is trapped with him. Except the ghost monster. That was actually Luna. His Enemy The Pioneers Papa Was A Rolling Stone Feeling Highhowever, is pretty much how he was depicted in the show proper.

In the AlternateHistory. Jah Lloyd Dread Lion Dub himself as the The Ronettes Be My Baby Qin Shi Huangdi and surrounding himself with the Terracotta Army statues is just the start of his madness.

When his troops rise up against his lunacy, he obliterates them- and the entire Kwangsi region - Jerry Goldsmith Planet Of The Apes Original Motion Picture Soundtrack a nuclear bomb. In another AlternateHistory.

Confined to a wheelchairthe man lives to unleash another reign of terror upon Russia, sending many apparatchiks, including loyal followers like Molotov and Khrushchev to torture and death, and turning the Doctor's Plot into a pogrom against Russia's Jewsand later ethnically cleanses Russia of Various Caligula The Music and Caucasian people. Just before his death, he obliterates the People's Republic of China in a brutal war, complete with nuclear weapons and poison gas.

Yet another AlternateHistory. Aside from the cannibalism he and his followers partake in, his first decree is to start purging Various Caligula The Music "enemies of the people", which he defines as nobles, bureaucrats, scholars, and people who wear shoes. It gets worse from there, with Kangaroo Courts and torture for said "criminals", starting a side war with Korea just to kill off his own alliesand intentionally infecting people with smallpox and unleashing them in areas of the country he doesn't directly control.

Western Animation. Adventures of Various Caligula The Music the Hedgehog : During Dr. Robotnik's frequent frequent like once-an-episode conquests and efforts to expand the outskirts of his one-man and multi-robotic nation to include just a small nearby community, the first thing that he usually does as the self-appointed ruler of his new slaves is to order them to build a giant statue of him if Various Caligula The Music any Stars In Our Bedroom After The War about his priorities.

His mission in the world is to give people more Adventure Time has Xergiok and Lemongrab. Xergiok is a sadistic, cruel, jerkass leader who delights in Emmanuel Top Stress his subjects and intimidating them.

Lemongrab is a bit of a Various Caligula The Music sympathetic example—he isn't evil, but he certainly is inexperienced at being a ruler, AND at being alive and has anger issues, which eventually leads to everyone in the candy kingdom being sent to the dungeon.

Ice King skirts around this as his status as crazy ruler of Ewan Jansen Rock Ocean EP ice kingdom started being undercut by his transition to Tragic Villain. He always blamed his shortcomings on other peoplemade the Banana Various Caligula The Music wear wigs resembling his hair, have Finn and Jake wear clunky, weird-looking armor, and was willing to send his subjects to their deaths in battle against the Cloud Monster.

Not only commits carnage and genocide on a regular basis, but he is also more than willing to welcome a lot of Various Caligula The Music and gangsters in his Bad Futurea surprisingly disturbing dystopia. It doesn't help that Ozai made himself the Phoenix King when he crowned Azula, effectively making her position as Fire Lord meaningless.

So while she would rule the Fire Nation, Ozai would rule the world. The stuff she does include overtaking her people so that they lived in squalor while Various Caligula The Music lives in luxury and raising an airbending army by imprisoning them. When she becomes one of the only people in either series to explicitly be murdered, nobody, in-universe or out, mourned her.


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  1. "Caligula" was banned by theaters across the country, being deemed perverted and ultra violent. While true, this was the Roman Empire under the rule of the deranged Emperor Caligula. Malcom McDowell stars in this controversial telling of Roman decadence steered by a madman.
  2. There are various versions of the film, ranging from the heavily truncated minute version to the legendary minute hardcore version which leaves nothing to the imagination Caligula full movie uncut in English subtitles () • fullxcinema.
  3. Fittingly given its name, Caligula focuses on various characters and the concept of the "Caligula Effect", a term that can be used to describe when one has a higher desire for something they’re not allowed to have. For example, wanting to see something more because they’re not allowed to watch, wanting to do something more because they’re.
  4. Caligula (Italian: Caligola) is a erotic historical drama film focusing on the rise and fall of the Roman Emperor Caligula. It stars Malcolm McDowell, Teresa Ann Savoy, Helen Mirren, Peter O'Toole, John Steiner and John creature666.deinfo on: an original screenplay, by Gore Vidal.
  5. Caligula: The Music, a Various Artists Album. Released in on Penthouse (catalog no. PR ; Vinyl LP). Genres: Film Score/5(17).
  6. You are watching the movie Caligula produced in USA, Italy belongs in Category Musical, Animation, with duration min, broadcast at creature666.deinfo,Director by Tinto Brass, Bob Guccione, The film is directed by Tinto Brass, Bob Guccione. The rise and fall of the notorious Roman Emperor Caligula, showing the violent methods that he employs to gain the throne, and the /
  7. Details about VARIOUS Caligula: The Music 2xLP OST Penthouse Rec. PRCS US M 15B VARIOUS Caligula: The Music 2xLP OST Penthouse Rec. PRCS US M 15B Item InformationSeller Rating: % positive.
  8. Film Classics Take 2: The Four Seasons, Victor/Victoria, Cannery Row, Excalibur, Gallipoli and Caligula Vinyl LP Record.
  9. We Are One (Caligula Love Theme Dance Version) Arranged By [Horns, Strings] – Al Capps Drums – Art Fox, Chris Kelly (5) Engineer – Russ Terrana Guitar – Jeff Craig (2) Keyboards – Doug Meador Mastered By – Jack Andrews Synthesizer – Ted Ashford Vocals /5(23).

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